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Sebastian Zdyb

Sebastian Zdyb

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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My favorite bike song:)

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 320
  • 640
  • 960
  • 1280
  • 1600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 32.0km
  • 1h 10m
  • 0m

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Burhamthorpe: Martin Grove > East Mall
  • KOM on Appleby Rd: Burnhamthorpe > Martin Grove
  • PR on Midweek CX@Centennial 2015 #3
  • PR on Bloor: Riverside > Old Mill Trail


Distance 10,465.9km
Time 344h 39m
Elevation Gain 33,804m
Rides 311


Total Distance 45,024.6km
Total Time 1565h 51m
Total Elev Gain 169,733m
Total Rides 1351

Recent Photos

  • London Youth Cup Finale just started, TT first
  • Lucky number in O-Cup #7??? We will see in few hours:)
  • Midweek Golden Team!
  • Road race finish
  • Tour de Speed, Ontario Youth Cup! Midweek Kids in action!
  • Tour de Speed = Tour de France :)
  • Rough day - 13th. crash on 2nd lap, while in breakaway.... #tough #shutuplegs #ThatsmyGirl. Passed group of triathletes in full gear while going to the scene on folding bike @50km/h and billion watts of adrenaline. they are like: Wtf who is this?
  • 2 bronze in Tour de TerraCotta, Youth Cup
  • Terra Cotta beginners starting!
  • SeeDoo action, I think I found new hobby :)
  • PanAm Road race
  • Tour de France on the budget, PanAm road race
  • Go????????Go
  • summer ride
  • #Rapha #shutuplegs #domane6 Kick ass ride:)
  • This is like Menthos for your.... Name will tell you everything...They got it spot on:)
  • It must be Obama!
  • My legs got burned by Trek flames #shutuplegs
  • This means climbing day!
  • Alpine hills repeats:) I love this place:)
  • New bike lane! Toronto is awesome, builds bike lanes for me so I can get to work faster!!!
  • those purple squares mark strava KOMs, city thinks about everything ! Love it!
  • Boat anchor night training.
  • Midweek windy ride with Wiktoria
  • Crit ready to go
  • Finally Summer, day off going for 200km
  • My fav Tour de France place in Ontario :P
  • Ready to go
  • Season opener
  • Midweek race crew:)
  • New Horse, Trek Madone 7 Project One
  • One more to my stable, now I got all days of the week covered. Working on the weekend bikes:)
  • She rides so nicely, 40 min leg opener before tomorrow P2A.
  • Calabogie o-cup#2
  • Calabogie
  • GO Train free! First commute
  • New lights:)
  • dialling all the angles;)
  • sketchy right leg...
  • Canadian Spring Ride
  • P2A testing
  • Wet ? nooo sunny and dry
  • Waste of good bike:)
  • snow tubing day!!!
  • need for speed
  • Long day
  • TDF end of stage 8
  • 3 hrs of TDF, finished stage 8 now in brake away in stage 9 with T. Martin :)
  • nice again
  • biggest climb in FL
  • Mike was chasing me like rabbit then I was chasing him and I bonked.
  • what a great ride
  • refuelling after 50km
  • TdF in Ontario
  • Finally bike problems resolved! Big kudos to Wheels of Bloor. Guess what has changed on this bike that made race worthy for next year?
  • Getting ass kicked by Mnt. Ventoux, but still easier then Madone.
  • slightly less liquid loose
  • Col de la Madone
  • Col de la Madone - Tour de Basement;)
  • riding in Poland :)
  • super cool in person
  • end of season Wahoo kickr FTP 318W
  • no filters, morning beauty:)
  • Friday day off, refuelling pit stop :)
  • Awesome back to school day:)!
  • Milton
  • Hamilton going back home
  • 8 hours without sun block, preserve the tan lines:)
  • Longest Solo ride this year, now back to school.
  • Grandmom was pulling the cord, mom chickened out :)
  • coolest bike park ever
  • cyclocross season started
  • big air
  • Midweek vs Blackrock. Midweek Won!
  • Best toy ever:) New Aero bell ;)
  • I found bicycle nazi place today :)
  • big food for big ride;)
  • Stop at 70km for latte
  • 56cm of flaming hot rod:)
  • 5 side road and 3rd
  • This gonna hurt
  • I rode to Mars today:)
  • Sux helm makes you faster
  • new 40k TT record
  • what a great day, but nit because of that sun
  • Signed by entire team Cannondale! Straight from Belgium. Best day of my Cycling season this year. Thanks Chris! ECC made this really happen!
  • I really tried to make it to #MWCrit but got hit with swimming pool, and had to backstroke home:)
  • Jun 15, 2014	Tourism London Youth Grand Prix
  • what do I do on my day off, test riding bikes.
  • wtf biggest object I have ever cut flat with:)
  • lets race
  • Training ride
  • Midweek GO
  • cornering
  • little rest
  • water stop
  • Fing yellow line, don't cross it! Or you get kicked out!
  • Midweek
  • go Michael go
  • midweek tent
  • downtown is gone!
  • recovery Orbit:)
  • Finally open road! rain no rain it is awesome!
  • Still cold
  • Best coffe place in this part of Town:) Vegan Almond cookies hmmmm... :)
  • Wet, I like it wet:)
  • First commute of 2014, what a blast, best day at work!
  • my Black Angel cross rain bike, rain no rain I'm ready :)
  • rain water
  • Tour de Grandmom
  • RedBull race!
  • Selfie in new Midweek Garb! sexie and u know it ;P
  • Great Ride
  • Midweek ride
  • first ride, first century ride
  • watching Tour de Bronte
  • food pit stop
  • last ride
  • Lighthouse climb upwind.
  • Hills
  • by the water
  • Mother ship, but not my mother:)
  • Arubiana/caribana
  • Oranjestad, wild dogs are fast....
  • is totally destroying my scientific interval training. I just beat my 40min power record.
  • PowerTap vs. Vector bottom