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William Flanagan

William Flanagan

Auriol, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
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Recreational cyclist, father of three boys, American living in France. sharing adventures on and off the bike at

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 310
  • 620
  • 930
  • 1240
  • 1550
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 68.1km
  • 4h 34m
  • 1,785m

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd best estimated 30k effort
  • 3rd best estimated 5k effort
  • 3rd best estimated 2 mile effort
  • 3rd best estimated 1 mile effort


Distance 5,959.9km
Time 249h 58m
Elevation Gain 76,210m
Rides 118


Total Distance 32,784.9km
Total Time 1405h 8m
Total Elev Gain 469,131m
Total Rides 634

Recent Photos

  • Looks like I'm up before dawn with a case of the Ultra Bug. The am view is worth!
  • Back in Provence and on the bike with the boys!
  • Awesome day for shooting up the vertical K with Paul Hopwood and Terry Conway #chamonix
  • Sunrise on the trails - it's #UTMB time
  • Be the goat
  • View from the trail - up in the high country today!
  • Chamonix!
  • Fun ride with Ken Wallace today through the Gorge de Nesque
  • They're off! Team Time Trail #tourdelain Cadets allez les Aubagnais!
  • Time in the Swiss mountains!
  • Recovery day cyclotourism for the #Assen veterans #Heidelberg
  • Belgian training camp- hitting the Flemish Ardennes today #hakunamatata
  • Finishing off the day with one last classic cobble climb #murGeraadsbergen
  • Tough day in the saddle but the rewards are sweet! #murGeraadsbergen
  • Fäbu hanging in with the groupetto with 5k to go #trek spirit #livetofightanotherday #TDF2015 keep up the fight
  • Lam rocking the mur d'huy today. Rode a good part of #tdf stage tough last 60k
  • Back in the groove. Just like the old days!! Lovin it!
  • Discovering Holland with our very special guide today @tourdejose
  • View from the trail with a glimpse of Marseille just behind Le Garlaban
  • Fun ride Aux Pied de Ventoux today with Ken Wallace in search of our next "Lost" episode.
  • Another day in the saddle with Grampa Billy
  • Loving the afternoon mountain runs #viewfromthetrail
  • The Sunday ride with Grampa Billy!
  • View from the trail
  • The team is getting ready to roll! #interregion #lebousquetdorb
  • Great spin with the boys today. Feels like summer has arrived!
  • Speed #Vélodrome #Hyères
  • View from the road
  • Big T and Liam out for a ride in the hills today
  • View from the road #bormesdemimosa
  • View from the trail #calanques
  • View from the road "Spring in Provence"
  • Checking out some of the local loops here in Spain with our awesome guide @thehagasaki
  • The Liamster working the hills here in Cataluña #Girona #LesSerres
  • Great rules respecting cyclists in Spain approx. 5 ft passing distance
  • View from the road
  • Winter riding in the South of France not too bad for February
  • Cassis
  • The day and views just keep getting better #routedecrêtes
  • Sortie du #vca à la veille de le #GPMarseillaise #ag2rlamondiale
  • Sortie #VCA avec le moto!
  • Changing it up with a little mountain biking today #provencewinterbliss
  • We rocked it three years in a row #Festive500
  • Almost there #Festive500 day 6
  • Getting in a ride with Rich and Justin #Festive500 #cotedazur
  • Ride number 5 is in the bag 100k to go #Festive500
  • Riding day 4 #Festive500  350k down 150k to go
  • Knocking out the #Festive500 with day 2 in the back roads of France
  • It's the #Festive500 day 1 100k down and another 400k to go awesome!
  • View from the trail #Suisse
  • View from the road - winter sun in Provence
  • View from the road. Winter base in the mountains
  • View from the road village of Bras
  • Bagel!
  • View from the road #staintevictoire #Bagelfondo
  • It's cold but the sun is shining #provence
  • Today's cyclocross à Saint Tropez Racing the new #crockett #trekbikes Yes!!!
  • View from the road #lagarlaban
  • Fall riding with the Liamster my favorite time of the year
  • Doing a fun video project with our friend Ken Wallace au pied du Mont Ventoux
  • Awesome fall riding with Sofiane today.
  • The boys were putting the hurt on today #rolling
  • View from the road
  • Aidan jammed Ventoux today #PROUDDAD
  • View from the road @Tourdejose is in town
  • Working the hills of Provence @TourdeJose in action
  • View from@the road #Gigondas
  • View from the trail #5terre
  • View from the mountain bike trail #LeLavandou
  • View from the road - looking like it's harvest time #provence
  • View from the road #marseille
  • Great to be back riding on home turf with the Liamster #Provence
  • Belgium - Bile paths and canals
  • Found a sweet spot to wait for the Tour to pass by. #coldelapeyresourde
  • Sky high break on the Peyresourde
  • Nibali and the Astana train. Chapeau!
  • Back in step with the Tour #TDF #Portedebâles
  • Go Ben!!! All the way to Paris! @BenKing89 rolling strong in the home stretch #TDF
  • Liam out for the daily double. Late afternoon trail run. #crosstraining
  • Got the Liamster out in the mountain trails today!!!
  • Back to some scrambling in the Hills of Provence. Searching for my illusive form
  • Fresh air! Xiamen, China - Yea! #nicetobeabletobreath
  • Putain
  • Putain
  • Saturday morning spin with the vélo Club Aubagnais #VCA
  • View from the road #metricCenturymonday
  • View from the trail
  • Sweet win today for Liam in Peyruis #GPSaintRoch
  • Great VTT raid with Collège Ubelka and Peebles High School from Scotland
