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CeeDubb °

CeeDubb °

Mission Viejo, CA
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…doing things my way since 1972.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 30
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  • 90
  • 120
  • 150
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 53.2mi
  • 7h 52m
  • 10,383ft


Distance 82.9mi
Time 23h 40m
Elevation Gain 13,150ft
Runs 44


Total Distance 286.1mi
Total Time 72h 18m
Total Elev Gain 35,276ft
Total Runs 107

Recent Photos

  • : I've got a tired puppy AND a new spot for her @Garmin #Edge25. @k9kaylee #Kaylee
  • : Hey @RnRBikes! Ha!! #feltbicycles #electricdoping
  • : Full of awesome. I really can't stop laughing. #Repost @00chanson00
  • : Introducing customers to Whiting Ranch. <fist bump> to Johanna and Jennifer. #destinationtrail #stumpy29 #stumpy650
  • : No. #Kaylee having a new #Garmin Edge 25 is not strange. #garmindog #spoiledpuppy
  • : #Kaylee just got her last round of puppy shots. Don't let the sweet face fool you. She's got a ton of energy and is getting to be a feisty little brat.
  • : Da Fourth!

Do Brits in the U.S. feel guilty for celebrating?
  • : Achilles strain. Here's what DIDN'T do it: "Deadlifts, squats, front squats, sprinting, rowing, sled push, box jumps, burpees, cleans, squat cleans, push presses, overhead presses, etc." Here's the one exercise that DID do it: "Skipping rope." Stupid #DoubleUnders

Ice, ibuprofen, stretching, rolling, and @KTTape helped to make me walk semi-normally again.
  • : This little princess is knocked out after a very full day. #kaylee #tiredpuppy
  • : This is my ferocious little munchkin. Tremble before her needle sharp puppy teeth! #kaylee
  • : The first thing that #Kaylee has officially destroyed is the charging cable to my #AppleWatch. I spoke WAY too soon the other day.
  • : I thought I could beat the rain. I was wrong. Taking cover.
  • : Well this is interesting... #welcome
  • : Gonna SS it up Mustard. If I don't make it please wipe my search history and Internet cache.
  • : Finally opened my mail. Thank you @stupideasypaleo for publishing your awesome (and gorgeous) cookbook! The real book is SO much better than the Kindle version.
  • : Happy Turkey Day! #Harding #b4b #bikesforboobs
  • : We parked our 2-wheeled steeds to play with the 4-legged ones.
  • : Horse nibbles.
  • : This is where the pain begins. #occlassic #dreadedhillclimb
  • : Headed to the grocery store... At night... On a Segway... #geek
  • : Riding two days in a row? Something's wrong with me.
  • : 50-22t up Mustard was an epic FAIL! #sscx
  • : The new whip. Still trying to figure what possessed me to go SingleSpeed.

#thisisgonnahurt #cx
  • : What a fun bike. Niner RIP 9 RDO. #ninerbikes
  • : I don't have the skills to negotiate this tech section...
  • : Hammy's been chillin' in her den as of late... #hamsolo
  • : It's huge! The new Edge 1000's screen is gorgeous! Taking it for a spin right now. #thatswhatshesaid #garmin
  • : A stupid muddy mess. #50mileride
  • : Are you kidding me?!? #50mileride
  • : Ended up logging 51.3 miles. I can't feel my legs. I SO deserve this Guinness. #birthdaybrew
  • : It's been ages since I've rolled through Marshall Canyon.
  • : There's no way I can pass by Kéan Coffee without stopping by. #chaihoneyshake #sworks #specialized #shiv
  • : Speed kills. Sorry, Mr. Bumblebee.
  • : Gotta hate these 78° winter days in SoCal. Rox is taking a nature break.
  • : I don't care what people say about Moscato. I like it and I'm gonna polish off this bottle.
  • : Today I discovered I only have about 40 miles in these legs before they decide to call it quits. I found a Starbucks recharging station.
  • : Munis!
  • : Having a mid-ride burger at The Path. Thanks Tani!
  • : I'm perfectly fine mountain biking on my cyclocross bike. It's a simple dismount where I take a spill. Go figure... #fml
  • : SRAM Red 22 Disc. My CruX will love this group. The demo will be going in until 6pm or so.
  • : 1/2 "Tabata Something Else" (155)
  • : This is Maggie. She kept trying to steal my yogurt.
  • : Want.
  • : I love my @BikesforBoobs shirt.
  • : My CruX Disc is coming together... With @BikesforBoobs pink, of course.
  • : Sleepy Sami.
  • : It's been quite some time since I've cooked a meal...
  • : My first gift. Thanks, Starbucks!!
  • : Chillin' after a spin in the dirt.
  • : Instead of Whiting, I decided to head to the beach. I made a pit stop.
  • : Sweet irony. Yesterday I wished for rain. Now I'm stuck riding in it.
  • : FYI. A Trenta Starbucks drink will fit.
  • : 25 mile break.
  • : In an elevator. Don't ask.
  • : My quest for boba was a success!!
  • : Olympians rule! Especially a two-time Olympian!! Way to go Amber!
  • : Are you here?
  • : Calm evening after a long day.
  • : How does this geek handle the lack of WiFi in the room? He installs his own.
  • : Time to play.
  • : Crossed the Ridley. Front end tracked very nicely.
  • : Raleigh Talus 29 Carbon. Nice machine.
  • : Late start. Gonna go play.
  • : Raleigh RXC Pro. I <3 it.
  • : Just call me Dorothy. I clicked my heels and nothing happened. fi:zi:k
  • : I found the perfect matching accessory for my glasses. J-Pow!
  • : I got added to The Wolfpack.
  • : First CX race. Jumped in the Singlespeed class. Finished on the lead lap 17th out of 31. I gotta ride more.
  • : Just picked up some shirt samples.
  • : Today is an adventure. Headed to Los Angeles.
  • : I forgot to check UNDER the cup. AWESOME!!
  • : You know how they say "Life's too short?" That's not the case when you get a crappy tattoo.
  • : I did it. How 'bout you? #post #election2012
  • : I missed the 9 am Thanksgiving picture so I snapped my own. #post
  • : RIP Eric Billings.
  • : She took over Sami's spot. He is not pleased.
  • : "All this has happened before, and will happen again." Gonna watch the BSG series yet again...
  • : Mmmm. Foreign Extra Stout. Haven't had one of these in awhile...
  • : Enjoying an Eostre afternoon ride.
  • : Big thanks to "Nothing bundt Cakes." The easiest way to our hearts is through our stomachs.
  • : I'm acknowledging the limitations of my Mac skills. At the bar to fix a temperamental MacBook.
  • : "Less than a minute" One of the many lies OS X has told me over the years...
  • : Nothing like a broken spoke to kill a ride. LHJ, I'll meet back with you another day.
  • : Visiting B4B HQ. #bewbs
  • : Chai Honey Shake. If you've never had one, you're missing out.
  • : Something must be wrong with me. My biggest concern for tomorrow's ride is which set of pink socks I should wear...
  • : Dear friends, Enough with the game requests...