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Jay Parkhill

Jay Parkhill

San Francisco, CA
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Jay Parkhill is a cyclist from San Francisco, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 190
  • 380
  • 570
  • 760
  • 950
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 37.7km
  • 1h 46m
  • 664m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Arguello Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Hawk Hill + Battery Townsley Loop
  • 2nd fastest time on Hawk Hill Start
  • 2nd fastest time on Page Uphill Sprint: Divisadero to Broderick


Distance 2,937.7km
Time 130h 35m
Elevation Gain 39,656m
Rides 86


Total Distance 28,799.6km
Total Time 1244h 2m
Total Elev Gain 328,797m
Total Rides 922

Recent Photos

  • Volunteered at my kids' school library today and spent some quality time with the Big Book of every New Yorker cartoon
  • Fitness check/ blowing out the pipes. Not bad. Maybe I'll do some cross races after all
  • Long bike ride in Santa Cruz today. This sign at mile 70 was a tease
  • Finish area from ATOC. Fun ride today with @sportvelo and others and I ended up with a great viewing spot for the stage finish
  • Party at Seadrift Lagoon. @downtownwinesf is this your place directly across the way?
  • Best April Fools joke I have seen today: Tobin's teacher said she made brownies for the kids, then handed out these
  • Old school kit. He probably uses DOS too
  • Client meeting at this cool space. There are something like 45 biotech start-ups leasing bench space and offices in this building. Fun to check out
  • I order a macchiato almost every place I go but every place makes something different. I think the secret is having a small enough cup that it won't hold much milk or foam
  • Tobin has a playdate in San Mateo and it's a spare the air day, so it's an easy decision how to spend 3 hours until pickup time. #outdoorsisfreedom
  • This bourne is new to me. It's probably been here a while though
  • Question: am I still a type A dad if it took me 15 minutes to set up this rollers-on-the-street selfie while my kid is in a piano lesson or do I have to be on a conference call as well?
  • Just a handful of humans at Ocean Beach today but I saw a pod of 10 dolphins surfing. That was cool!
  • Devil's Slide trail. Roads with no traffic are the best
  • 1 hour effort/40km #PFSD Merckx style. Calling it 1:03:10. Time to start looking for a TT bike
  • This is my finishing time on Alpe d'Huez, more or less. I took a wrong turn before the finish, stopped the timer then restarted when I got back on track. I am calling it 59:10. My goal was sub 1 hour so good either way.
And WOW what a big climb! It starts off SO steep and you know you have to stick it out for an hour. Very hard and very intimidating
  • First PFSD in ages. Think I broke my PR by 2 or 3 minutes
  • PFSD merckx style
  • Trackie Garmin mount at Hellyer Velodrome. Thx #barfly
  • Morning coffee run and dirt ride with one of my favorite cycling buddies
  • Pretty day. Views to the ocean from west Old la Honda
  • Still have a jersey from the tri club I belonged to in Japan 1989-90. I knew if I kept it long enough it would come back in style
  • Getting ready for my first race of 2014. Got my number pinned right so the hardest part is done
  • Dawn patrol on the GGB and another tilted horizon #remedialphotography
  • Locked the bike for a meeting. Someone must think my standing sprint needs work. Ugh
  • Seated accelerations en route to school pickup. Like doing wind sprints with a parachute
  • Fancy schmancy business lunch
  • Santa Rosa Cup CX result: felt better, raced better than last week. Minor bike mechanical didn't slow me down much
  • Breaking dawn
  • Upside of insomnia
  • Square/Alpine passes arrived today #winteriscoming #prayforsnow
  • Windmill restoration looks great. Will it ever turn or is it purely a decorative windmill?
  • Checked out office space at Really nice coworking space with private offices. I may call the neighborhood the Mid-Market Technology Corridor rather than the Tenderloin though
  • Hello again Polo Fields. It's been a while and my fitness shows it
  • Masquerading as a fast guy in the Madison
