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Mike 'Mr. Crash' Solis

Mike 'Mr. Crash' Solis

Castro Valley, California
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If I can do it, I can overdo it...

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 240
  • 480
  • 720
  • 960
  • 1200
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 64.3mi
  • 5h 22m
  • 5,783ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Ground Squirrel Gauntlet
  • 2nd fastest time on Williams St Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Doolittle Drive [SE]
  • 2nd fastest time on Tilden Way to High Street


Distance 6,715.4mi
Time 660h 59m
Elevation Gain 752,231ft
Rides 290


Total Distance 34,671.9mi
Total Time 3394h 1m
Total Elev Gain 4,294,334ft
Total Rides 1600

Recent Photos

  • On the bike at 530 AM, done at 1030 PM. Still kind of blown away that I can do a ride like that - tomorrow is looking like a rest day :)
  • Late Rettub (reverse Butter Lap) passing through the Exploratorium - had to hustle and play catchup. Next week, Zawkheist (Hawk Hill + Zeitgeist). Maybe :)
  • Apparently today is 'bump into former co-workers on the trails' day :)
  • Taking knobbies on a road ride makes the whole 'social pace' thing tricky. Good times with a good turnout on the Monday Tunnel ride :)
  • Because we were both 'all Chaboted out', Kent and I opted to do the Hayward Hills this morning.
  • Santa Cruz. An adventure that pegs the stoke-o-meter every time :)
  • No style points, but Hovland gets it done :)
  • No morning yoga = more evening singletrack :)
  • Just met up and did a couple of laps with Craig. 24 hours / 54,000 feet down and "only 40,000 more to go!" Super nice guy who seemed totally stoked to have some company - hope he gets that record!
  • As far as roads go, this one's kinda nice :)
  • Stopping for breakfast on the commute :)
  • Mondaze. Skinny tires. And those clouds :)
  • Can't stop. Won't stop. Should stop. Marin, you're amazing :)
  • All part of the Supercommute...
  • Caboosin' the Mondaze ride, and wondering where the casual contingent went :)
  • Got a little ROWDY at Annadel with @darabebe and friends :)
  • I added some dirt to the second half of the ride, hitting Mount Vision / Inverness Ridge, Bolinas Ridge, and Mt Tam (Stagecoach + Old Railroad Grade) on the return trip. It was rough, but it was worth it :)
  • Came across the East Bay Parks trail-care dozer on Soaring Hawk this morning. Goodbye legal East Bay singletrack, hello eight foot wide dusty dirt interstate :(
  • So I woke up thinking I would sit around, rest, and maybe do some bike maintenance. Then I came to my senses :) Thanks for the ride invite,  @darabebe!
  • Some kids + some bikes + some dirt = some fun :)
  • Broken spoke jammed into my brake caliper bringing me to a screeching halt? That's a new one...
  • First big ride in a while! Connected Camp Tamarancho, White's Hill, Mt Tam, Pine Mountain, and Loma Alta.
  • 7mm slit in a brand new tire, and my air pump seized trying to inflate a tube. At the farthest point of my morning ride.

