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Cosmo  Catalano

Cosmo Catalano

Fort Collins, Colorado
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Sometimes I race bikes.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 360
  • 450
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 37.0mi
  • 6h 1m
  • 3,637ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on shoreline climb to parking lot
  • PR on Shoreline Trail Southbound (parking lot to parking lot)
  • PR on Beach climb
  • PR on Pre-Maxwell Sprint


Distance 2,211.1mi
Time 158h 30m
Elevation Gain 113,671ft
Rides 204


Total Distance 23,687.2mi
Total Time 1623h 22m
Total Elev Gain 1,288,858ft
Total Rides 1518

Recent Photos

  • Good morning, FoCo #dawnpatrol
  • #shorelineupdate
  • Pretty sure this is what they're up to today, too. #mondaysoff
  • If I didn't love Choice City, I'd make a snide comment about "which tip jar for faster service?" It's a great place to not be in a hurry; sadly, a luxury I don't frequently have.
  • Operation Campout: so far, so good.
  • Damp morning. Fortunately, Sabrina remained on guard.
  • Hiking out. Good thing we had better weather for our wedding.
  • Dinnar. #latergram
  • Amy realizing this may be a little cramped for two people and one dog. #latergram
  • Not your typical Colorado conditions.
  • Some decent views, back before the rain.
  • I'm calling the preauthorizarion line and ordering a pizza. Won't you join me in this effort?
  • Reservoir Ridge sunset
  • #tbt to last weekend
  • Upgrayedd
  • Good morning, ladies.
  • Horsetooth, Arthur's, and a bit of a bathtub ring.
  • Cache la Poudre River. Pug for scale.
  • Low water. Pug for scale.
  • Been getting some aberrant behavior from the Strava app recently.
  • Hurry up and wait.
  • Obligatory dog-in-water-at-sunset shot.
  • Ridge-o-gram
  • #tbt to Saturday. New experience for me to see 1000 more feet of mountain while already well above ridgeline.
  • Confused honeybees dot tumblr dot com
  • Not #pumpkinspice
  • Not much blasting today, I don't think.
  • #summitselfie
  • Hops.
  • My dog can literally fly.
  • Reese's production QC has plummeted. Look at all that wasted packaging!
  • Trail dog at sunset
  • More lording over things.
  • Let's just keep in mind, cutie pie here ate my HRM today. Again.
  • RIP
  • Ride a 'cross bike. Forgot that it's pretty awesome.
  • Shoreline is a pretty cool trail. Too bad it doesn't really go anywhere.
  • Forest road hike.
  • Rain coming in over Storm Mountain Rd
  • Break in the trees, break in the clouds.
  • Crazy how low the reservoir is all of a sudden
  • Lies! (cc:@supcat)
  • Also completely false, but in a different way.
  • Yep, just out in the Deep Woods—of corn…
  • Just another crap day in my neighborhood
  • Yes, Sabrina is actually trying to play with a cow.
  • Post-hose towel sesh
  • For when the excrement really hits the propeller. #thinkcone
  • #previaselfie @uhalevi
  • #puttputt
  • #kart
  • #winners
  • #tbt #notsquare #monarchcrest
  • Thirsty Sabrina #nationaldogday
  • Dang. I really liked that one, too. Always stings losing my rural New England KOMs to someone who isn't @jpows. This might be the last of them, though.
  • #bros
  • It was indeed OK
  • Front-load surf.
  • If you don't wear a speedo, does it even count as rafting?
  • All the stop signs come to LA hoping to make it big. So many broken dreams
  • There's always money in a banana stand, even on the honor system.
  • #kindling
  • What is this I don't even
  • Los Angeles locals teaching me the finer points of sweating
  • Today's forecast: party smoggy with a chance of smog.
  • This was hand-delivered to me yesterday evening, and it's awesome.
  • Evening MTB
  • Good morning
  • Shields St. Bridge looking pretty ready to go.
  • I wonder if this guy ever gets jumped while re-stocking the machine.
  • Biking home for lunch is the best.
  • Strainer
  • Season's starting early this year. #pumpkinspice
  • Sad puppy.
  • Just another cycling bridge.
  • Cathy Fromme
  • #pugset
  • My favorite variation.
  • Getting a little more range of motion every day.
  • #fortcollins
  • We've had some rain this year…
  • Romp sesh with Pepper
  • Lazy Sunday hike.
  • Big guy at the park today.
  • Checking out the rope swing
  • Sabrina lives @lifeproof
  • Ooooh—southbound!
  • Dinner train!
  • Plop.
  • Ah—much better.
  • No fear, this one.
  • Decisions, decisions.
  • This is apparently a thing. #TIL
  • The Comverse kids know I'm excited about this. @rosefromthedead @notoriousjoc
  • Longs Massif from the non-summit of Twin Sisters
  • The trail kinda stops at this hut, with some foot wear to the non-summit.
  • #summitselfie at what I believe to be the actual summit.
