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John Proppe

John Proppe

Cleveland, OH
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All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 160
  • 320
  • 480
  • 640
  • 800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 59.1mi
  • 4h 24m
  • 2,093ft

Recent Achievements

  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort
  • Best estimated 400m effort
  • PR on bedford climb
  • PR on Detroit Superior Bridge


Distance 3,770.8mi
Time 246h 5m
Elevation Gain 161,296ft
Rides 144


Total Distance 15,933.6mi
Total Time 1074h 11m
Total Elev Gain 876,693ft
Total Rides 582

Recent Photos

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  • Buried myself today at West Branch. 4th place expert.
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  • Forgot to start my Garmin at the start of my EPICCCCC ride. This food is made with cyanide.
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  • Put bike into stand for flat tire repair and this happened. Woah.
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  • The essentials.
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  • All my life I've been an obese man trapped inside a fat man's body.
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  • @sklontz givin it the beans.
  • Today did not suck.
  • My mountain bros.
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  • Today was a good day.
  • He hates Christmas.
  • My kind of Christmas day.
  • Phew ok last good score this Christmas.
  • Once I find where I put my fenders this thing will be a winter bikin machine. #madeincleveland
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  • Maiden voyage complete. Maximum stoke. @feltbicycles
  • Can't stop won't stop.
  • Visiting the parents = quality time with Lily.
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  • Recovery ride my ass.
  • Birthday bikin!
  • Bikes!
  • Bout to get EPIC BRO.
  • Training configuration.
  • @jaykarp15 @sklontz bossin.
  • @jaykarp15 shredding.
  • 30 mins til dark. We gonna die.
  • #selfie
  • Spring bros
  • The best bikin'
  • I missed this dummy.
  • Black socks and shorts. #parmauberallies
  • Best bikin
  • Still the best bikin @feltbicycles
  • Lily loves fiber.
  • Wild and wonderful bro.
  • Farewell shred with the Gart :-(
  • Holy hell the super d course is nuts. Wish I wasn't heat stroking, and in a moment of weakness got a refund.
  • Beet doping with the #vitamix
  • Royalview setup! Play beat the pro with Barry Wicks.
  • Ultimate shitluck. Bug bite turns into nasty infection. Woof.
  • Muddy hams and a cut sidewall. Dnf at Tomlinson Run XC.
  • Last minute jaunt with @goneinthefade @albertkropawg @lanahg already shirtless bro.
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  • With mustard ooze.
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  • Single track shredding on the @trekbikes Crockett. #skillspaythebills #bro