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William von Kaenel

William von Kaenel

Los Gatos, CA
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William von Kaenel is a cyclist from Los Gatos, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 160
  • 320
  • 480
  • 640
  • 800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 87.2mi
  • 7h 19m
  • 4,858ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Saratoga Slog
  • PR on Montebello Peacock to 1st tight hairpin
  • PR on Picchetti to Top
  • PR on Montebello


Distance 5,777.1mi
Time 438h 21m
Elevation Gain 318,304ft
Rides 361


Total Distance 41,893.3mi
Total Time 2956h 27m
Total Elev Gain 2,228,107ft
Total Rides 2663

Recent Photos

  • #bikecommute to work with my cutie escort.  Lynn then took the Lewis Eaton trail home.
  • @ber_schult, fresh from podium finish on #lowkeyhillclimbs Week One, Montebello. Rocking the @twenty20cycling kit, which drew admiring inquiries from passerby's. #womenscycling
  • LGBRC at San Ardo Road Race
  • Sucka's bike club sporting their new @dnacycling jerseys.
  • Hicks, South proved too steep for our #tandembike's new 11-36 cassette.  Chain slipped on 36t cog under torque.
  • If @bikesiliconvalley is such a powerful advocate for #cycling, why does it supinely accept this hazardous dirt #losgatoscreektrail as the official #roadbike between #siliconvalley #losgatos and #santacruz?
  • Bob Parker got to savor the joys of 17% grade on LGBRC's Saturday Ride.
  • @raamraces record setters @tandemthings are now sporting @brooksengland saddles on their #tandembike. Getting set for #parisbrestparis2015.
  • @danielashercohen ???????? and Christoph Erban????????. Don't talk about The War! (#fawltytowers)
  • What in tarnation breed is this huge #dog?  #dogbreed #dogbreeds #dogsofinstagram
  • Cobbles, just the test for @ergonbike
CF3 Pro Carbon Setback seatpost. Makes for coddled #tandembike stoker (Not needed if stoker is cyborg, or @stubbedmytoeagain).
  • Secret short cut. There's a paved bike path under all that forest detritus.
  • Bonnie, making like a Moray Eel lurking under bench. #goldenretriever #goldens
  • Après ride kibitzing.
  • @umunhum, adorned by its Tower. In its day, CA's protector, bane of USSR's Tu-85 Bear bombers.
  • Kudo's to Santa Clara County Parks, providing hydration for runners/hikers, canines, and cyclists. Take note, @mrosd, this is how it's done. #peoplefriendly #doglover  #cycling #cyclinglife
  • Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club (LGBRC) at @umunhum's svelte new White Line of Death. @mrosd  #umunhum
  • @cdavisbike, looked great.  The kit tho', meh.
  • Lynn, the #tandembike stoker looking strong on half bike.
  • Frank Rollo and some strong cyclists from the #olympicclub, on #DeathRide.
  • Lynn's #garden.
  • Team @flyingbikecoopbrewery lived up to its name at NW #tandembike rally.  We wheelsucked 30 miles, and it was *fabulous*.
  • Team Bob and Kathy were the first #tandembike In from the 60 mile NWTR ride.
  • Leadout at #northwesttandemrally. #tandembike  Team Goodson drafting the Sheriff.
  • Lead out gang at #northwesttandemrally.
  • Amy Cameron, Jeanine Spence, Jennie Phillips.  Top women finishers at #climbtokaiser  2015 and 2014 (Jeanine). Après post-C2K Sunday AM recovery ride.
  • Amy Cameron and Jennie Phillips, top two Women finishers, #climbtokaiser 2015. On après C2K Sunday AM recovery ride.
  • At Kaiser Pass, miles are only halfway,  but mainly downhill. #climbtokaiser #fresnocycling
  • Huntington Lake is beautiful, but never so much as after the Big Creek climb.  When you see the lake, you're done with Big Creek. #climbtokaiser #fresnocycling
  • Team  Lucich, on their umpteenth #climbtokaiser.
  • This rock has a name I think. #climbtokaiser #fresnocycling
  • Left my water bottles in the freezer at home. 20 miles in, borrowed two from the lead out crew before they headed back. Thanks guys! #fresnocycling #climbtokaiser  #cycling
  • At the start, 5:25AM
  • @ride_bmc SLR01 @umunhum's newly surveyed svelte White Line of Death, 50 yards or so uphill from the old WLOD boundary for @mrosd.
  • *Still* closed. Whatever the @mrosd mountain lion encounter was, it's not so recent now.  Once open, can you bring your #dog for protection? No.
  • @umunhum. Thanks to @umunhumconservancy for protecting the Tower from a  @mrosd bent on its erasure.
  • @umunhum (3,489 ft ) 
