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Weston L

Weston L

Berkeley, CA
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 37.2mi
  • 3h 9m
  • 3,327ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Grizzly - Claremont/Fish Ranch to Lookout
  • PR on Grizzly/Claremont to Vollmer Peak
  • PR on Claremont and Grizzly Peak to Lomas Cantadas
  • 2nd fastest time on Fire Station Sprint


Distance 2,233.1mi
Time 152h 28m
Elevation Gain 222,133ft
Rides 115


Total Distance 21,623.7mi
Total Time 1391h 39m
Total Elev Gain 1,742,523ft
Total Rides 768

Recent Photos

  • Lovely roadside couch dump.  Time for a nap?  #nodumping #lomascantadas
  • #eltoyonal w/ @inspoforagingmales
  • #clapclapclap
  • SF and Oakland from Grizzly Peak
  • Family run @ Tilden
  • SF from Pt Richmond
  • Sibley
  • Double #noms the kibbles. Thanks for the locked in freshness #vittlevaultjr #vittlevault #freshkibbles
  • Run in Tilden with Eugenia + BOB!  First run with stroller... Tough on the hills.
  • Trainspotting with @kblairc3 and @inspoforagingmales
  • #nannystate
  • Trail ride to work through Sibley. Diablo looms in the distance.
  • #regram @lanesco 's photo
  • Hanging with Papa
  • Babies, beers, and January sun!
  • Chilly walk!
  • #refineries
  • #lifesizeskeleton #psychicreadings
  • #largerthanlife
  • #shareyourkask #notakask
  • #carquinezscenic #puffyclouds
  • Sunrise over the Wildcat #spunkingdick #wildcatpenis
  • Met Barry Bonds!
  • Yes those are tiny gnats stuck in my a hair... and everywhere else
  • Montreal 1984 Olympic park
  • #montreal
  • #montreal from the mont
  • #mtshasta #annualpilgrimmage
  • #mtshasta
  • #seabiscuit
  • #redoakvictory
  • Apparently "6 ton luxury SUV drivers" wouldn't fit
  • #pagemillroad
  • #bikelane
  • #argonne empty roads
  • #bayfarmisland #mlkjrmemorialshoreline
  • PG drinks a coke at the top of Tunnel #realthing
  • #sps
  • Finally some wildlife!
  • #entlebuch
  • #ritcheybreakaway
  • Headed back down!
  • How is this even real?
  • To Interlaken! 50miles in 2:45 with good tailwind... Way back will be fun!
  • #interlaken #hooters
  • #nofilter
  • Idyllic as f*ck
  • Germany just across the Rhine
  • Yes please!
  • If only everyday was machine shop day...
  • Finished product
  • How do you manage to do that?
  • Why is ice slippery? #physicstoday #officecleanup #tldr
  • #paintmelikeoneofyourfrenchgirls
  • #officecleanup
  • If you seen it or heard it maybe probably I did it
  • Maybe or maybe not, I'll admit when I commit it
  • #eltoyonal
  • For a minute there...
  • #meadowscanyon #tilden
  • @kblairc3 on #tunitas
  • Morgan Territory again #nofilter
  • Morgan Territory looking south
  • @kblairc3 takes 2nd place at San Bruno hillclimb cat3/4!
  • Happy Xmas from NH!
  • #redoakvictory ww2 shipyard #pointpotrero
  • ride through Joaquin Miller park #bigtrees trail
  • Abandoned Alameda Naval yard hangers
  • Diablo NG
  • #unicycle
  • #basp candlestick cross race
  • Mt Hamilton
  • #nofilter soledad
  • Soledad sunset
  • Hot one on Mt Diablo!
  • Exeter, nh
  • Memorial bridge Portsmouth nh
  • Kittery, me #finestsaladbar
  • The Works bagel spot at UNH in Durham NH.... Just as good midbikeride as it was midhangover! @sammypantalones
  • Sheared the derailleur and broken spoke descending Mt Tam #sadface
  • At least there is beer while I wait for the sag
  • #holyshitthatwashard  139miles,16000ft vertical
  • Shasta sunrise
  • #goattrafficjam
  • From Tantalus. #nofilter
  • Fog is rolling in
  • Diablo from Volmer on a quick work break on the bike.
  • Mother of all blowouts
  • Applegate, or
  • Talent, OR
  • Cinnabun after a hard 120miler
  • Byron, ca
  • Mushroom taco?
  • Red barn saison @oldedepot #lostabbey #salsavaya
  • Beer revolution with the wife
  • ~1in screw straight thru the tire, rim tape, and inner rim wall. Luckily not out the other side or I'd have a new spoke hole.
  • Awesome and necessary t shirt find since KC's luggage is somewhere between Germany and turkey.
  • Chris on top of Diablo
  • Spring filled with Coi halfway up Mt Diablo. Weird!
  • Sunrise ontop of Mt Soledad
  • Grizzly sunset
  • Traded my car for a bike!
  • Katelyn collecting her prize after finishing 2nd at San Bruno mountain time trial
  • Muddy adventure from SF to monterey. 121miles with mudslides, ice, and fun times
  • Almost done with day two: 102miles monterey -> Carmel valley (photo) -> prunedale
  • Mission accomplished: 1000miles ridden in January. Thanks @szavo for leading the great trips which made it possible!
  • Ride to rt1 before work in Palo Alto