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Rob Thompson

Rob Thompson

Lakewood, Ohio
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Rob Thompson is a cyclist from Lakewood, Ohio. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 200
  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 207.6mi
  • 15h 6m
  • 5,014ft

Recent Achievements

  • 10th overall on A little fun on the western side
  • 10th overall on west loop road to top at info signs at road
  • PR on Wackin' Woods
  • 2nd fastest time on Trail One North


Distance 5,072.0mi
Time 281h 3m
Elevation Gain 163,930ft
Rides 209


Total Distance 32,054.7mi
Total Time 1721h 0m
Total Elev Gain 914,150ft
Total Rides 1060

Recent Photos

  • @nearwesttheatre dressing room. #rage #theatre
  • Backstage @nearwesttheatre
  • @brickandbarrel #bitterchief #usgbcride @bike_cle
  • #training
  • Great day on the bike with @jawn_p @cwhannibal @shucodaniel @tpkruse and the swoldier.
  • Had the whole @clevemetroparks hill to ourselves. I see you @towerlightscle
  • sessioning the parking garage. #lkwd
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Reward for climbing a hill
  • How all rides should begin #coffeewatts
  • Shit.
  • Living life in the 11
  • I might be lost. #gravelgrinding
  • #nicedigs
  • Good morning 'merica!
  • He was a big dude! Over a foot long. #snapsnap
  • Ride postponed by near zero visibility. Wtf, March?!
  • Wtf! #angryturkeys
  • Baldy sighting just south of hogs back in the RRR @clevemetroparks
  • Front derailleur wouldn't shift. #weird
  • Happy Australia day from Cleveland USA! Doing the best I can.
  • 5 hours. Where you at?
  • A touch colder today.
  • Frosty
  • #hoth
  • Fun with bikes. The lakes frozen, but unridable.
  • @andycclarke I found the rest of the reindeer.
  • Night rides rule.
  • My sister is obviously the coolest! #instahack
  • Winter isnt all bad. Just mostly. #upsidetoeverything #fatbikesown
  • Bikin' with bockbrader. #15degrees
  • cartoons and cereal with fin. #tmnt
  • Sledding fail
  • Not everyone loves mild winters. They can lead to depression, drinking, emaciation, and even death.
  • Just say no to trainers
  • Forced stop. #Bicicle #nomovingparts
  • We might have picked the wrong bikes. #bedford #noplows #sequester?
  • Driveway KOM. 30% max. 16% avg. #panthercycling
  • Consolation prize for breaking your bike 40 miles from home.
  • Suicidal turtle
  • #mississippi #flooding
  • #longdrive
  • Reppin the #216 HARD in Iowa!
  • Chillin at the park.
  • Come over and drink whiskey with me. Ill be around the back. #summertime
  • Bloody hell! #roadieproblems
  • #sculpture
  • #recoveryride
  • Spent the race tail gunning, but Bob Role signed my number afterwards.
  • #chillin
  • #campingaccordingtofinley
  • I don't look like a terrorist filming planes land if I'm in lycra, right?
  • #winning at dinner.
  • #serious #recoveryride #fairdale #cruiser
  • #clowncar
  • #dragonfly
  • #csu
  • Awesome late fall shred. #santacruzbikes
  • Metropark marauding.
  • Snowy Sunday slog #timenotmiles
  • I think this is the year I get down with winter. This was cool.