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Skyler Wallace

Skyler Wallace

Orange, CA
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Skyler Wallace is a cyclist from Orange, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 85.5mi
  • 6h 41m
  • 3,704ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Ragnar 2014 Final Stretch
  • 2nd fastest time on Suunto hill (1/4 mile away from Ragnar exchange)
  • 2nd fastest time on Ragnar 2014 Final Stretch
  • 3rd fastest time on South Fire Station to PCH


Distance 1,512.6mi
Time 117h 16m
Elevation Gain 126,824ft
Rides 88


Total Distance 8,687.3mi
Total Time 703h 19m
Total Elev Gain 702,021ft
Total Rides 444

Recent Photos

  • #earlytobedearlytoshred. Check out the link in my bio to see why.
  • Awake at the start and asleep by the finish. With @elisewallace
  • Catching our breath after eight miles of tempo. Donna, Kelly, Brandon, and Dillon were nowhere in sight. #clubedrunning #mondaymadness
  • #pumpkinthedog crushing trails and chasing leprechauns. #trailrun
  • Tempo Mondays with #clubedrunning in Manhattan. Saw the actual Wolf of Wall Street at his beach house. #notpoor
  • Quick calm run around Lake Union before the focus group storm. Sidenote: I was told Harry's house is right down there. #seattleweatherseemsfinetome
  • I should run these trails more often ;) #pv #santacatalina
  • #seenonmyrun #pv #santacatalina
  • Some trail miles this morning with #pumpkintrailpup. Thanks @saatchila for the week off!
  • Mornin'
  • #seenonmyrun #notamarathon #oysters #steak #lobsterroll #cannoli #georgewashington
  • Coyote huntin' with The Pump. #pumpkintrailpup
  • Our babysitters show up at 6am not 6pm.
  • Focus group travel is better when you sneak an early run
  • Foggy morning training session with The Fastlane @seanrainer1989
  • Run to the hills
  • Dear @seanrainer1989, I'm not coming to your #settlersofcatan party.
  • Some much needed #trailtime with #pumpkintrailpup
  • Make it a good day. Santiago Oaks loop with @toddsonaride #sunrisesaregreaterthansunsets
  • #sunrisesaregreaterthansunsets #seenonmyrun #pumpkintrailpup
  • Early-morning singletrack on knobby tires.#earlywormgetstheworm
  • Late morning singletrack on knobby shoes. First day back on the trails with @elisewallace
  • Family run with #pumpkintrailpup, Desmond, and a basketball smuggler. She's still got it with just a few more weeks to go. #honeycanyoucarryallofourcrap
  • A little something from the start line at 5 AM #TNF50miler #ECSUT
  • How about these trails? #nofilter #ECSUT #TNF50miler #TNF. Still feeling alright. Time to party.
  • Trail run sunrise over Bommer Canyon with a Silverado Fire filter.
  • This Falconer statue is inspiring me to start a new hobby. @elisewallace we need to get a place with a property big enough for a #mews or #weatheringyard ;) #seenonmyrun #centralpark
  • A conference call/web conference brought me in from the park, but didn't cancel the run. #seenonmyrun part 2. @rattboy 50 pull ups also complete. #anwtraining
  • The making of a family running still capture. It didn't turn out.
  • What is this, 1995? @rattboy @dpowersappel #superNES
  • A little later in the run, I saw this.
  • Snuck away for a run #makehistory
  • morning #trailrun buddy. #pumpkinthedog
  • #pumpkinthedog got all dressed up for the trails today. Stoked summer's over so she can run long with us again.
  • My buddy.
  • A couple easy recovery miles tonight with #clubedrunning.
  • Last long #trailrun before the #stgeorgemarathon. #hot #sweaty #milkshake #noboyscametotheyard #thankgoodness
  • #singletrack therapy with #pumpkinthedog
  • She's my crazy person. 8 years today. #happyanniversary @elisewallace
  • I'm her crazy person. #happyanniversary @elisewallace
  • She's my navigator. 8 years today. #happyanniversary Here she is picking out our bike route from Florence to Siena in 2009
  • #pumpkinthedog hunting and being hunted on this morning's run.
  • #pumpkinthedog
  • Running trails and chasing rabbits with #pumpkinthedog
  • Good morning. 10 mile trail run and surf check with @adlong619
  • #pumpkinthedog spent a lot of time indoors today so we headed out for some much needed #trailtime. 90 minute run in the Oaks. My legs are destroyed after today. #trailpup
  • Desmond dominated the carnival games since he was a few inches too short of the 36" minimum for the rides. This particular game was the carnival equivalent of putting away his toys... He earned a Nemo.
  • Great race this morning at The Camp Pendleton Sprint Triathlon. The most fun I've had racing a triathlon in a long time. Pro Eco dominated. A few podiums from the the group including the Men's overall win from Evan Kraus.
  • The sweet growl of plaster pool coping. Thanks for a fun Freedom Sesh @dpowersappel
  • 73 weeks ago the fuzz denied me the opportunity to skate the famous JFK Plaza (love park) in Philadelphia. Tonight I arrived at the DC park only to find one of those buttery ledges imported from Philly. If only they had a Pat's Steaks I'm the vicinity, the experience would've been complete. Thanks @dpowersappel
  • Prepping for summer cruisin'. Before shot. Cleaning her up and working out a few kinks. #fordfalcon #boss302
  • Preppin' for summer cruising. Before shot. #fordfalcon #boss302
  • Stay hydrated, people.
  • Perfect morning for a ride up STT with @toddsonaride
  • Awake at the start and asleep by the finish. With @elisewallace
  • Another 9+ miles of intervals  on the track with #clubedrunning
  • Project Rwanda 50 Miler with these dudes. @toddsonaride @davidbooth77 @mrlutkus
