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Conner "Big Bear" Kuhns

Conner "Big Bear" Kuhns

Boulder, Colorado
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Conner "Big Bear" Kuhns is a cyclist from Boulder, Colorado. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 6.7mi
  • 0h 48m
  • 685ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Eskimo Express
  • PR on Warp Factor 5
  • 2nd fastest time on Shy Ann short
  • 2nd fastest time on Long Trail Connector


Distance 1,964.1mi
Time 148h 23m
Elevation Gain 170,614ft
Rides 107


Total Distance 7,758.0mi
Total Time 649h 32m
Total Elev Gain 760,059ft
Total Rides 488

Recent Photos

  • Stopping for water
  • Up there
  • When you reach a point of exhaustion where you can't focus on the trail and can barely control your bike, take the bail out option.
  • Only 35 miles and 3,000' to go..
  • 2 miles in, 66 to go.
  • The final tally, don't need to do that stupid shit again
  • Bike rides are the best way to end a day. #colnago
  • This bike is so cool. #vintagemountainbikeparts #cunninghambikes #vintagemountainbike #retro #charliecunningham #wtb @wildernesstrailbikes
  • Rear brake is rad #vintagemountainbike #cunninghambikes
  • Grease port for rear brake cable #vintagemountainbikeparts #vintagemountainbike #cunninghambikes
  • @chriskingbuzz / @wildernesstrailbikes grease guard headset #cunninghambikes #vintagemountainbike #vintagemountainbikeparts
  • Wide rear hub spacing a new idea? No, this old #cunninghambikes has a 140mm rear hub
  • #charliecunningham #vintagemountainbikeparts #vintagemountainbike #cunninghambikes
  • Today's ride didn't go to plan at all, big thunderstorm moved in FAST! Resulted in ending it prematurely, and riding down boulder canyon instead of the trails. I learned the hard way that packing a warm jacket and a few other things in the camelback isn't a bad idea. Also, this bike is rad with big tires
  • We rode mountain bikes on trails, now we're riding to the beer..
  • Morning laps around the lake with Archie!
  • Morning #mountainbikes with my dad before my wedding #kuhnsinators
  • Yesterday was a good day, today is better!
  • Looked for good trails this morning, all I found were entitled asshole mountain bikers.
  • It was bound to happen eventually!
  • This is a mountain bicycle, on a trail made of dirt and rocks #santacruzbicycles #bronson #heilranch #cyclingshots #mountainbikes
  • #vanenvy #westfalia
  • Screwing around on my road bike
  • Another good ride with a good crew, climbing Flagstaff.. Again.. #flagstaffweek
  • Hmmm maybe agility training would be a good idea? #archiethenotsopuppy #acd #australiancattledog #redheeler #rescue
  • Another Flagstaff morning! Great ride with a great crew @kanyearon_barcheck @lizannebb @jakenie13 @the_wilcox @zach_edwards etc etc
  • It's always awesome to come home and have this guy be so stoked to see you! #archiethenotsopuppy #acd #redheeler
  • A Magnolia kind of morning #steepasfuck
  • Making some evening deposits into the V-Bank to clear my head. #thevelominati
  • With the week I've had, Rain 15min into a planned 3.5hr ride is a mental hurdle, especially when more rain clouds are on the way
  • Up and up and up
  • I like to think that if my road bike is dirty and even has mud on the tires, it was likely a fun ride.
  • Lunch time Flagstaff climb
  • #foxy
  • Chapman Dr is rad!
  • Seen on today's ride
  • My nice after work ride involved climbing Flagstaff for the first time #coloRADo #fuckingsteep !!!
  • Rad view
  • I'd like this..
  • Or this Mach 1 I saw today..
  • I love riding with this lady.
  • This isn't very fun
  • "What are you doing!? Let's play already!!"
  • Off on another solo ride, I need to find people to ride with
  • Ice is slippery, and this is a bit of a mental hurdle this early in the ride.
  • Salina
  • It isn't called sunshine canyon for nothing
  • 40 miles in, 5300' climbed and feeling a little delirious, why not climb more steep shit..
  • Grinding it out up Old Stage Road
  • View from up deer trail rd is sweet
  • It's cold
  • These are sweet
  • Out riding with my best friend!
  • So cold! 36 degrees and dropping, final stretch of the ride and then hot chocolate time
  • This bike has been a absolute blast for the last year or so that I've had it, however soon it'll likely be designated the crappy weather bike, time for a new road bike!
  • Getting dirty
  • #muddy
  • #dirtace #duraace @rideshimano
  • Sitting on the trainer watching Diamonds Are Forever
  • I guess if I'm going to wear this shirt, I need to go climb Flagstaff. Thanks for the shirt @pioneercyclinggoods
  • Dirt
  • More dirt.
  • Riding before work is always nice.
  • Wee bit chilly out
  • I love these two!
  • Exploring on the road bike with Gina
