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Caley Fretz

Caley Fretz

Boulder, CO
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Journalist for Velo Magazine/ 

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
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  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 69.2mi
  • 6h 50m
  • 7,204ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on 28th to 17th on Boulder Creek
  • PR on Goose Creek to Ara po ho, via 30th
  • PR on Walker Counter-Clockwise forest descent
  • PR on Goose Creek to Ara po ho, via 30th


Distance 2,541.5mi
Time 200h 53m
Elevation Gain 242,976ft
Rides 111


Total Distance 16,409.2mi
Total Time 1197h 10m
Total Elev Gain 1,580,203ft
Total Rides 658

Recent Photos

  • Wrote about Axeon for this months issue of Velo. Go pick it up.
  • Weird weather in Boulder today
  • So that just happened. Mosaic has been asking for Campagnolo for ages, I finally gave in.
  • Everyone loves CD. Literally everyone. And CD loves road worlds. This must be why we love road worlds, too.
  • #crossisntcoming
  • Oh my
  • Morning with His Thurkness
  • Surely @theathletic made these socks with these shoes in mind. Photo: @mthurk
  • Groad. /grōd/. Noun. A road made of gravel, dirt, grass, or some combination therein. See also, verb form. To groad, groading, groaded. Def: To ride on a groad. #groadmode
  • Quick flag before I head to Germany tomorrow. Much needed.
  • #NedBus
  • A wallaby named Lenny lives at the top of Poorman.
  • Isn't he adorable?
  • Flag week completed with flair.
  • Rainy final flair Flag
  • I only do Flag week for the coffee and scones. Photo from VN intern @efparshall
  • We are beacons of pathleticism.
  • Last corner of flag week day 2.
  • It was an intern massacre today.
  • Boot marks the spot
  • #FreerideFriday
  • Sunrise laps with @zack_vestal and @caitlynthejunebug
  • Fun is that way, says @marcgasch
  • Taking advantage of some unusual Colorado weather.
  • Bit wet out there today.
  • Edge of the clouds.
  • Sunset rides
  • If you haven't ridden Chapman, do so. Soon.
  • Rode the Dirty Foursome (my own invention) today. 8,600 ft of climbing, 90% on dirt, in 60 miles. Great crew showed up for the craziness. 15 started, 4 finished.
  • Flag until dark.
  • Got the last baguette at @curedboulder. Sunday bike ride victory. #kasualbaguette
  • Belgium ride #1 complete. Now we try to stay awake for another 5 hours or so.
  • This ride brought to you by 28s, laces, and custom Ti.
  • Half Enchilada today.
  • Head down road up. Photo: @mthurk
  • Race to the Sun this week
  • Ski day with some fine ladies.
  • Ride to work
  • Get it while the gettin's good.
  • Spent a lot of time with the GCN guys in Dubai, mostly photobombing. A few of my best efforts made it into video.
  • Good morning from Dubai
  • Durango Christmas
  • This girl's my jam.
  • SB5c. ????????
  • The @matthewcbeaudin Goodbye Ride was about as good as rides get.
  • Stop sucking so much, Boulder.
  • Lunch rides.
  • Today, in one photo.
  • Dawn Patrol.
  • Dawn patrol. Where we escape reality through cold and climbing. Wrote a column about it, up now. Nobody will read it, thanks to LanceFondoGate, but it's there.
  • Dawn patrol at 10,200.
  • #TBT a day late. That time in Paris with @brakethrough_ig @brakethrough_jf @matthewcbeaudin. Photo by @mthurk.
  • Sunset dirt with my favorite @megfretz
  • Beat the storm, but only just.
  • Thumbs up.
  • Fall.
  • @megfretz up 505
  • Morning #lightbro #wheelbro #discbro #dirtbro with the @velonews bros @spino_powerlegs and @matthewcbeaudin.
  • Earn your turns.
  • Confirmed: @timmydugganusa can rip a mountain bike.
  • Hi-vis evening spin.
  • I really, really like the new VR90. Sadly, its not actually available in this color. Review is up on VeloNews now. #Interbike
  • Sunshine with @matthewcbeaudin this morning.
  • Heading home from Ned, the fun way.
  • Riding in the woods > riding out of the woods.
  • Yup, still sucks.
  • Trail time with @mcassidy25
  • Threw a pair of 303s on the Emonda and took the long way to Gold Hill, via Linden. Apologies for the tire mismatch - 25mm Corsa SC up front, 28mm Corsa CX (yes, you read that right. 28) on the back. 28 fits with room to spare. Tubulars are awesome.
  • Looks like I'm racing Leadville again! Want to go under 7. Ambitious, but possible. Training started today.
  • @nealrogers1 surveys his domain.
  • Thanks, Dad, for nudging but never pushing, pulling but never dropping; for teaching me the value of a bit of suffering, and never, not once, telling me something wasn't possible. I eat this "I ??Dad" cookie in your honor, because I'm bonked out of my mind and it's kind of your fault. Happy Father's Day @phelanfretz.
  • Final day of @mosaiccycles Flagstaff week brings donut rewards.
  • Early bird Flag with the @mosaiccycles crew. Final 300m.
  • Poorman is best ridden 15 minutes before sunset.
  • Saturdays in Colorado.
  • The only way to finish a big ride.
  • Evening Koppenberg with @mcassidy25.
  • Sunshine pilgrimage with @aubeastmaster today.
  • Sunset cruise.
  • It's enormous. Maps are way better, though.
  • #tbt That day on Holy Cross. Photo @matthewcbeaudin
