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Brian Toone

Brian Toone

Hoover, AL
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Husband, dad, professor, and CAT 1 racer for Friends of the Great Smokies (FGS Cycling). I am taking on the challenge of Race Across America this summer. Check out all the details and support my effort here - - thanks y'all! Make a donation directly to Nuevas Esperanzas here:

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 750
  • 1500
  • 2250
  • 3000
  • 3750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 657.5mi
  • 42h 32m
  • 65,653ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Mountain View Road Descent
  • 2nd overall on Grayton Rollers
  • 5th overall on Bain Gap E - W Downhill
  • 10th overall on Dance with Mary Jane (W64th to Maxanna Dr on left)


Distance 23,535.3mi
Time 1518h 30m
Elevation Gain 2,352,159ft
Rides 247


Total Distance 130,763.2mi
Total Time 8460h 48m
Total Elev Gain 14,245,518ft
Total Rides 3477

Recent Photos

  • Start out above the interstate and end up below it.
  • Ross Bridge commute home today.
  • Commute stats
  • City of Hoover founder's home.
  • Founding of Hoover with Golden Rule BBQ in the background.
  • After yesterday's pic of the Vulcan in the sun, here is one with it in a shadow  today.
  • Interesting berries on a tree on the back entrance trail into Samford.
  • Two flats today, just barely made it to the woods to meet Josiah on his way home from school.
  • Vulcan in the sun. Tough commute into work this morning only a couple hours after 255 mile ride last night.
  • Super slow ride today.
  • Headed out to speak at the northeast Alabama Fight Club, I love that you can see the ridges extending from Birmingham all the way up into northeast Alabama.
  • Clear morning until the Vestavia Dr knoll.
  • I'm digging the St Clair County line sign.
  • Highest point in Birmingham bald Rock Mountain outside of Leeds 1600 feet.
  • I always think of @aktbunnylove when I take this road. Fun variation of her name.
  • Springville four way stop I'm surprised the traffic wasn't any worse. I think I got in just before the school traffic
  • Ashville, St Clair County seat.
  • St Clair County - older than Alabama!
  • Tornado siren standing in the middle of tornado damage. Shoal Creek valley.
  • It looks like I won't be able to create a new cat 4 segment after all.
  • The gap out of shoal creek isn't quite big enough for a cat 4 climb, but I noticed on satellite the towers would be high enough. Alas, it is some sort of military tower - I tried calling the number, but couldn't get a hold of anyone.
  • Ragland, Alabama
  • Fort Strother.
  • Neely lake.
  • Old channel, Neely Lake, and Neely Dam.
  • Who's ready for some #thewalkingdead? Alexandria!
  • I'm thankful that I live in a place where enough for horses to ride right down the street.
  • Rainbow and football practice sunset.
  • Super fun presentation tonight at the NEABC meeting. Thanks for the invite and the box of salted caramel gus!
  • Bains gap does not get any less steep in the dark.
  • Boiling springs haunted bridge ... at night!
  • Cheaha!
  • Lake Logan Martin and dam.
  • Garmin split rides, second ride didn't end up paired with heart rate or power.
  • Samford beneath a very high flying bird.
  • Starting to rain pretty good now - Brook Highlands back entrance switchback.
  • The Renfro tower cat 2 climb covered in clouds.
  • Looking down at the start of the Cheaha climb that the Auburn Flyers are everesting today. Cheaha covered in fog and rain. Epic!!!
  • Rock formations near the crest before turning into the park to make the final part of the climb to the highest point in Alabama.
  • Nathan Spence and I at the top.
  • Me, Henry, Jacob, and Nathan at the bottom. The Auburn Flyers are killing it today - epic everesting in epic conditions.
  • Yay for McDonald's all day breakfast.
  • I raced the train, and the train won.
  • Heading out to meet the Auburn Flyers
  • Cahaba Beach bridge, dark and slick.
  • Long, wet day.
  • Fog and rain this morning on Vestavia Dr.
  • Looking off Shades Mountain towards the long curving south shades crest ridge line.
  • Halloween decorations outside Helena.
  • Alabaster water tower woods trail to get to @ktoone office to ride with her down to Montgomery to speak at Lions Club meeting today.
  • @ktoone and I with the Montgomery Biscuits ball field and the Alabama River looking northwest.
  • Great time speaking at the Montgomery Lions Club today. Thank you for the invite, Zach!