  • So it's sitting there on the living room, looking at me like "Sup bro? You gonna leave me hangin?"
  • Tuesday night mountain bike shenanigans with the gravel-cross bike. Because skinny-ish tires and drop bars keep things interesting :)
  • :)
  • Left the cross bike at home and put the mountain back into mountain biking. And I am rusty...
  • Memorial Day fun at Crockett Hills! I think Cyndi and I may have been the only people there who actually like to climb...
  • Pedal powered or motor powered, days always go better with some two wheeled goodness :)
  • Annadel. Backup plan to a backup plan to yet another backup plan.
  • Bike to Work (from where I parked my car) Day :) Because... pancakes!
  • Sibley with Oakland Comp - didn't realize there were bike legal trail there! Was going to ride the motorcycle after practice, but the couch and some frozen yogurt sounds really good right now...
  • Crockett Hills after dark - Gemma gets down and dirty again :)
  • As if the 9 hour mountain bike race this weekend wasn't hard enough, i went into the race with the worst case of poison oak I've had in years. Thankfully - and with the help of some prescription meds - the worst has passed...
  • Considered hanging it up about 3 hours in, but stayed out there and finished 6th of 65 in the Mens Sport class. That really, really, hurt...
  • Today, it's a different kind of morning ride...
  • Fun :)
  • Thinking I should bring a different bike on this route next time...
  • @rylab's return to Mondaze!
  • Got to be a course marshal at the high school league races in Petaluma. The ranch where the races were held was incredible!
  • San Luis Obispo for a day. An amazing, awesomely chunky day :)
  • Started at 11AM, finished at 8PM, with  all kinds of awesomeness in between. Til next time, San Luis Obispo!
  • BIKE PARTY!!! And a big SLO day trip starting in 6 hours 15 minutes...
  • Bike Party!!!
  • A day off in the Hayward Hills :)
  • Morning dirt - tastes greeeat :)
  • After-dark Oakland bike shenanigans  with @claisam leading the way :)
  • Rainy day field trip with Morgan Fletcher and the really cool kids of the Oakland Composite High School team! Way more fun than sitting around and goofing off on the Internet, waiting for the rain :)
  • Diablo Double Dip With A Dark Descent!
  • I think it winked at me...
  • Scenes from the Supercommute. Sorry, I know most of you are probably stuck in traffic #notreally :)
  • Dubya Tee Eff East Bay Parks?
  • Marin Avenue, done. Feel like I just took a Mike Tyson uppercut, and still standing.
  • 10 more miles and 2,200 more feet to go. Second most evil climb of the day just ahead.
  • Nifty Ten Fifty 2015, complete! 10,000 feet of climbing in 50 miles, with all the steepest climbs in the Berkeley Hills. I dig this ride, but I'm glad I only do it once a year :)
  • Riding little homemade jumps / berms / trails at the levee. Kids on bikes are fun!
  • Dropping into the morning :)
  • Hanging out with the Lake Chabot Riders! Too late for the group ride, but just in time for the pancit / palabok and other goodies :) Thanks for hookin' a fella up, guys!
  • Adventure Bear does Pal Rettub!
  • Some people say San Francisco is a place where people never grow up. You think I'd be right at home here....
  • Quality time with Adventure Bear. He felt left out last weekend.
  • Bike Party!!!
  • Dawn patrol!
  • Love my commute :)
  • If you climb long enough, eventually you get above all that murky stuff. And when you do, the view is kinda neat :)
  • Crockett Hills "Recovery Ride". Berms and jumps and views and RADNESS galore :)
  • Gravel bike? Sometimes. Adventure bike? All the time. Love my commute! #seekanddiverge #gravelgauntlet
  • Sometimes Adventure Bear gets in a little over his head :) #wipeout #seekanddiverge #gravelgauntlet
  • I'm not sure this is what they meant by 'gravel grinding' #seekanddiverge #gravelgauntlet
  • What has three pumps, four tubes, five patches, and can still get so many flats that they barely make their way down a mountain? THESE GUYS.
  • Took the 10 mile scenic route to practice this morning, it was glorious :)
  • Nice to see water under this bridge. Sucks that it's toxic...
  • Oakland Composite High School Practice at Chabot / Redwood / JMP :) More kids on bikes!
  • Scenes from the "Alley-cute" alley cat race in Oakland / Berkeley :)
  • This Valentine's Day was a dirty one :)
  • BIKE PARTY!!! :)
  • Starting my day the best way possible. Today, that involves pavement...
  • Because two hours on the bike is better than 45 minutes in car traffic...
  • :)
  • Gorgeous day and a huge turnout for Oakland Composite High School team practice!
  • Nice day for a ride to the beach :)
  • Another SLO day trip in the books!
  • Scenes from Motivation Mondaze :)
  • Big turnout for Oakland Composite practice today! :)
  • Moon's so bright, ya barely need lights. So happy 'Rest Day' is over :)
  • Full Moon Top of Tunnel Night Ride Group Selfie!
  • Rode with Morgan Fletcher and the Oakland Composite High School team this morning :) Thinking of helping him out at practices and races this year - that was fun!
  • Back to work. I actually don't mind it :)
  • On the bike since 9 AM. Still enjoying every minute of it :)
  • Still going...
  • I wasn't looking to go this big today, but I just kinda kept going. One more day to go in this most excellent year on the bikes...
  • So @shoesrlove is hoping to hit 5000 miles on the bike this year, but she also says she's not sure she has the motivation. This is where I enter the picture :)
  • "Man, I've never seen a cyclocross bike out here before..." That's because he's not a cyclocross bike - he is Adventure Bear, and he loves breaking all the rules :)
  • Wake up :)
  • Yeaaaah :)
  • With a week of rain in the forecast, I tried to cover all the roads and trails I could between El Dorado Hills and Auburn. The adventure bike is good for that :)
  • Lovin' my two hour commute :)
  • Because I don't do that "rest" thing...
  • Mission "Run from the rain"  accomplished, with a large dose of SLO awesomeness :)
  • More scenes from the commute
