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Training Pack

Upgrade your workouts, set goals and stay motivated, be basically invincible on race day.

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Believe then achieve.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve got a goal. Every athlete does. This pack is full of ways to make your workouts more interesting and effective – so when your chance comes a knockin’, you’ll be ready.

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  • Custom Goals

    Custom Goals

    Set distance, time, power and segment goals

  • Training Plans

    Training Plans

    Made by expert coaches to elevate your fitness

  • Filtered Leaderboards

    Filtered Leaderboards

    Compete with athletes in your age and weight group

  • Race Analysis

    Race Analysis

    See how your races unfolded in detail

  • Live Performance Data

    Live Performance Data

    Speed, distance, location and more in real time

  • Pace Analysis

    Pace Analysis

    Be sure your workouts are hitting the mark

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  • Summit Perks

    Every pack pays for itself! Exclusive deals from the best brands, retailers and more means you have more cash leftover for second dinner.

  • Summit Support

    Your questions to our community support team go to the top of the queue, so you can get back to doing what you love sooner.


Let's go get it.

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