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Chuck Abbey

Chuck Abbey

Hoover, Alabama
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 9.6mi
  • 1h 13m
  • 515ft

All-Time PRs

  • 5:00
    1 MILE
  • 19:08
  • 42:00
  • 1:45:00


Distance 275.6mi
Time 38h 47m
Elevation Gain 14,767ft
Runs 65


Total Distance 957.3mi
Total Time 132h 6m
Total Elev Gain 56,027ft
Total Runs 198

Recent Photos

  • Somehow I didn't hit any rain while riding! Rare since it has rained every dadgum afternoon this month ????
  • Great views today while riding Chief Ladiga. #scenic
  • Family exercise session! She sure is a talker when she isn't puffing wind. Next time she runs lol. #seagrove
  • Running at #seagrovebeach
Heat: 1
Chuck: 0
  • Windy Bayou Run - I love it when there are no hills!
  • Regions Tradition. Weather is clearing up and becoming a nice day. #golf
  • Not the best weather for cycling...
  • Most people would stay inside. It's days like today you get ahead of your competition. #stayfocused
  • First time I've ever run with this guy and he didn't have to take a bathroom break...
  • Nice day to smash the legs and lungs.
  • Ride cut short due to a 45 minute flat. Still a fun taper ride with some friends . #TourdeCahaba #roadtoIRONMAN
  • Are you kidding me!? #roadtoIRONMAN
  • You know it's hot when I drink 3 bottles on a 40 mile ride. At least I'm not sick anymore. #roadtoIRONMAN
  • One reason I'm glad my race is in Canada. #roadtoIRONMAN
  • Dialed in my race pace for the Ironman. 1:35/100yd was my goal before I started training. #roadtoIRONMAN #nailedit
  • Best view in Birmingham. #roadtoIRONMAN
  • Another awesome spot on my ride today. #roadtoIRONMAN #pastureofgreen
  • Turned out to be a really nice day to ride. At least where I rode.
  • First time I've ever swam in a lane and not have to share it, and it was my long day today. Things are looking up. #roadtoIRONMAN
  • Ahhhh!!! #cyclingisscary #roadtoIRONMAN
  • One of the only good things about climbing is the view at the top. #thelittlethings #roadtoIRONMAN
  • Fun ride today with @baguidroz and @tim_pem. Always enjoy new routes. Wish I could have continued on but my sciatic nerve is screaming at me. #newsaddleplease #roadtoIRONMAN
  • Found a new spot to do hill repeats today. I don't know if that's good or not. #roadtoIRONMAN #cherokeeroad
  • Awesome memorial day ride. A bit too windy for cycling but I'm not complaining. #roadtoIRONMAN #sohott
  • Tried out the new Kinvara 5's for the first time tonight. Very light yet comfortable. Overall A- #roadtoIRONMAN #saucony
  • Awesome day to ride. 60 miles on a Monday! #roadtoIRONMAN #lovebeingoutside
  • Days like today I'm glad I got this as a Christmas gift from in-laws. #roadtoIRONMAN #halfmarathon
  • Early bird run before work. #roadtoIRONMAN
  • My new lucky matching outfit. Thanks for the shirt pops! #noITBpain #roadtoIRONMAN #8miles
  • Solid 4hr ride on Chief Ladiga despite losing a hydration bottle.... again. #roadtoIRONMAN #badluck
  • Nice day for a 1.5hr recovery ride. Ready for a big one this weekend. #roadtoIRONMAN
  • Swimming is always easier in the sun.
  • Gritty ride today. Just have to grind it out sometimes. #roadtoIRONMAN