  • Top (200 ft drop Ballantre), bottom (300 ft drop to the river from 23rd floor Capital City Club, Montgomery)
  • Sun and clouds and mountains, double oak cliffs.
  • Abandoned AVCC golf course.
  • More Smyer stonework.
  • Drizzly cool fall day.
  • Boosterthon color run today.
  • Sunny on my side of the mountain, foggy and chilly on the Shades Valley side.
  • A gazillion repeats today, cappsrock bowl.
  • Crossed 9000 ft on the green valley rollercoaster.
  • Little deer running away.
  • Old bridge.
  • Cahaba Beach Rd.
  • 15+ miles of double oak rollercoaster repeats to take me up to 20,000 ft - blows away my previous shortest distance and time to 20k.
  • Double oak cliffs.
  • Skyway epic ridge line super clear today. Fast double oak repeats.
  • Got stuck waiting for high school traffic to clear out so I went exploring.
  • Vulcan and downtown Birmingham from Vestavia Dr.
  • Sub 9 hours to 25,000 feet plus S Cove Dr plus final ride stats.
  • Vestavia Dr 4 times today in chronological order.
  • A lot of pedaling on these shoes - that is an imprint of the speedplay pedals on the bottom of the shoe!
  • Looks like the foggy mountain tops followed me back from 6 gap. It is fun to think these are the same mountains just a lot smaller with more route options.
  • Lots of green.
  • Cherokee forest
  • Moss covered stonework and drainage ditch.
  • Deep drainage ditch
  • Smyer
  • Top of Vestavia Dr
  • Very cool!
  • Ziplock bag kinda day.
  • Wow, six gap about to start! #sixgapcentury
  • Jan Kolar leading our group with a cloud covered Brasstown Bald in the background.
  • Our group approaching Jack's Gap.
  • Top of Hogpen Gap.
  • Mark and Amos heading into the finish.
  • Mark, me, and Amos after the finish.
  • Good advice at the bottom of Neel Gap.
  • The Appalachian Trail shoe tree on Blood Mountain at Neel's Gap.
  • Brasstown valley backside of Hogpen Gap.
  • Looks like the leaves are starting to change colors at the upper elevations of Brasstown Bald - too tired to verify in person.
  • More motivation near the top of Unicoi  Gap.
  • I guess that answers the question of whether or not I would recognize the kom start on Hogpen Gap.
  • Summit of Hogpen - Erik Newsholme!
  • Erik is riding the course backwards and I am riding it forwards again - and we ran into each other right at the top of Hogpen Gap!
  • Heading towards Woody Gap, final climb.
  • Woody Gap
  • Why I use two Garmins, the 800 crashed with 20 miles left, ride probably lost but the 1000 recorded entire ride.
  • The Garmin 1000 so under reports elevation gain. :(
  • Only my car left, this place was packed a few hours ago. Also, not the first time I've finished a ride in the dark without a light. The Galaxy has a very bright LED light I switched to flashing and that worked great.
  • Interesting concept, couldn't figure out if it was electric assist or not.
  • Eastern ridges and clouds.
  • 2nd ride of the day.
  • Chasing @ktoone heading out onto the back 9.
  • Overgrown fairways.
  • Cyclocross 13th hole.
  • 17th hole par 3.
  • Strava sync including the ride over and back.
  • Rain.
  • Rain starting to end (I hope).
  • 280 traffic, first rain in a while.
  • No traffic on the 280 bypass except for a large deer family that crossed the road in front of me.
  • It seems like there are more copperheads out this year than normal. 3 consecutive days I have seen one or more while riding.
  • Meadowbrook church steeple and the double oak ridges.
  • Lots of repeats out at double oak, tower still being worked on, so I leave my bag on a tree and do partial repeats to stay out of the way.
  • Ridges looking towards Bluff Park.
  • I noticed while I was doing my repeats that the speed on the 800 seemed off because my max speeds were too low and my Garmin 1000 was pulling away in terms of total distance. Odd because they are both connected to the same wheelspeed sensor. Eventually I disconnected 800 from the sensor and recorded 60 mph GPS max speed outrunning the satellites.
  • Vestavia Dr
  • Columbiana evergreen sidewalk.
  • Josiah captured me clearing the Rocky Ridge woods steep hill on video.
  • National Honor Society for this guy!
  • Riding through the woods to meet Josiah coming home from school.
  • Interesting day, strava sync.
  • Somelette! Thanks @corriespondent for inspiring me with the one Steve made yesterday.
  • Willow tree tunnel on the way into Samford today.
  • Lots of fun cloud shadows today.
  • Up the pavement (15% grade), down the grass (35% max grade)
  • At the top of the grass descent (double oak ridges in the background upper left)