  • Trail bike test, part 1 of many. Finding flow at 18 road.
  • The bro is strong in this one. @matthewcbeaudin
  • A little @velonews Belgian recon ride with Gregor and Andy (more frequently know as Ron Burgundy and Hoody)
  • Horsethief round two.
  • Lunch.
  • @matthewcbeaudin's shot from the opposite angle.
  • Blue sky huckabro.
  • Trail day with @mcassidy25
  • Found @yeticycles Sarah Rawley out on the trails. Ripping.
  • Lunch Flaggy with the bros
  • The best cure for jetlag. Two hours on the @mosaiccycles in these beautiful mountains outside Bergamo.
  • Did you know that you can buy basic XC ski gear for about the same price as a trainer? #justsayNOtoridinginside
  • Morning skate.
  • Just as cold, and as beautiful, as it looks. Skate skiing at CU South is awesome.
  • Snow day with my lady
  • Both Grubers in the same frame, a rare sight indeed. @jeredgruber @ashleygruber
  • Cold 'Shine with good friends.
  • Where's Waldo?
  • The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
  • The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
  • Few things are better than coming in out of the cold to a cup of hot soup and a good cappuccino.
  • Snow ride.
  • In before the melt, and the mud. BMC Trailfox 29 is quick! Very point-and-shoot handling, not much finesse.
  • Morning bell #selfie.
  • Friday doughnut ride lets my inner fat kid and inner fit kid hang out.
  • Cross bikes are for suckers. #twentyfives4life
  • I like my daily bike commute.
  • It may have won the battle, but he will win the roof rack war.
  • Eastern cruise.
  • Coffee stops are key. Also, chocolate muffins.
  • How 'bout them curves?
  • Cruising with RBR's Jason Sumner and Shimano's Dave Lawrence on one of the most perfect roads I've ever encountered. Photo: Eric Wynn | Shimano
  • Ribbons.
  • Top of Haleakala, looking down 10,000 feet into the Pacific.
  • Normal UDi2, hydro lever. Pretty close.
  • Oh yes.
  • The list of things I do for our lovely readers now includes standing in front of the office taking pictures of my own crotch while a mass of quizzical, judgmental faces drive by. Also, check out the cool ThinFolio wallet. Custom printed, made of Tyvek, like race numbers.
  • Prairie trails.
  • Chilly morning singletrack.
  • Yep.
  • A good day in Ned.
  • Sunshine is back, and it's glorious.
  • Moab!
  • Seriously. Crazy good.
  • Lucky me
  • Morning shred.
  • Mayhem on the dams!
  • Just cruising with Bernie.
  • More German goodness with the @rapha_n_america people.
  • @chrisdistefano, paparazzi.
  • Sneak peek: Assos S7.
  • Just riding along lake Como with the @assosnorthamerica ad dude. No big deal.
  • Love smart design elements like this: a small loop to hang your glasses off you when climbing. Nice. @assosnorthamerica.
  • Riding some secret Cervelo goods near Mt. Hood today. Wet but warm and the roads are fantastic.
  • Wheelies at 10,2.
  • Headed down Powerline as the storms roll in.
  • New toy.
  • Suffer suffer suffer.
  • Pre-climb dunk in the eau non potable.
  • What do you do when the ferry drops you in Nice at 6am, 8 hours before any racing starts? Ride! La Turbie to Gorbio to Col de la Madone. Done by 10.
  • In successful search of hidden valleys.
  • I have the best riding buddy.
  • Thank you, @mosaiccycles, for building completely awesome bicycles. And thank you Alpine road engineers for adding superfluous curves to your work.
  • Friday morning Alpine playground, through the clouds and into the sun at the tip of Le Semnoz.
  • New French corners this morning before heading back to Italy for a few day. Going to see what Bianchi has been brewing.
  • Summer will get here eventually. Until then, the low riding ain't bad either.
  • This is a test. So, followers, which will you "like" more, random bike top tube or leggy women?
  • Might have found a new All-Time Top 10 section of road this morning. The hill in the background was all 12-22%, according to the Garmin. Plus, goats.
  • Switchback smiles.
  • To Ward, 9,450ft. @matthewcbeaudin.
  • Superflag Sunset.
  • Done! Unbelievably hard.
  • Who's ready?
  • Photogenic tree.
  • Koppenberg. @matthewcbeaudin
  • Not a bad day on the bike. And no snow! Extra glorious.
  • Rippin' it with the lady.
  • The best XC setup there ever was. For me, anyway.
  • Bath day. @mosaiccycles
  • Winter trees.
  • Michael White of @roadbikeaction flying down the backside of Madone. Storms rolling in!
  • @mosaiccycles maiden foreign voyage. Headed toward the Col de Madone outside Nice, France.
  • Col de Braus.
  • Photo shoot day. @nealrogers1 @loganvb @bholeshot @leicacase
  • Why we live here.
  • Superflag, the final bend.
  • Wall suffering. @phelanfretz.
  • Coolest top tube ever? Yeah, probably.
  • Out in the snow with Mavic Zack.
  • Winter testing. Jet 9 RDO.
  • Done! 16.5 lbs, rides beautifully.
  • Gray morning shred with @matthewcbeaudin
  • "I'm ready to be shipped!" - real @loganvb quotes.
  • Oh, my.
  • Slowly coming together.
  • Stickfeet practice, with a view!
  • Flying.
  • Cold, silent bliss with @mcassidy25
  • The good stuff. #locale
  • Giant Propel. Adelaide.
  • Room with a view.
  • Local paper.
  • Looks good.
  • Walker Ranch with @matthewcbeaudin