  • #occhilitrailrun series recovery grub with @elisewallace
  • This photo doesn't adequately show the tongue flappage that was going on post-hot trail run. #pumpkinthedog #runningbuddy
  • Three men and eight babies on the trail. With @toddsonaride @jeff_inc
  • Three men and eight babies. With @jeff_inc @toddsonaride. Leader's  jersey goes to Todd for pulling a trail-a-bike/Chariot train
  • One of many great days at Lake Mead with my cuz @lesgal84. I'm thinking this was around 1988 #tbt #nordicboats
  • Earning points with the mrs. fail
  • A little windy out there tonight but it didn't interrupt a nice little Valentine's date with my mountain bike. @elisewallace last night's date with you was better. See you soon.
  • That is actual meat sweat on my face. Pounds of beef consumed last night meant an uncomfortable 10k this morning.
  • Finding beauty in a dirty urban river.
  • Some ocean, some Catalina, some Blackstar Cyn, some Sierra Peak.Vantage point made possible by a #feltbicycles Nine #Hardtail
  • Solo mtb ride up Maple Springs was foiled by a busted headlamp. Relegated to hill repeats in Orange Hills. Actually quite nice
  • Made it out of the office and onto the trail. Hello weekend
  • Age grouper pup is not afraid to battle the big dogs
  • Bike to Work day AND Plank at Work day at @saatchila #biketowork
  • Thanks @rattboy for the new kicks
  • They should nickname me Flatty-Bo-ba-latty
  • And again... This time w a clif shot boot
  • Will it hold?
  • Morning meeting shades
  • The pup scored a pelican carcass
  • This little guy nearly bit me and @toddsonaride
  • No waves, so we pedaled instead
  • Just a couple of old steel frames in a sea of Orange County carbon
  • I think the pup is preparing for a litter. #shedoesntknowshesfixed
  • Stoked to see so many friends rides at Elise's baby shower
  • Stoked to see so many friends rides at Elise's baby shower
  • The view from atop Col du vendredi noir
  • @ciaranbossom with the first flat of the day
  • From lead out trains to passenger trains. Santa Monica to Santa Barbara
  • One other guy on a steel rig. Not shown: white SRAM Red
  • Who says the Beetle is a chick car?
  • I spent so many hours of my youth watching my heroes shred this place to little bits. Still buttery. JFK Plaza aka Love Park
  • It's official. Headed back to Leadville. Let's hope I don't spend the night in the hospital after this one.
  • Homies
  • I spent 10 minutes chasing this guy on his bike trying to get a photo and this is the best I could do #photostalkingfail
  • I love this climb.
  • "don't drive angry." thousand foot drop on the other side of that wall. Apparently the car stopped on the wall and caught fire. Occupants were fine.
  • First time on the swings while mom was on a mtb ride. I'm usually the one missing the milestones.
  • They finally fit! @vans_66 @rattboy @bethanyroe
  • F series Thursday DA series Friday. #companycar
  • Butt, face, and bike. Essential lubes for each
  • And this is why I'll be home late. Apparently a crazy fugitive with a gun is inside a children's center in Santiago Cyn
  • Felt Edict Pro for tomorrow's race. @instafelt #visionquest
  • This one's for @elisewallace's mom. Disregard the dry humping couple on the bench.
  • Found a place to run. Bremen is a cool little town
  • Great job to my lady, @elisewallace for hammering her way to a 2nd place age group finish. #octri
  • Spotted this hot mom running in HB today. @elisewallace @runteamsparkle #teamsparkle
  • I call this one "pretentious farmer's market baby"
  • Crashing and burning (literally) was not so fun at tonight's Over The Hump MTB race, but seeing this little dude afterwards makes everything better.
  • I'd say I just got Hoogerlanded but I didn't land in barbed wire. I'll say I got Flecha'd.  Side swiped by a car while cycling in Laguna
  • Just saw the pic that @elisewallace sent to my mom on her birthday. Just what every grandma wants to see... her grandson in tears.
  • The commute into work this morning with DK, BW, and @bobbolux
  • @rattboy goes bigger. #throwbackthursday
  • Late night mtb. @toddsonaride @davidbooth77
  • Sunset run up Blackstar Canyon
  • Spent the afternoon chasin' tail. @elisewallace
  • Earned a trip to Taco Bell. #trail #run from Blackstar to Motorway in the Santa Ana's
  • I'm not going to make it home before dark. #bike #commute
  • Don't blame me, I didn't push the button. #underagevoter
  • 140.6 miles from home put us somewhere in between Indio and Blythe. On Sunday, @elisewallace and will do that while swimming, biking, and running. #imaz
  • Lunch
  • He's holding ice packs because dad closed a cabinet door on his finger. He's crying because mom is using an electric mixer.
  • 38 degrees at the bottom of Maple Springs ( much colder on top), blasting a/c on my frozen feet. Good ride with @mrlutkus
  • Eight miles of muddy, slippery, hilly singletrack trail running with the pup. She was in heaven.
  • dropped off the dude and had a #bikedate with @elisewallace.
  • Latergram. Why do I need to archive a photo based solely on the fact I posted later? #nohashtag doh!
  • #feltbicycles mountain bike lunch. @amanda_panda_ @cherepuga @xacs @will_gibbons @cooncified
  • Sunrise #mtb with @toddsonaride @davidbooth77 and a dude named J. Happy MLK
  • Another day, another sunrise. #trailtime with @toddsonaride
  • Maple Springs to four corners with @toddsonaride and @mrlutkus.
  • @elisewallace and Desmond were patient spectators today in the pouring rain #southridgeusa #mtb #xc
  • Nice late night run with @kenny_fotofafa and #pumpkinthedog