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Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart

Livermore, CA
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Giant Bicycles Account Executive

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Jul 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 95.5mi
  • 6h 33m
  • 7,664ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Cart Path
  • 2nd fastest time on The REAL Mini Put Nine
  • 2nd fastest time on Water tower to nine split
  • 2nd fastest time on water tower to T


Distance 2,992.1mi
Time 213h 56m
Elevation Gain 254,669ft
Rides 117


Total Distance 21,268.0mi
Total Time 1434h 27m
Total Elev Gain 1,735,226ft
Total Rides 664

Recent Photos

  • This week in Bend has been amazing! The trails here are world class! Good times with good friends.. #bend #ridelife #giantbicycles
  • Top of Diablo this morning with the Powder Blue Dream Machine, that just got a full systems upgrade to DI2.. It is now even dreamy'er... #giantbicycles #ridelife #powderbluedreammachine #diablothehumbler
  • Top of Animal Crackers trail in Truckee.. This is a must ride trail if you are ever in this area.. Absolute epic! #ridelife #giantbicycles #yesimworking
  • Got this baby back today.. In celebration we did a big banger ride this morning.. Thanks to Eden Bicycles for dialing it in.. #giantbicycles #ridelife #rule5
  • Back in the day I used to ride across this log, now I'm fine just walking it????#ridelife #giantbicycles
  • It has been too long! There is no place like Santa Cruz.. Great morning ride! #ridelife #giantbicycles
  • Cross rippin at Del Valle.. Good times.. Hope your morning was as good as mine????????#ridelife #giantbicycles
  • Well it's 8am and I got my second Diablo Summit this morning.. All in support of Kevins big day.. Although he did drop me on this lap.. That's what I get for bringing my CX bike to a road climb.. More on Kevin later.. #ridelife #rule5 #giantbicycles
  • Diablo summit trip #1 in support of my riding buddy Kevin.. More on that later..#ridelife #rule5 #giantbicycles
  • This is what I looked like when I showed up to a meeting with a prospect.. The great thing about this industry is the prospect was stoked that I rode my bike to come and see him.. #ridelife #giantbicycles #ilovethisindustry #streetcred
  • My morning commute today.. Commuting by bike exclusively on this trip to Oahu.. It's been a little challenging at times but it has been a far more rewarding trip.. Tomorrow riding over to the Northshore to meet a prospect.. Should be a great day! #ridelife #giantbicycles #getoutandrideyourbike!
  • Ok last one from today's ride.. This is the old Pali Hwy.. Really cool abandoned overgrown old hwy.. This was awesome.. #ridelife #giantbicycles #outtaboundshawaii
  • This freaking guy right here! Carl has showed most of Oahu via bike over the past few years.. He looks friendly enough but he basically tries to kill me on every climb???? #ridelife #giantbicycles #outtaboundshawaii
  • The view from the Pali highway.. Just awesome.. #ridelife #giantbicycles #outtaboundshawaii