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Mike McTimoney

Mike McTimoney

Darlington, Darlington, United Kingdom
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Mike McTimoney is a cyclist from Darlington, Darlington, United Kingdom. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 42.3km
  • 2h 46m
  • 182m

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on ETC mile


Distance 1,231.2km
Time 77h 6m
Elevation Gain 5,361m
Rides 225


Total Distance 7,025.5km
Total Time 424h 1m
Total Elev Gain 36,086m
Total Rides 988

Recent Photos

  • Octotrooper? Stormtopus?
  • South Burdon Wood
  • Green on the edge of the town.
  • Haven't been to Skerningham Woods for years.
  • Nature's energy gels.
  • 14km in; further than I've ever run before. Only marginally lost, somewhere in Skerningham Woods.

#punkrockrunclub #nottheGNR
  • The home straight. (18km done) 
#punkrockrunclub #nottheGNR
  • Mid-run graffiti. #punkrockrunclub
  • Mid-run glass thing with a photo on it. #punkrockrunclub
  • Harvest
  • Exploring.  #punkrockrunclub
  • Winning Tuesday breakfast
  • Run/ride with Libby. #punkrockrunclub
  • Back to work; wearing long trousers for the first time in 6.5 weeks.
  • Stickaz!

#aop #beerbods
  • Dog walk
  • Beach run.

  • #punkrockrunclub
  • A lap of South Burden Community Forest. Very few trees.

  • Waiting for the wife
  • The continuing investigation into why I have high blood pressure. Cholesterol is fine (5), and triglycerides are low (1.6, which is good). I now have a referral for echocardiography to check heart functioning correctly, size, etc.

  • British summer tan lines.
  • Monday morning? That'll be time for a bike ride, then.

#smug #SummerHoliday
  • The road
  • Bowes Museum
  • Off Course.

Bowes Museum was a bit of a detour from the planned route.
  • Walking to work is slooooow...
  • Bacon & egg & beans & potatoes
  • As it's still light...
  • Got the pump track to myself!
  • The 4X track is deserted too!
  • #Singletrack #running.

#fromthefrontdoor #punkrockrunclub #hashtags
  • Steam train! Mid-commute Tornado spotting.
  • This is the sort of thing I have to put up with.

#chaos #messywife
  • Dirty commuter bike.
  • Tunnock's and viaduct. 1/4 of the way around the Harrogate Ringway walk.
  • The Worlds End
  • Resting at the Travellers Rest. (16 miles done.)
  • Otley O4 Colombo tonight for @beerbods. Ace bottle!

