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Stu Bone

Stu Bone

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Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 10.5mi
  • 1h 9m
  • 2,356ft


Distance 65.2mi
Time 5h 4m
Elevation Gain 7,106ft
Rides 3


Total Distance 24,274.9mi
Total Time 1749h 46m
Total Elev Gain 1,717,418ft
Total Rides 683

Recent Photos

  • pow dia @ajax con señor hernandez. i can't tell if i'm licking mustache boogers or icicles.
  • @walkerlewis who shralps harder?  jamo bigguns or jack ketchup?
  • good to be back. been missing jai family.
  • welcome to fresno #whereimfrom
  • rode with a midget today on the shire. he had cool kit.
  • @castellicycling bear retro kit. design by @belovedcycles. stratton @eastersm on the hazel dell. can you dig it?
  • planning the first vegan @ingambatours trip with @richroll. what do you say @joaoisme?  #fatchance
  • morning glass
  • alpine dam with @mctubbbin this morning
  • dawn patrol hi-vis #safetyfirst @stravacycling @castellicycling @girocycling
  • captain ahab with mr white
  • party time with @stevengwhite
  • dropping in....
  • broab, utah this morning #outsideisfree
  • 4 year old schralper #durangodevo
  • you see all those boys walking their bikes? they just got girled by anabeth on this massive hc climb #durangodevo
  • 450+ kids aged 4 through 18, 63 coaches and "bike practice" every day. durango devo is the coolest development program ever created. i, for one, am inspired.
  • sarah showing us where to find the stoke in durango
  • riding with durango devo today. it's pretty intense.
  • mas tacos por favor
  • negotiations
  • I love LA #malibu #singletrack #backbonetrail #happyhour #outsideisfree @ben_bostrom @bozbros where you at?
  • .@garrett_chow looking resplendent today, as per usual
  • @waltonbrush has a slice of pizza tattooed on his thigh with the word hungry written over it. i find this to be the most appropriate tattoo i've ever seen.
  • been riding with @danielmudimbe for 13+ years. always all good with this guy.
  • every day we ride the tour of california #outsideisfree
  • east bay adventures with @garrett_chow
  • happy hour with @heyrippers and man grom carson bearjamin
  • dawn patrol with @ryrysugar  #SUP @walkerlewis #14er #gopro
  • lost in los angeles - day 2 #outsideisfree
  • MTB in LA tonight #thegoods
  • #650b #trail #stickybumps #aspentrees #thegoods with my amigo @utahmtnrsttours
  • aspen trees and 650b with my amigo @utahmtnrsttours
  • the boys are back in town. @beardevteam alumni association
  • #rightnow
  • wheel talk with @joaoisme and @garrett_chow
  • we buy these guys shiny new leather moto boots and BMW cruisers so they can stand on corners and write $245 tickets to yuppie cyclists who don't put a foot down at an empty stop sign. isn't there a better way to put all these great resources to use?
  • santa cruz saturday world championships with @hooptie @garrett_chow @mctubbbin
  • .@mctubbbin still reeling from the realization that the Aussie dude he's been chatting with is actually Casey Stoner.
  • "bro, do you even insta?" @mctubbbin @eastersm
  • @eastersm @mctubbbin
  • hey you. thirsty? @osmonutrition @seaotter @beardevteam #feedzone
  • alpine dam with @lauraomeara
  • taking pictures of me taking pictures of you. smiles with @jencrombz
  • @jencrombz wants to trade sleds
  • old railroad grade w/ @jimbarkow @johnbrust - tam dirt epic on road bikes
  • spotted new tow vehicle for the airstream last night at the rapha SF cycle club party....
  • @joshuagreer - lookin' good man. this me right now. sprout yum.
  • @ritteracing @strattoneaster you feel like partyin'?
  • mount tam - east peak w @johnbrust. climbing up into the fog.
  • fun ride, good conversation on the cliffs above the pacific ocean w @joaoisme this mrn
  • mustache buffoonery.
  • the cloudline is 1000 feet above the pacific ocean. @jimbarkow is 1000 feet above that on mt tam
  • @joaoisme giving dangerman @jimbarkow a hard time about his pink arm warmers. but wasn't joao recently spotted in a pink neck gaiter?
  • @palicci out for a yog. working on the tan lines.
  • sometimes the spandex makes me feel like doin' superhero stuff. this lil banana is now safe from the perils of paradise drive.
  • mill valley, ca, sconehenge - gentlemen's ride. where you at @joaoisme. #2amwhat?!