  • Hard, bad, sad day. This helped a little
  • Mission statement
  • Research ship or Russian oligarch?
  • Australian pursuit at Hellyer Velodrome
  • Old bike gets new lease on life as single speed cross machine
  • Today was Take Your Kid to Dirt Day
  • Lunchtime dirt with my favorite junior cyclist
  • I'm here, it's steep. Better get used to it. #alpenrose
  • Holy sh*t! My first ever race at Alpenrose and I took a lap and won the Master's Points Race. #bikeracingrocks
  • Butano Fire Road is beautiful and remote. Also long and steep. #dirtsearch #strava
  • Guadalupe Canyon #strava #dirtsearch
  • Big Basin & Boulder Creek. Venturing into @hooptie territory
  • San Pedro Mtn. #PlanetoftheApes #dirtsearch #strava
  • Pacifica - Highway 1 avoidance route. Caution: includes some technical terrain
  • Love Tunitas Creek Rd
  • This guy pipped me by half a wheel length!
  • Via Tranquila, Hope Ranch Santa Barbara. Beautiful ride
  • Mini-vacation sans kids in Santa Barbara. @hilaryparkhill found this gorgeous hotel. Feel so relaxed and happy
  • More great coffee from the Handlebar Cafe. Yum
  • I'm here and it is hot!
  • Musical chairs race @hellyervelodrome.  @dontfeedthe_gator won most stylish AND cagiest rider by beating Dave McCook
  • Friday Night Racing @hellyervelodrome. Super fun night of fast racing
  • Clarendon Ave views on a clear day are amazing
  • Multitasking #singleparentweekend
  • Foggy with a chance of sun
  • Landmarks
  • Missed Bike to Work Day so we did Bike to School Day today
  • Mouse podium! #wente
  • Headlands appetite session before birthday dinner
  • Since the first time i visited Hawaii's Big Island I have wanted to ride up Mauna Kea. Finally got the chance. HUGE day on the bike!
  • Heading back home in the fog. Feels like Marin County. #hawaiihighcountry
  • Beware of invisible cows #HawaiianRoadSigns #raidmaunakea
  • Mauna Kea visitor center at 9000 ft. The road goes up to the summit at 13,800 but the pavement ends here and so do I. #raidmaunakea #missionaccomplished
  • Helpful guidance. I could probably eat a pig when I get back down. Maybe a couple goats too #raidmaunakea
  • Spent the last 10 miles climbing and descending the same 200 vert into a stiff head/crosswind. Could've done without that section #raidmaunakea
  • #SignsYouDontSeeEveryDay #raidmaunakea
  • 5500 ft. Barren dry landscape looking toward Kilauea. 20 miles and 4500 ft left to climb. #raidmaunakea #hopingIamontherightroad
  • Deciduous forest at 3600 ft. surrounded by open grassland #raidmaunakea #climatezones
  • No don't stop! Only 25 miles to go #raidmaunakea
  • That little mound there in the background is 13,800 feet. #maunakea #whereimheaded
  • Mt Diablo summit. I have lived in the Bay Area 22 years and just made here for the first time. Def not the last time
  • Yes officer. I'll try to keep my speed down. #mtdiablo
  • Tiemeyer just sent me the official UCI sticker for my bike. You know- just in case
  • Giant spyglass above Rodeo Beach
  • Just got this great book as a gift. Need to start knocking off one every year
  • GGP dirt on a gorgeous February day
  • Lion dancers at Squaw Valley. Happy lunar new year!
  • The kid wants to try telemark skiing. I have no idea where he got that idea
  • Nice snow off the flank of Mt.  Superior. Fun skiing with my brother and learning about avalanche safety #Utah #TurnsEarned
  • Utah backcountry. Turns earned. Time to head down
  • Utah backcountry
  • Where my brother teaches proper skin technique from an increasing distance
  • Gorgeous day at Snowbird
  • Hazy sunrise
  • Bridge. Dusk. Bike. Good
  • BASPS #souvenir
  • Stairs are hard when your bike weighs half as much as you #BASPS #cyclocross
  • Ezra cyclocross
  • Early morning paceline at the #TMPF
  • Bacon wrapped chipotle shrimp, veggie mole chile, mini cheesecake cupcakes and 2 kinds of homebrew. Yeah I like racing cyclocross but mostly I come for the food #teamroaringmouse
  • Dawn Patrol Camino Alto.
  • Birthday ride with @adrienneswims in her fancy new kit @f0rdb33bl3br0x
  • #Tam #WestPointInn #DirtyRoadie
  • First day back on skis this season. First turns were tentative but then we got into the groove
  • #Ripper
  • My skis have brakes! #NewTelemarkNorm #StillALittleBehind