  • Out for a road ride, trying to ride as much dirt as I can! @kaliprotectives
  • More dirt please
  • 33 miles today, about 20 of which was on dirt roads, with the occasional 30mph headwind. #boulderroubaix
  • #bicycles
  • Took my commuter bike and turned it into a single speed road bike, after one ride, it's hard! Looking forward to more miles on this setup.
  • Went exploring, fall is here. #winteriscoming
  • Not exactly a smooth ride
  • #grindinggravel
  • #whoneedsacrossbike
  • #whoneedsacrossbike @bouldercyclesport
  • Archie went for his first hike!
  • #archiethepuppy
  • He's not sure what to think of streams..
  • Can't breathe!
  • Had a out of air experience today.
  • Overlooking Ward, CO.
  • #lefthandcanyon #colorado
  • Roubaix?
  • Rocking the old colors on the road today
  • I have a love/hate relationship with this bike, it's fucking heavy and really uncomfortable to ride, but man is it smooth and handles incredibly.
  • This here babe of mine just did her longest ride yet, 23.5 miles!
  • First ride on her new bike! And first ride clipped in!!!!! So stoked.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Did some climbing practice on my mountain bike today. #feeltheburn
  • Sleepy kitty
  • This view just sucks. Minutes away from San Jose
  • Horse butts
  • Sir, please move out of the bike lane.
  • Another 34 miles on this bike and still loving it!
  • Great day for a bike ride!
  • The ever elusive @tfrasca has been sighted!
  • #trainingbeard
  • This bike is fun!
  • #hippy
  • I've got my own place!
  • These tires.. Wow they are fast!
  • #roaming @srammtb
  • Climbed up on top of a mountain today, man the view was nice.
  • Water temple #bicyclebliss
  • You got that right! #tosufferistolearn
  • My ass hurts
  • Nice mellow evening roll with my lady. #bicyclebliss
  • Shade is my friend!
  • Out for a ride #bicyclebliss
  • Been quite awhile since I've ridden up here! #bicyclebliss
  • Great book! Thanks dad!
  • Killing time.
  • Went for a quick ride this morning!
  • Wish I owned these wheels!
  • Morning ride #steelisreal #steelisreal
  • After work bike ride #Bianchi talladega #steelisreal
  • Got her out for 10 miles today! #ilovethisgirl
  • #steelisreal and I'm #realoutofshape
  • Maiden journey, I fucking love this bike. So smooth! #steelisreal #bianchitalladega #iwannagofast @bianchibicycles
  • Enduro 29 1 ride review, fucking sweet! #mbfy
  • Haven't been here in a long time! #carlmont #dmc
  • Another mountain bike ride with my lady! It's a good thing she bounces!
  • @tfrasca dropping in for the camera
  • I'd lose the electronic suspension, but man this thing rips! Best of all it actually fits me!
  • #roadie with @mtbrdan
  • Morning #roadie with @scottb_752
  • #flatpedals #funpedals #footoutflatout @bikerumor
  • Christmas Day suffering!
  • My lungs are so pissed right now #lungbutter #backinthesaddle
  • It lives! #wehaveclutch
  • No clutch left, just get me to the auto shop please!!!
  • Probably the most embarrassing crash I've had, before I even hit dirt! Hopefully I got my crashing out of the way for the weekend!
  • #sundaycollarcommuter
  • Commuting up a storm!
  • #spotted
  • After a 53 mile bike ride, it's always important to have a recovery drink.
  • #lostroadie
  • #knowwherethewateris
  • #bitteramerican #drinkgoodbeer #beerblanketfortheridehome
  • Hello again
  • Chasing and drafting roadies
  • #rehydrate
  • Hiding in the shade.
  • Sure why not #ihatemyself
  • #nailedit
  • Always important to rehydrate after a long ride #hydrateordie
  • #thescenicroutehome
  • This should be a fun climb! #not #thescenicroutehome #thedirtsearch
  • #chicken
  • Yes!
  • #bohlman #thescenicroutehome
  • #thescenicroutehome
  • Post work garage chillin #beermeplease
  • Oh, good morning!
  • Where'd the bike party go..?
  • Beer party #hoodratstuffwithmyfriends
  • Morning roadie down to Morgan Hill. #tourdereservoir
  • Chesbro Reservoir #tourdereservoir
  • #tourdereservoir
  • Calero reservoir #tourdereservoir
  • Climbed above the morning clouds #earlybirdgetstheworm #orsomethinglikethat
  • #pavementpounding #overkillcommuter #commuterlove
  • I found dirt!!!
  • #fuckyeah
  • #sunset
  • #commuter
  • I have an expensive commuter bike..
  • #ineedaroadbike
  • "And now for something, completely different"
  • First time up hicks
  • Mmm water
  • #maisespeak
  • #borelhill
  • #horseshoelake
  • #latergram
  • Back again, this time, with #beer
  • #iguessthiscounts
  • #isweartheresdirtheresomewhere #thedirtsearch
  • #kennedy
  • Break time.
  • #topoftheworld #delaveaga
  • #lostmountainbiker
  • Evening walk
  • Staying in this sweet cabin
  • This doesn't suck
  • #BUI
  • bikes! #nobaddays
  • And again #bigbearridesabike
  • #yum #bigbeardrinksabeer