  • 10 yrs w/out a crash. now 2 in the last 2 weeks. jan ullriched this guard rail.
  • mt tam today. when you fall off your bike - get back on.
  • sittin' on the dock of the bay
  • cafe ride con @joaoisme @atouchstone
  • mullholland meet up
  • lunchtime spin on pch with mcdreamy, tommy d & @richroll. talkin' about airstreams & strava KOMs
  • dunemere
  • headlands
  • danger men drew touchstone and jim barkow on dawn patrol
  • hawk's hill
  • saw this @richroll house a while back. still can't figure out what's going on here.
  • rolling with julia, affectionately known as mama v
  • San Francisco's Mayor Mudimbe aka @danielm6 in his element. So many old friends were out in the Marin sunshine today.
  • monday night on mountain diablo. tranquilo.
  • riding home from the farmer's market with the sprout greens in the santa cruz sunshine
  • old railroad grade
  • sunrise. marin headlands.
  • dawn patrol. santa cruz - monterey bay. fields are fallow. in between seasons.
  • tacos huesos over sprouts. my favorite post ride meal #airstreamcookin'
  • 1000ml bidons. tall man's privilege on a 64cm frame.
  • malibu - latigo canyon tonight with the bostrom family  @bozbros @benbostrom
  • .@ritteracing hq santa monica. nice people having fun, looking out for each other, making very cool bikes.
  • cx dev team rider ian stowe posted this from his high school statistics class yesterday.
  • marshall wall with heater
  • 5/10 bike to work day. slight detour. tam.
  • met up with some friends today on coleman road KOM
  • the giro is riding the stelvio today. @domizuend and i climbed it last summer. it was beautiful.
  • stelvio #giro
  • stelvio last summer with @domizuend #giro
  • tamage with heater, barkow and a wooly mammoth.
  • rollin' with heater howyadoin
  • pooh bear having a hard time saving haven's honey for winter
  • marin county's native son - the @spencedpete
  • bikes, ocean, sunshine, marin with bro alex howard
  • pre-ride in the trailer
  • dropping off mt bachelor today with @skylermt @spencetheponceman @castellicycling
  • #TdF #BroCamp #TVisforoldpeople
  • . @walkerlewis has the advantage today. if we're not back in 6 hours, call the coast guard.
  • Rolling with Tim in his hometown Palo Alto.
  • I am experienced in the art of self-barbering. Looks like @walkerlewis is not.
  • trying to fix man-grom @walkerlewis' self-barbering
  • #bigbrocamp @chuckybigguns @j_greer
  • Whoa. Moved into a proper house today. No wheels underneath it.  Took My things out of duffle bags and put into closets and drawers.  Apparently I'm going to be here a while.  Feeling shell shocked.
  • The fog rolled in from the Pacific Ocean and slid down Mountain Tamalpais tonight.
  • 15 year old Tommy Lucas! Shake n' Bake!
  • yes
  • "cool bike. let's drill some holes in it." @skylerflorence tam rocket. hand-me-down from his pops with a few modifications. note the details. road cassette/pedals for starters.
  • CX practice with @spencedpete and the Bro Dev Team. I've been very encouraging of the kids all season. Now that it's CX time, I'm opting for ruthless heckling.
  • CX practice @bullshark @petercompany @wheresjames @spencedpete
  • yes.
  • new neon @castellicycling vest. fawesome!
  • Tam with @dolophonic @lauraomeara. So good.
  • . @dolophonic outside is free
  • my friend @juliano_castelli from @castellicycling came down from Portland to see what all the Tam fuss was about.
  • wow. that was fast. /via @richroll
  • #americanmuscle @zioziegler #KOM #TAM #strava
  • all @castellicycling everything
  • OK which one of y'all did this?
  • close to malibu. but not close enough #thegoods
  • alpine @skylermt @zioziegler
  • . @mctubbbin and @sramontheroad trying to figure out how to find the peak of Fremont Peak.
  • mt vision singletrack with @lauraomeara
  • motor moufin' with @atouchstone. @lauraomeara in the slipstream.
  • first look. @beardevteam 2013 kits. @castellicycling @sramontheroad
  • el caballo fluo #onebillionlumens #shinebright
  • dave christenson - in his element
  • @skylermt
  • . @tommylucas12 always on stage
  • @josie0posie
  • funny how the most miserable moments can turn into the best memories @cindyleww @belovedcycles @dolophonic after a frigid descent off the angeles crest in the pouring rain
  • @lauraomeara