  • Six gap kom jersey today on the double oak cliffs - looks like I will be heading up to Dahlonega this weekend after all!
  • @aktbunnylove is at Berry for drama practice, maybe I should surprise her on my bike when it's over.
  • So much fun to end my rides via the abandoned avcc golf course.
  • Thin wisps of fog.
  • Halloween.
  • Nice thing about the terrain here is that you don't really notice missing the big chainring when your Di2 is about to die.
  • Homewood and the Vulcan at 330am.
  • AL-75 ghost bike ceremony in just a few hours for William Robertson.
  • Sunrise, Oneonta, Alabama in memory of William Robertson
  • This sunrise continues to amaze!
  • Swann #coveredbridge part 1
  • Swann #coveredbridge part 2
  • Skyball KOM, abandoned house, Tour de Cullman marking, and a beautiful view of the Warrior River valley looking back at Birmingham.
  • Nice!
  • This sign outside of Hanceville is in a tornado damage path from 2011.
  • One of the great things about riding in Cullman is all the cool bridges.
  • Skyball and Cullman from Mountain Grove.
  • Tour de Cullman one lane bridge.
  • Tour de Cullman wall.
  • Caution! Attack dog frolicking on the side of Skyball.
  • Low water crossing, very low water.
  • Old gas pumps that looked to have been updated over the years until the gas station was finally abandoned. Locust Fork, Alabama
  • Ran out of water, afraid this coke won't make it back to MVP @ktoone
  • Hallmark farms on Pine Mountain.
  • Cullman and Skyball are way out there beyond the far.
  • Long hard ride today, great time speaking about RAAM in Cullman with @ktoone
  • Samford from the Hwy 31 Sybll Temple overlook (today and last night).
  • Samford from the Woodridge dropoff - headed into campus today for Fall Preview day.
  • Samford from three different spots on Shades Mountain.
  • Short ride today, long ride tomorrow impromptu Tour de Cullman route planned for after Sunday School presentation about RAAM.
  • Morning commute Hwy 31 busy.
  • The pipeline of the Pou pipeline roubaix climb, plus the Mimosa tunnel.
  • Leeds ATV trail - got hung up after hopping the stick. Not enough momentum to make it the rest of the way up the steep hill. One time that happened and I fell all the way back down the hill.
  • Repeat tree, double oak.
  • New paint on the gate, let's try not to scrape it up fellas.
  • Future Auburn field goal kicker may live in Meadowbrook.
  • Berry!
  • Caught up to these two on the way home from school.
  • Not many pics today, but still got in 3000m of climbing (barely)
  • Samford tailwind commute.
  • Mountain Brook "elbows" powerline overlook.
  • 1st time doing the tri-city cat 2 simulation climb in forever.
  • Chasing Josiah through the woods on the bike.
  • Not sure why, but a guy peeled out from this stop sign and left burning rubber!
  • Cement cliff.
  • Lots of climbing.
  • Clear, crisp morning commute.
  • The downfall of several cyclists, the one lane bridge at the bottom of Caldwell Mill looks like it was the scene of a car accident recently. It makes the already tricky bridge even trickier so be careful!
  • Surprised to see the garbage truck in the neighborhood on a Monday, and then saw these in our front yard - the new garbage collection contract must have included a clause for new bins.
  • A bunny rug waiting at the door when I stopped by the house.
  • Super clear again this afternoon - I wish my phone had optical zoom.
  • Blind justice, meeting in the law library this afternoon.
  • Strava sync
  • Started and stopped my lap timer a few seconds early and late, so my actual time should be in the upper 540s, but even 450w for that long will put me towards the bottom of the standings.
  • @ktoone, Josiah, and Grandma playing in the waves.
  • Gulf Islands national seashore time trial course this morning.
  • Bird crossing flightless chicks.
  • Huge vulture.
  • Original brick road old Hwy 90.
  • 200 ft above sea level on the way to the road race.
  • Share the road.
  • Parking for the road race.
  • Podium!
  • Sunset sky near Milton on the Blackwater Trail.
  • Sunset sky over the long bridge.
  • Sleepy Josiah and @ktoone at Jimmy B's
  • Unusual fog today, riding up out of the fog instead of into it. You can see the Vulcan and the tip of Red Mountain is also just above the fog line.
  • Samford down below a thin layer of fog.
  • Lots of moisture, storms forming again today.
  • Haven't taken the front entrance in months - backup on Hwy 31 today.
  • Today turned out dry after all.
  • Just missed the 1:2 climbing ratio via a gazillion roller coaster repeats split between green valley and skyland dr.