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5/9/14 Trimley Saint Martin, England, United Kingdom

  • 89.9km
  • 788m
  • 2:11:14
    Moving Time
  • 3,120


  1. Tom P.
    Tom P.

    Congratulations on the stage win today!

  2. Paul D.
    Paul Dean

    Congrats on todays win - looking forward to seeing you in leafy Hertfordshire on Saturday

  3. Danny S.
    Danny Smith

    Congratulations!! you stole my KOM!! :-)

  4. Jasper L.
    Jasper L.

    Impressive! Gefeliciteerd!!

  5. Stephen G.
    Stephen G.


  6. André G.
    André Gieling

    Hahaha, geweldig! Kroontjesdag.

  7. Phil R.
    Phil Rolls

    Seriously though, what happened on Woodbridge Road?

  8. Janet L.
    Janet L.


  9. Jane L.
    Jane Lee

    Congratulations on the stage win

  10. Matthew G.
    Matthew Gibbs

    What a great race! Well done and thanks for the picture!

  11. Tim A.
    Tim Aspeling

    Jane Lee - well I don't need to watch the ITV4 highlights now...

  12. Marty W.
    Marty Wild

    Must have been tough in those SW winds!

  13. Warry P.
    Warry Pieket

    Van Harte Gefeliciteerd met zowel de ritwinst als de leiderstrui

  14. Rich L.
    Rich Lovelock

    25.5mph in those winds and practically a full scalp of QOMs (and quite a few KOMs I'm sure). Well done, very impressive!

  15. Michael S.
    Michael Semple

    Unbelievable! Well done!!

  16. Philip R.
    Philip Robinson

    That was a beast of a ride, well done for the won today, but your slipping Vossie you missing 2 QOM's

  17. Nat@ J.
    Nat@ J.

    Classic Vos!

  18. James S.
    James Stegeman

    Congratulations! Very Impressive.

  19. Andy A.
    Andy Adams

    That is mighty impressive data - you put us mere mortals into shame.  We can only dream!

  20. Gary H.
    Gary Hewitt

    Thank you Marianne for signing my Cap after the finish on Wednesday in Northampton, Great win today.

  21. George M.
    George Muenz

    Imagine all the emails going to the previous owners of these QOMS. Imagine if you are the good local rider, rightfully proud of your QOMS. Oops, they have just been taken by the greatest female rider in history. 

  22. Rich L.
    Rich Lovelock

    George, will the owners of the KOMs get an email too, think she took a few of those!

  23. George M.
    George Muenz

    Rich, LOL, that would be rich, no pun intended

  24. Mark N.
    Mark N.

    Looking forward to see you at the start in Harwich

  25. Mike M.
    Mike Morley

    Wow! Great ride and congratulation on the stage win

  26. Stanislav C.
    Stanislav C.


  27. Peter W.
    Peter W.

    Great Win!

  28. Thomas C.
    Thomas Commons

    100's of koms disappearing all over the country, Chapeau ;)

  29. Rob H.
    Rob Hols

    Wow Respect QOMQOMmertje

  30. David O.
    David O.

    Awesome speed

  31. Seth M.
    Seth M.

    Van harte :D Mooi om te zien dat je weer wint en je trui claimt :)

  32. Matt F.
    Matt F.

    Superb win...legend!

  33. Dan M.
    Dan Mitchell

    Lizzie was nowhere in sight!

  34. Ian N.
    ian nuttney


  35. Ian A.
    Ian A.


  36. Nick F.
    Nick Freilich

    You are changing the culture in women's cycle racing in the UK with your athletic prowess and professionalism. An historical turning point created!

  37. Nick G.
    Nick G.

    Great stage win. Chapeau

  38. Claire D.
    Claire D.

    Inspirational is an understatement!

  39. Jose Ignacio C.
    Jose Ignacio Castro Sancho


  40. Bobby Ray V.
    Bobby Ray Vigliano

    Proficiat!!  Great stage-win, and great support from the team!  Two stages to go... go get 'em!

  41. ' C.
    ' C.


  42. Sjoerd D.
    Sjoerd D.


  43. Marleen K.
    marleen keijzer

    Gefeliciteerd met de over winning !! :))

  44. Ms L.
    Ms L.

    you rock! Wat een mooie zege, gefeliciteerd!

  45. Ashley P.
    Ashley P.

    Great to see you in and winning at my home town... Who would of thought crappy Clacton would see you pros!

  46. Sola G.
    Sola Gratia



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