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Shaun Moore

Shaun Moore

Oviedo, FL
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Shaun Moore is a cyclist from Oviedo, FL. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 391.8mi
  • 25h 23m
  • 2,979ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Taylor Creek Southbound
  • PR on 419 (Lockwood to Snowhill)
  • PR on Oviedo Blvd to Lockwood
  • PR on Buzzard Bay


Distance 4,208.9mi
Time 264h 27m
Elevation Gain 68,783ft
Rides 151


Total Distance 15,963.2mi
Total Time 984h 23m
Total Elev Gain 226,824ft
Total Rides 649

Recent Photos

  • @blurryphotos likes to get aggro in the forest! #Santos #iamspecialized #mtb
  • Awesome morning for a quick spin! @tennillejay #palmbeach
  • W A T E R - W A R R I O R S! Harry and Janice Fenstad set up a water stop in their driveway at the top of sugarloaf mtn road in Clermont and kindly ask for small donations in return. Cyclists, runners etc have since raised over $14k which all proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project! I always keep a few bucks in the pocket to help this cause! #woundedwarriorproject #sugarloaf #clermont #cervelo
  • T A C K L E ~ C A N C E R #tacklecancer #ridedccv 170 miles for cancer research!
  • H A P P Y N E W Y E A R!!! 50 miles with @seandish and 500 other cycling friends!
  • Fun spin around Palm Beach with sis before the ???? game!
  • B R O O K L Y N ~ B R I D G E
  • H O R R I B L E ~ H U N D R E D: 100 miles on the bike with a nasty headwind and over 4000 feet of climbing today! No wonder they call it the #horriblehundred stoked @tennillejay and Chandler could help me finish!
  • G O - O U T S I D E : epic morning on the trail! @iamspecialized #epic #mtb
  • Fun spin through Winter Park with @gimmiejuice this AM!
  • Fun 50 miles with sis!
  • Happy Birthday to my best friend, wonderful wife and amazing mommy! You mean the world to me, so happy to take another ride around the sun with you babe! ???????????? everyone, please wish @tennillejay a happy bday!!!
  • Toughest ride I've ever done today! 62 miles, 6500 feet of climbing! It's time for a beer! #sixgap #3gap #b3cafe
  • Scooped up a new @cervelocycles R5 over the weekend! Thanks to all the bros over at @winterparkcycles for the hookup! #cervelor5 #Cervelo #duraace #zipp #cycling #b3cafe
  • R U S H ~ H O U R ????????????
  • After a long, hot and brutal morning out on the trails @blurryphotos prefers a Hotter than Helles lager.... Only fitting, right?
  • ????????????????????????????
  • It's hot out!
  • Pretty amazing little oasis 4 miles from home. #snowhill #mtb #therapy
  • Fun ride this am, trying to sweat out this cold! See my little Gator buddy photo bombing in the bkg #mtb #epic #snowhill
  • @blurryphotos getting shreddy at Santos! #santostrailhead #specialized #mtb
  • 100 miles for MS! Let's go!!!! #ms150
  • Nice ride to Boca and back!
  • Insanely good weather this morning!
  • Pretty sick riding going down today at the #fattirefestival at Santos! Where you at @officially_nasty ?
  • Great morning ride with the #b3cafe crew! Awesome cycling themed coffee shop.They're new to IG, hit them with a follow! @b3cafe
  • Stoked on my @cadencecollection care package! Thanks @Briandunlap !!!
  • Solid bday #mtb crew! @blurryphotos @seandish @jdwebb87 @toofless @drewmcguckin @jesse_dunbar
  • Can't get any better! #mtb #snowhill @iamspecialized
  • Today would have been Mom's 63rd bday. To honor her I did what she would have done by participating in a ride to benefit someone in need! Finished with 63 miles! Big thanks to #davidsworldcycle for putting on a great event!!!
  • Opted for no hangover this New Years and went for a 46 miler with hundreds of my closest spandex wearing cycling buds! @seandish
  • Woke up at 530 this morning to get another 30 miles on the bike for the year.... Ended with 5200 miles, 300 hrs and 71,000 feet of climbing in 2013.
  • Surf check ????????????????
  • Working off those second helpings yesterday! @iamspecialized #mtb
  • Beautiful and chilly ride this AM. So thankful for so many things, Happy Thanksgiving!
  • 170 miles crushed! Had mom with me the whole time! Thanks for the support everyone! Love ya! #ridedcc
  • Ripping down the 395!
  • Here we go! 170 miles to fight cancer! Thanks everyone for the support!!! #dolphinscyclingchallenge
  • Mai-tai recovery bike ride.
  • Biked out to Hanalei Cliff...amazing! #jcwkauai
  • THE @blurryphotos scouting some little ride in Clermont today!
  • Early spin with the #b3cafe crew!
  • My new bike mechanic has the ride running smooth...
  • #b3cafe rippin!
  • Rippin around Eagle Circle! #b3 #lakemont @blurryphotos @carpero74
  • Fun spin this morning!!!
  • When I get exhausted from climbing up these hills, I get rewarded with pretty amazing views! #cycling #blowingrock @trekbikes
  • 1st ride on the new whip! @iamspecialized #stumpjumper #mtb #snowhill
  • Fun spin this morning with #lakemont crew @gimmiejuice
  • Surf check for Mom, it's flaaaaat!
  • Perfect weather for a spin this morning! @nico_nicolas @blurryphotos
  • Best way to clear the mind...
  • #palmbeach #cycling #madone #trek @trekbikes
  • @blurryphotos shredding Lakemont Ave!
  • Early AM bike ride! @tennillejay
  • This place is so fun! #mtb #trekbikes @trekbicycle
  • There's my little buddy! #gator #mtb @trekbicycle #trekbikes
  • 101 miles done... I need a beer! @trekbicycle @santiagocycling #tourdecure
  • #tourdecure 103 miles for Diabetes!
  • Hey Boston, how's that blizzard treatin ya? #nemo #blizzard #palmbeach #80degrees #bostonsucks
  • Hunker down? Forecast models are looking wild for hurricane Isaac!
  • Cute alert!!!
  • ????????????????????????????
  • Let's play suckas! Psn:Shaunm124
  • Love this place!
  • Got after it today with @blurryphotos and @seandish !!!
  • Around the world at Epcot!
  • 15 foot diagonal screen, not a bad set up at the in laws! #jetssuck
  • 1st plane ride!!!! @tennillejay
  • Beef on wheck! Buffalos famous, Charlie the butcher!
  • Mountain bike ride with @feltbicycles crew!
  • Tree graveyard
  • Fun 30 miles with @blurryphotos and @briankgrubb this morning!
  • Hi @ivankatrump ! The Mar-a-lago looks stunning today!
  • It's really pretty outside today in Palm Beach!
  • Tackling cancer one mile at a time today!
  • 77 miles in 23 to go! @ridedcc
  • 104 miles 5 hrs 46 min 3500 calories burned... Millions raised for cancer! Thanks for the support friends! Love you guys!!!
  • Some good friends of mine started a chocolate company. Its the best chocolate I've ever tasted! #videri #chocolate
  • Field of dreams?
  • @tennillejay killin it!
  • If you look closely you'll see my 11 foot alligator friend! @trekbicycle
  • Little chilly this morning!
  • Some good swell in the water!
  • Chandler's first Christmas!
  • Killer day for a stroll!
  • Fun little lefts this morning!
  • Nobody out!
  • Hammering with @blurryphotos @cobemik and @seandish
  • @shaunmoore chandler can't get over how sick @jeremy___jones section in the @burtonsnowboard video #13 is!
  • Perfect morning!