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Beach to Newland Sprint

Ride Segment Huntington Beach, CA
  • Distance 0.6km
  • Avg Grade 0%
  • Lowest Elev 11m
  • Highest Elev 11m
  • Elev Difference 0m
  • 142,777 Attempts By 15,252 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Rex Roberts 66.6km/h 972W 34s
2 Jake Little - BikeReligion.com 64.7km/h 1,023W 35s
3 Ryan Schneider 62.9km/h 0W Powermeter 36s
4 Felipe Rocha 61.2km/h 995W 37s
5 Dave F. 59.6km/h 868W 38s
5 BoraBill F3 FurtherFasterForever 59.6km/h 740W 38s
7 Scott "Yellow Man" Clark | Corridor Recycling | Long Beach Freddies 56.6km/h 471W 40s
7 James Y. 56.6km/h 339W Powermeter 40s
7 Tim Boyd 56.6km/h 710W 40s
10 Eric Chebi_Pro Eco Race Team 55.3km/h 462W 41s
10 Charlie Waskey 55.3km/h 569W 41s
10 Texas Pete (hOt SAuCE) 55.3km/h 728W 41s
10 Anthony R. 55.3km/h 427W Powermeter 41s
10 Taylor Tongate 55.3km/h 332W Powermeter 41s
10 Andre Nash 55.3km/h 814W 41s
10 Ⓥ Nico La V. 55.3km/h 614W 41s
18 Andrew Christie 53.9km/h 622W 42s
18 David Fugère 53.9km/h 334W Powermeter 42s
18 Rigo Cruz 53.9km/h 428W Powermeter 42s

Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
2 Kelly Morris 53.9km/h 590W 42s
3 Lori H. 49.2km/h 393W 46s
4 Dee Anne D. 48.2km/h 367W 47s
4 Lucy Gucy 48.2km/h - 47s
4 Shelby Reynolds 48.2km/h - 47s
4 Megan DiFranco 48.2km/h 359W 47s
9 Anne Y. 46.2km/h 433W 49s
9 Michelle S. 46.2km/h 180W Powermeter 49s
12 Sherri Bates 45.3km/h 378W 50s
12 Hanh Nguyen 45.3km/h - 50s
12 Ali J. 45.3km/h 378W 50s
12 Eriko S. 45.3km/h 319W 50s
12 Susan@ R. 45.3km/h - 50s
12 jackie golison (Pro Eco Team) 45.3km/h - 50s
12 Amy T. 45.3km/h 370W 50s
12 Ann-Marie Vaughn Krenik 45.3km/h 401W 50s
20 Candice // S. 44.4km/h 364W 51s

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