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Jamil Coury

Jamil Coury

Phoenix, Arizona
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Aravaipa Running & Run Steep Get High.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 60
  • 120
  • 180
  • 240
  • 300
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 83.3mi
  • 15h 55m
  • 12,947ft

Recent Achievements

  • 5th overall on Trail 106 Climb
  • 6th overall on N 58th Pl Climb
  • PR on Tomb to Hole
  • PR on 40th St Trailhead to Trail 10

All-Time PRs

  • 17:08
  • 1:01:12
    10 MILES
  • 3:17:20
  • 4:08:51
  • 6:56:49
    50 MILES
  • 17:09:02
    100 MILES


Distance 1,382.0mi
Time 300h 16m
Elevation Gain 338,123ft
Runs 163


Total Distance 2,622.8mi
Total Time 565h 28m
Total Elev Gain 483,947ft
Total Runs 295

Recent Photos

  • Silverton is one badass town. Shot from the Silverton 1000 course this evening. #fullfilter #runsteepgethigh #sunset #colorado #silverton #visitsilverton
  • Quick stop to stretch the legs at Horseshoe Bend on the way home from the Tushars 93K.
  • Look who I found in Vermont. Ran 6 miles with @scottjurek this morning on the AT. He will do close to 44 more miles today. #sjat15 #eatandrun
  • Not bad La Palma! We took a short preview run near El Pillar on the #transvulcania course today. The course follows the main ridge across the island.
  • Nice day hike up to Horton Creek. #udhydrates @ultimatedirectionusa
  • A jog up to Yavapai Point with @michael.versteeg looking over Lake Pleasant. Some rad views of the entire lake and the Crown King Scramble course. #runsteepgethigh @salomonrunning @suuntonorthamerica #aravaiparuntribe #notanton
  • Wildflowers in full force on North Mountain. #runsteepgethigh
  • Estrella Mountains. Insane. #runsteepgethigh @salomonrunning @suuntonorthamerica
  • On Camelback Mountain today. Loving the slabs!
  • Just another day on the Black Canyon Trail. #wideopenviews #desert
  • "Good morning North Mountain" group trail run. #aravaiparunning #runsteepgethigh
  • So nice getting in some mountain miles with my bro @nathancoury this past weekend. #runsteepgethigh #aravaiparunning #milesforjenn #mog106
  • Near the too of Pine Canyon on the #mog100 course. 18 miles today. #runsteepgethigh #aravaiparunning
  • Capping off a 76 mile weekend on the #mogollonmonster106 course. Donahue trail dropping off the run. #runsteepgethigh #aravaiparunning #trailandultra #runitfast #furtherfasterforever #deserthobo #mtnhobo
  • Tonight's group at South Mountain!
  • Storms in Scottsdale from the McDowell Mountains
  • #aravaiparunning group trail run in Scottsdale at Lost Dog Wash! Awesome group tonight and even rain!
  • Scoping out the Oct 4 Flagstaff Sky Race course. #runsteepgethigh
  • Sunset from the Flagstaff Sky Race course! #runsteepgethigh #donotmissthisrace #asskicker #trailandultra #usskyrunning
  • The final climb on the Flagstaff Sky Race courses! #runsteepgethigh @usskyrunning
  • A Northern Arizona sunset.
  • Today's epic run on the Hardrock course high up in Wasatch basin above Telluride. #runsteepgethigh
  • Scramble up Camelback Mountain this afternoon. #runsteepgethigh
  • Post run goodness. Bananas, mango, berries & spinach.
  • Group run in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve! #runsteepgethigh
  • Heading out to explore some new trail #maricopatrail
  • Along the Cave Creek Thrasher 50K course. #aravaiparunning #trailandultra #trailrunning #ultrarunning
  • Check out these Silverton Alpine Running posters going up in Durango, Silverton and Pursue this week. Join us in the high country of Colorado!
  • Summit of Kendall Mountain after a 1:05 avalanche chute ascent. 1.55 miles, almost 4k feet vertical
  • Found the #hardrock
  • Coldwater course
  • On the Black Canyon Trail with Michael Carson, Sean Meissner & Bret Sarnquist.
  • After group run party time! #runsteepgetdrunk ? #runsteepgethigh
  • #runsteepgethigh
  • Solid group at the #aravaipatribe group trail run tonight at Papago Park. #trailrunning #instarunners #furtherfasterforever #f3 #seenonmyrun
  • This is at the #holeintherock at Papago Park in Tempe. #aravaipatribe group trail run. We meet every Wednesday for a free 1 hour trail run, all abilities welcome!
  • Arizona sunset
  • The whole #aravaipatribe tonight! Such a great run, thanks everyone.
  • Registration is open for the 2014 Javelina Jundred and we've had 122 signups in the first 6 days. Don't miss this awesome "Jalloween" trail run! #ultrachat #trailandultra #furtherfasterforever #runitfast
  • Crown King Scramble 50K course elevation profile. Start in the desert, finish in the pines with a live band, barbecue & beer! #ultrachat Coming April 5!
  • On the Crown King Scramble course!
  • At mile 10 on the #crownkingscramble course
  • And then the finish in the pines. #crownkingscramble
  • Special event signs are out on the #crownkingscramble course, warning jeep and ATV traffic that there will be 175 runners on the route race day. #ultrachat #runitfast #furtherfasterforever #aravaiparunning
  • How we fuel on the long run #aravaipatribe #skullmesa #seenonmyrun #instarunners #ultrachat
  • Crossing Cave Creek early on into our 16 mile adventure run over Skull Mesa yesterday. #trailrunning
  • Rock scramblng during tonight's group trail run!
  • From the #aravaipagrouptrailrun tonight in Phoenix, AZ #sunset #midweekmuster @clikelite
  • GIANT group tonight at the #aravaipagrouptrailrun at Dreamy Draw Park. Good people, good times and great trails. Join us next Wed. at 5:30pm at South Mountain! #trailandultra #runsteepgethigh.#aravaipatribe #aravaiparunning #ultrachat #runitfast #runchat #instarunners #furtherfasterforever
  • Flowers in all colors on the Mesquite Canyon trail runs courses! #ultrachat
  • Brand new "Aravaipa Run Tribe" burnout tanks! Available at this weekend's Mesquite Canyon Trail Runs.
  • The first Aravaipa Running tattoo!
  • Papago Park group trail run last night in the rain. Great group of people. It was sunny and raining.
  • Tonight's #aravaipatribe group trail run at Dreamy Draw park. Nice toasty afternoon and a lot of #upness. #runsteepgethigh
  • My review of the @udhydrates PB Adventure Vest 2.0 - the perfect Barkley Marathons pack.
  • 1st AZ summer night trail race is this Saturday night! Sinister 9k, 27k &54k. If you haven't run trails at night before, you've got to try it! #insomniacrunning
  • First rattlesnake of the year. #trailrunning
  • Race briefing for cruel jewel 50
  • Ridgeline