  • Trail friends!
  • The commute home...
  • Scenes from the commute
  • Happy Monday morning commute :)
  • Woke up too late for my original ride, so I decide to do another East Bay Mixed Terrain adventure...
  • One last bit...
  • Top Sierra Road, keeping with the post bike party mega ride tradition.
  • This music bike rocked it to another level :)
  • Adventure commute goodness :)
  • Top of Diablo once again. Only this time, we took the scenic route :)
  • The view from the Hayward Hills. It's nice up there :)
  • Looks like I'm not taking that trail this morning...
  • Fun, but a little ambitious for just one day after a race
  • Tahoe bound in the morning, not really ready, and where am I? BIKE PARTY!
  • Dropping in on the ridge :)
  • Adventure commute!
  • SF Bike Party!
  • Out for a misty morning ride as the full moon sets :)
  • Below the mist as the moon sets at the start, above it as the Sun rises at the end. Hey, it's Friday!
  • Enjoying the commute :)
  • Like a big, goofy puppy, Adventure Bear loves to go where he's not really supposed to go...
  • Nothing falling from the sky yet...
  • It's not dirt, but it'll do for a morning outing...
  • Rolled with dirt legends Mark Weir, and Kenny Burt for 20 of the 31 miles! And now, on to the post ride feast :)
  • Getting close :)
  • Adventure Commute,  Round 1
  • Getting started on a radness overload :)
  • Days just go a little better when they start this way :)
  • Perfect morning dirt :)
  • Budget zombies hit Bike Party!
  • I missed the lunar Eclipse, but I got this...
  • Rest day :)
  • So I had this idea for a post-Northstar XC ride
  • Almost done - it's a race against the sun now...
  • Really happy I live close to trails :)
  • That's not good...
  • My prize for finishing DFL on the Tunnel Road climb last night. Kinda rad,  even though I don't (really) drink beer - thanks Tyler!
  • Two days in a row? Sure, why not :)
  • I think someone in Marin got a little trigger happy with the "is not allowed" thing...
  • Didn't make the start of my late morning ride, so I'm playing it by ear. Top of Mt Tam, have 5 hours of food, 10 dollars in cash, and lights...
  • Made today's route up on the fly - I think I did okay :)
  • Watching some kids getting rad after a 7 hour ride!
  • Friday morning goodness :)
  • Kent Patty airs it out before dropping into the Skyline G-Out
  • Latergram of sunrise on Mt Tam this morning
  • Lost my CX virginity yesterday at the DFL Urban Outlaw Cyclo-Cross-Dress Race :)
  • BIKE PAARR... oh wait, that was last night...
  • Supposed to be on my way to Tahoe in a few hours, but where am I? BIKE PAAAARTY!
  • I like mornings :)
  • Bumped into another Castro Valley footie hunter this morning. While I'm approaching 700,000 get this year, Cruz is approaching 900,000!
  • Team Solis / Greening aka Team "WTF did you get me into, Solis" at the top of Tunnel Road :)
  • Super fun playing navigator for two rad people at the C510 Super Cat Race today!
  • Turned out today isn't a no bikes day...
  • Greetings from Donner Lake Rim Trail :)
  • Found my limit on the bike - about 40 miles ago. That was something else...
  • Totally did not take it easy on the shop ride tonight...
  • With a volleyball sized pile of crap under the horse, this would have been perfect...
  • Not really but kinda single track on the adventure bike :)
  • On some days, the legs just don't have it. On those days, I usually just ignore them...
  • Adding a little more dirt every morning...
  • Keeping the Tunnel Monday tradition alive!
  • With only 1,000 more feet to finish a 29,000 foot Strava challenge - I couldn't just leave it hanging...
  • So I might not make Downieville next weekend...
  • A bamboo singlespeed. When steel singlespeeds seem to cry for mercy on steep climbs, I can't help but wonder how it would hold up...
  • Putting the adventure bike to its biggest test yet :)
  • Trying to beat the heat before the heat beats me.
  • Starting early :)
  • Top of Mt Ashland. Yesssss :)
  • It's overcast, but I sure don't feel overcast. Diggin' the new rig :)
  • Four Parks down, two to go...
  • Say NO to "cross country riding" - and take a bite out of crime :)
  • Hiller the Killer. It's like a roundhouse kick to the chest - yet I still walk right into it...
  • Decided on Auburn instead of Northstar for the day :)
  • I like how the day is starting off :)
  • Mt Diablo 'recovery ride' with @jfemmelm :)
  • I'm thinking @jfemmelm should try a single speed if she's gonna keep climbing like that...
  • Sierra Road. 3.6 miles with 1,800 feet of elevation, it's the first of three big climbs today.
  • Climb number 2 - Welch Creek. People said it was harder than Sierra. They were right. What a beautiful, sinister climb...
  • Morning lol :)
  • Not sure that it's *that* warm - but it's warm...
  • From the summit in Henry Coe State Park - 50 miles / 7,000 feet into a 100 mile / 10,000 foot day.
  • Henry Coe Monstercross, done. That was big...
  • Poser shot from the China Camp summit
  • $150 and wait 5 weeks or $2 roll of white tape and get it back in a few days. Ghetto-fab it is :)
  • Los Bastardos De La Noche!
  • Almost a full moon, temps in the 70s - it's just too nice to be inside :) Missed ya tonight, @jfemmelm !
  • Today is about the path less traveled :)
  • With my original route blocked by a locked gate / private property sign, it's time to explore...
  • Road bike is back. Legs are not. Good thing I passed on the Geysers / Pine Flat Grasshopper this morning...
  • Bike to Work Day. Probably not too many of those Energizer Aid Stations out here, but I'm cool with that... :)
  • I kinda like this commute...
  • Morning dirt :)
  • Most people dread Mondays. I actually look forward to them :)
  • Pre-race-departure shakedown. Everything seems to be working...
  • First 'A' race of the year tomorrow. Shooting for 10 laps, which would give me 85 miles with 12,000 feet of climbing - and I'm still kinda gimpy from last weekend.  Wrapping it and hoping for the best - should be interesting...
  • Free tuning!
  • Carbon fat bike WHAAAT?