  • Benchmark doesn't indicate height or peak name, but I'm pretty sure this is the top.
  • Nicer views on the way down.
  • The sun even came out toward the end.
  • Lording over her domain
  • Lory State Park is Sabrina Approved™
  • More like "Hotterbox" #amirite
  • Still green.
  • @amygrove examining some Old Town construction
  • New work umbrella today.
  • #tbt to not having a day job.
  • Can confirm @mammutna Tatoosh jacket is cast-compatible, though the DWR coating seems to be made of chalk…
  • This has *got* to be fake. I suspect @ryantkelly
  • Kind of used my gimp hand on the ride in today.
  • Find the pug.
  • Just another Colorado afternoon
  • All back to normal now!
  • Well, didn't get surgery, but at least I got this sweet armband. Wonder how much I'll get billed for it.
  • Me taking a picture of ten pictures of me taking a picture.
  • Apparatus No. 2, for posterity.
  • Looks fine to me amirite?
  • This one time, @resultsboy had a birthday.
  • Stepping The cross platform testing.
  • Such testing. Wow platforms.
  • Fearless cliff dog.
  • Re-enacting last year's implosion on App Gap up Rist in solidarity with my #gapsohard homies.
  • …with a broken pinky.
  • …and the @stravacycling Gran Fondo kit I got as a speakers gift. I was literally the last rider in Colorado to not have a commemorative Fondo jersey.
  • Are the deer just less tasty out here? They don't act like anyone ever shoots at them.
  • Now…how much did this cost? For irony's sake we'll do Price-is-Right rules—closest without going over.
  • Self-medicating
  • This beach is made of plums. #science
  • #lunch
  • Bonk break. Need to get my MTB chops up a bit before the #broscursion, but at least my thumb felt good.
  • Pretty—and pretty bad news. #cumulonimbus
  • See? Ill-omened.
  • I may have to resign myself to the fact that my dog doesn't like swimming
  • Something smells good…
  • #inclusiveor
  • Torso-less legs is the new Borat suit.
  • First off-leash run! Very well behaved.
  • Fort Collins Light Rail in action today.
  • River's still up.
  • Crossing at shields is back, kinda.
  • Pretty much had to.
  • Trying to extract a little coffee break vitamin d on this dreariest of days.
  • New England conditions
  • Dreary day lunch w/@amygrove
  • Sorry guys—I've been slacking. There was cake yesterday, too. #cosmocakewatch
  • #erosion
  • The Hound of Maxwell
  • River's up.
  • Pretty sure this whitewater is new.
  • Same with this strainer.
  • Extreme, eh?
  • Somehow still a thing.
  • Do or do not.
  • Ah, see—fits like a glove, no spill.
  • #dropped
  • I'm at Specialized riding a Fondo. Strange days.
  • 25mi group. Quite a mix of ages, styles, and abilities.
  • The plains look funny out here.
  • Pretty sure that's Diablo creeping out of the haze.
  • Just before diving back into the trees.
  • #branding
  • Back in action.
  • Because you keep sending me this fucking magazine?
  • More office shuffling. Interesting decor here.
  • Just because the cup and saucer match doesn't mean they fit together.
  • Colorado rock dog
  • This dog, guys.
  • The honeymoon is over.
  • The tinderbox known as Rist Canyon would like to know.
  • Lunch dog
  • #potogold
  • Sabrina loves mule deer.
  • @amygrove is taking pictures of me snapchatting a #faccsister (I think @rosiefacc) via @efacc. I think Amy also is making snide comments but joke's on her because she doesn't have service. Also props to the little man in the background for a dope photobomb of my stinkface.
  • The sun came out!
  • Ski randonee start.
  • Because obviously.
  • Moving to Tower tomorrow so I kind of had to.
  • 5'43" to the office on my first day
  • New day, new trail, new view. #nofilter
  • The evil eye of Sauron makes me assume this is some sort of hobbit cruising spot.
  • OMG Fort Collins suuuucks
  • "Thank you" for letting me know.
  • Southern exposure, as demonstrated by Arthur's rock.
  • North side of Mill Creek Link, a few tenths later.
  • Ok tough guys—but try this on the Lory side and I guarantee somebody shoots you.
  • Facing south again.
  • El Backbono del Diablo
  • #fortcollins
  • Sick whips or sickest whips?
  • No one ever said "Cosmo, post fewer pictures of your dog" #latergram
  • Majestic.
  • Early snow showers were overcome
  • Not bluebird. Still a nice loop.
  • Reservoir Ridge with parents.
  • Parents had a mix-up at the rental car office. #dodgechallenger #challenger
  • Just checking make sure it's still winter out in the real mountains.
  • #nofilter
  • Sometimes I work too hard and stay in the house too long and forget that Ft Collins is awesome.
  • Nice day to sweat-up a new kit. Thanks @neloscycles & @figudam!