#beerbods #drinkbetterbeer
  • Home time. These are waiting for me when I get there. (But not all of them on a school night.)
  • Post-DIY run. A short but, for me, fast one.
  • The start of Years 4 and 7 for Libby and Ellie.
  • Formerly two bedrooms...
  • Ellie's room, as seen from Libby's room.
  • 15 years :)
  • Reeth from Fremington Edge.
  • Creaky saddle (top) replaced by non-creaky saddle (bottom).
  • Fields of gold. Quick spin out on my bike, now that the sun has come out.
  • Going for a wander.
  • Exploring Easby Abbey.
  • Heading for Richmond.
  • Day 2. Currently 12 miles south of Wooler, hoping to make it to Edinburgh for the night. It's rather nicer here than the former coalfields between Durham and Sunderland.
  • Really useful that the rooms Sarah has booked for me show up in Google Now.
  • Decision time. 89 miles to Edinburgh or 11 to Berwick station? Not a difficult decision :)
  • About to (finally) enter Scotland.
  • Ice cream at Marsden Rock, after 106km.
  • Bike ride to the pub for lunch.
  • Tonight's #metafit was *hard*!
  • Last evening class of the year done and it's still light!
  • Dales bike centre
  • Farm tracks
  • Oops
  • Blossom
  • Down the woods playing on my bike. #BritishSummerTime
  • Battered and damaged. And leaning against a tree.
  • Cheeky trails
  • Finishing touch, for now, on my Solitude commuter: Halo hex key skewer. For a more secure front wheel.
  • I should probably have cleaned these after our muddy walk last week.
  • Mid-#run #halfface #selfie.
  • Tool shopping
  • Half term next week means I get to have a Thursday off from eating reheated leftovers for tea.
  • Ooh, shiny new dual-monitor PCs in one of my ICT classrooms.
  • Post-Metafit "worm in the attic" #selfie.
  • Steak night. #sirloin
  • Owwwww. #100pushups
  • Libby is exited to have Bob and Fred home, now that their tank is sorted out.
  • My Vans are getting a little worn.
  • #nom
  • What a state.
  • What's the standard size for a slice of Christmas cake? (Butter for scale.)
  • An e-safety session at work inspired me to reinstall Snapchat :)
  • That's enough working from work for today. #hometime
  • Working at work instead of working at home.
  • Muddy
  • Route blocked...
  • Ride
  • After 8 months riding my cross bike, these 2.4" MTB tyres seem rather wide.
  • Slightly later-than-planned run.
  • And now the hall and stairs are finished. House: done.
  • Dining room (very nearly) done.
  • Running three nights in a row to offset the mince pies for #mincepiecount. Getting faster!
  • Only one way to see if my legs will cope with running the night on the trot...
  • Good timing: back from a run just as the oven pinged.
  • Stripped vs lined walls. Quite a difference...
  • In August, Sarah stripped the wallpaper in the hall/stairs. Today, our decorator put up lining paper. It's made write a difference!
  • Removing gripper rods
  • Can't remember the last time I got that wet riding home from work. Drying out now.
  • "I'm a flu fighter"
  • Mighta sorta eaten three mince pies. Again.
  • Bacon sandwich for breakfast three days running. #winner
  • Libby made a museum in Lego. This is the wedgie machine.
  • Dog walk. #halfterm
  • Dreaming spires
  • Woah, very vertical hair today!
  • Nitrous
  • Red grade trail. Is this for you?
  • Accelerator
  • #dejavu
  • What's the collective noun for sanitary bins?
  • Sweaty running kit.
  • Technically, I didn't succeed in doing #30in30. I don't care :)
  • New bright jacket is bright.
  • Helmet hair
  • Got one of my Strava hats back
  • Today was a stripy sock sort of a day.
  • Rode home via where I crashed yesterday and found my bar end plug :)
  • Day 16 of my #30in30.
  • Ace, rooty, cross, fun, singletrack.
  • Poetry in steel.
  • #30in30 Long Way Home #gravel #cross #panda video
  • Quakertown. #30in30 day 11. Just over 200km ridden.
  • West Park 4X track
  • West Park 4X track, on my Cotic X
  • Gravel #vitaminG
  • Couple of laps of the pump track on my way to work
  • #30in30 #selfie
  • Day 5 my #30in30 - gravel by the motorway
  • #30in30 Day 1: dust
  • The beasts are back...
  • Sarah's been busy
  • First batch of apples from the orchard, this year.
  • Playing in Beech Wood.
  • Quick pre-lunch ride. SS MTB feels like a slack fat bike after a month or two of CX riding.
  • Less than perfect road surface. Or, perfect road surface.
  • Massey Ferguson.
  • On the Pennine Way between Tan Hill and Bowes.
  • Coffee and cake @dalesbikecentre
  • Puncture after 1km, so returned home for a wheel swap.
  • Whinlatter
  • Pencil Museum!
  • Whinlatter
  • Whinlatter
  • Whinlatter-bound
  • Down by the river
  • Home alone means beer and steak.
  • Much-needed.
  • Autumn bike rides are fab.
  • A dirty photo of me in the Buff.
  • Dirty autumnal #fixietwat action.
  • Soon to be coffee and an omelette.
  • British housing policy
  • Candles are nicer than the gas fire. (The dog's not dead.)
  • My view for most of today, so far. #marking #green
  • Did a run
  • Having to pad the heel of your trainers with cardboard before going for a run might be a sign that new trainers are needed.
  • Finally got the last two trees in the orchard cut back.
  • Libby "imaginationed" another princess.
  • Yes!
  • Caged sky
  • Idiots have been misusing the four cross track...
  • Four cross track closed. #ahem
  • Acorn Dairy wind turbine.
  • Tree down
  • Pumping station
  • (Reasonably) clean bike