  • Climbing this monster today! #Ventoux #CompositeworksVentouxChallenge
  • First time up the giant of Provence this year. Loving it!
  • The venue for today's stage 3 of the #TourDuVar
  • View from the trail
  • View from the road - rolling with the Liamster. #Provence
  • Chamonix #spring
  • Trail signs #MontBlanc #ultrarunning
  • View from the trail #montblanc
  • Liam in the yellow Leader's jersey of #tourdeVar great win today!
  • Cool cat in le maillot jaune #tourduvar
  • Top of the world today! Ultra training begins #lovinthetrails
  • Rolling with Big Thomas
  • Belle sortie du Club Aubagnais à la veille de la course
  • Sortie du club Aubagnais #VCA
  • Hill repeat with the Liamster today "themountainlion
  • View from the road #Provence
  • Morning run #Vietnam
  • Saigon river front
  • Back rolling in the sun in Provence
  • Back for more #ilredecappucino worked for it in the mountains today
  • Working in the mountains today #tuscany
  • Mid-ride break today with the king himself at #bargalligani #ilredecappucino #legend
  • Awesome day riding in the Tuscan sun with @JasperStuyven
  • Time trial recon done really cool course #tourmed #saintremydeprovence
  • Tour Med TT recon today with the Roanster beautiful course through les Alpilles
  • View from the road
  • A little cyclotourism today #provenceinwinter
  • 80 klicks before the montee
  • Rolling
  • La neige
  • Route des crêtes
  • View from the road #cassis
  • View from the road #Assenreunion
  • Le sortie d'hiver
  • Last summit of the day
  • Sainte Victoire
  • View from the road going for a buck 30 today Strava GF challenge motivation
  • Tavi is getting into it. Mountain girl!
  • If the shoe fits...
  • Nice to be home riding in the mountains in the soleil de Provence
  • A look at the side of the new 2014 #trekfactoryracing bus. With the team roster
  • Awesome #Trekfactoryracing ride hitting the Flanders cobbles with @thejensie as our guide thanks Jens and Fabian!
  • Getting ready to climb thi beast #routedecrêtes
  • The whole gang is out today! #festive500 is in the books.
  • Still riding in the New Year #stravafestive500 day 6
  • Long shadows #festive500 day 4
  • We got in the Col d'Eze and thé Col de la Madone epic 105km day 3 #festive500
  • Snowing in Monaco
  • NICE #festive500
  • Strava #feative500 day 2 braving the elements to get in those Christmas km's
  • Great day for riding a bike #festive500
  • We're heading out on our first ride of the #festive500 this the season!
  • Winter vines - rolling with Roan
  • Starting to get in those longer "Provence" winter rides
  • Biked here today. Well worth it #cassis
  • Mountain run after the mountain bike
  • Some fun in the dirt today with Roan "the man"
  • Today's view from 2500 meters
  • View from the trail #hautesalpes
  • Running in the clouds this fine morning. Enjoy the day you alls
  • Starting to get into Fall riding. #basebuilding
  • View from the trail
  • Happy anniversary -16 years! #love
  • View #2 #ultratraing
  • View from the trail
  • Sweet podium finish (3rd) in the #ironkids #triathlon for @liamflanagan00 #aixenprovence
  • Getting ready to rock #ironkids #triathlon #aixenprovence
  • Sunrise - top of the mornin to you alls
  • View from the trail
  • Sharing the trail with a true mountain climber today #utmb
  • The next generation of sky runners #utmb amazing job by the boys today #mountainrunnimg
  • The mountain man. Liam is hitting the trail!
  • Chamonix
  • More pics from the trail heading towards Chamonix #utmb
  • View from the trail mont Blanc recon#2 #utmb
  • First #UTMB recon
  • New workout wake up at 4am run for 3hrs to highest point you can find then yoga for sunrise
  • Climbing the Sainte Baume with Liam and Aidan
  • Rolling with the boys in the hills of Provence with some good form from Assen
  • Back home for a run up the route de crêtes #provenceheat
  • Our view for the big show #tdf #switchback9
  • Met up with @Gaby407 the Tour book and his painting is fantastic!
  • L'alpe d'huez a little wet but it's going to be Epic #tdf
  • Riding in the Swiss mountains with our friend Thomas
  • Suisse!
  • Great day for Liam and his training buddies on the #giantofprovence #ventoux
  • The monument to Tom Simpson 800meters before the summit #ventoux
  • Flag on top of chateau at les Baux shows the wind still going strong #tdf
  • Today's sprint at Les Baux is uphill and into a strong head cross wind #tdf
  • Les Baux is beau # tdf #Col de Vayède
  • Roan and the devil #tdf
  • Waiting for the tour to on the #bastide
  • We've got a great spot on the Promenade #tdf #ttt #belkin
  • Liam is on the #Gopro today #tdf
  • We're in Tour mode. NICE #tdf
  • Getting up early to bag these Corsican cols #tdf #coldepalmarella
  • We're full gas - getting some great footage today #fst5 #tdf
  • Time to hit one more beach then jam back tour team presentation best Départ ville ever #tdf
  • Liam's new ride for the day #veryoldschool #tdf
  • Sweet the #domane in letour #Trekbikes
  • Find a beach, bike to beach, run the beach, swim the beach, repeat. #theperfectdayincorsica #tdf
  • View from the road #tdf stage 3 recon #corsica
  • Liam is out of school and #TDF traing camp starts today. So Awesome
  • View from the Road #ColdelEspigouliera
  • In honor of Jean Dubrusk - a great painter and human being - RIP
  • View from the road #1 #LaCiotat
  • View #2 #routedescretes you got to work for it 25% grade climbing up from the sea
  • Coquelicot
  • Finished off the #classicschallenge with Aidan and Roan #1324km #strava
  • A little hill training today!