on the left, Mount Thayer (3478 ft) on the right. You've heard of Mt Umunhum but not Thayer, because Mt Umunhum has the Tower, and Thayer doesn't.  If @mrosd's succeeds in removing theTower, Mt  Um will lose its allure.
  • Morning at the @riverparkwaytrust Coke Hallowell House.
  • Cupertino lawn ornament
  • William, Jr and III outside Will and James' swank Nob Hill apartment.
  • Unnamed and Son Will, laden with bobble heads.
  • The best view of Almaden Valley and @umunhum (IMO) is on Via Santa Teresa Rd.  I'm still perfecting where exactly on the road is the best.
  • We'll stop our #tandembike here, so I can grab that pic of @umunhum.
  • Steve Johnson talks with Kris Auer, while @ber_schult contemplates the ride.
  • Can't. Resist. #Tandembike. Convex. Mirror. Selfie.
  • #Tandembike stoker sporting @mr_irvine's Irvine Dentistry socks. #ProductPlacement #PromotionalProducts  #dentistry
  • @umunhum, on the vigil over Almaden Valley.
  • Pulling in for ????☕️.
  • Riding to work with my cutie, with Le Parisien detour.  #fresnocycling #bikecommute
  • Willow Glen Gothic
  • Victorious Cat 5's.
  • Alphonse, Mr Podium.
  • Jeremy, coming on strong.
  • Ready to race.  Off to Mt Hamilton Classic.
  • Group shot before the climb
  • Saddlebags!  The Spring Credit Card Tour forbids panniers, so riders must choose carefully and wield a commodious saddlebag.
  • Nice pace truck with headwinds for 3 miles.
  • Jeremy riding strong. ????????
  • @ra_hill01 made it this time.
  • @ra_hill01 says: Uh, where's his head?
  • Après ride dinner.  Applebee's is fine if after long ride and good company.
  • Newlyweds!  @ber_schult and Kris Auer
  • Not a bike, good!
  • Team Red > Team Black. This time.
  • Crossing same intersection where a 16 year old driver hit and killed cyclist Nick Bukilica Febuary 19th.
  • @ber_schult under the amber light.
  • "Then I wrestled this wild turkey to the ground".
  • Stoker Lynn on Mt Eden.
  • Mirror window selfie.
  • The theme here is two actual ???????? cyclists, and the guy in the middle with a ???????? surname at least.
  • Had to stretch out over two frames.  LGBRC Saturday Ride hits the beach.
  • Young guys go ahead, we've got this.
  • New @lincolnmotorco MKT is nice, but I'll ride to work.  #QuadLock
  • I could sense the presence of the #oscarmeyerweinermobile.
  • Descending Hamilton.
  • Must be near the top.
  • Much appreciated lunch stop.
  • @tandemthings, out of control!
  • Lots of hills ahead.
  • Amber waves of grain, fruited plain, purple mountains majesty.
  • Rainbow, golden hills, rain clouds, Sierras.
  • Bonnie and Dan, forming the ultimate element of the LGBRC ride.
  • LGBRC Saturday Ride, headed out on a chilly morning.
  • Here ya go @quadlockcase, a #bikeccommuting pic. Accessory battery in bento box keeps iPhone6 charged. It's  now back on stem , and using to upload to Instagram while I ride. Dictating to Siri via Cardo BK-1 Bluetooth intercom.
  • Lynn's bike going down sheared Jim's Di2 RD *clean off*.
  • LGBRC Saturday Ride, waiting atop Willow Springs for the rear element. #tandembike #tandemcycling
  • Sorry,  #Westies Lily, leaving you outside, we're both off for a #tandembike ride.  #westhighlandwhiteterrier  #westhighlandterrier
  • Asymmetric boas, to match the @jeffrey.baxter designed LGBRC kit.
  • My hellish trip to DMV for DL renewal.The 'Start Here' line.
  • Mirrored-window selfie.
  • They *have* a tandem, but proto-stoker doesn't like to ride it. ????. I can only shake my head ruefully.????
  • Object of secret mission.
  • Hey, where's Meyer Library, and why wasn't I informed of this, @stanford?
  • 6 am start
  • Lovely, lithe LGBRC ladies dropped by after the @mikes_bikes ride.
  • #Tandembike teams après #tandemcycling ride.
  • 2015 LGBRC kit selfie, right side.
  • New kit!
  • New kit
  • 2015 kit backside
  • Windows screensaver
  • Los Gatos Saturday Ride as Windows XP 'Bliss' Wallpaper.
  • Los Gatos Club ride, whistling by past the graveyard.
  • Après ride conviviality.
  • Lily photobombs the 1974 Jack Taylor Super Tourer #tandembike garage door pic. #westies
  • 1974 Jack Taylor Super Tourer #tandembike #eroica #eroicaCA qualifier!
  • 1974 Jack Taylor Super Tourer #tandembikes
  • Trying out the 1974 Jack Taylor Super Tourer tandem.  Just the #tandembike for #eroicaCA?
  • 1974 Jack Taylor Super Tourer #tandembike.  #eroicaCA bound?
  • Tule fog!
  • #tandembike stoker Lynn with brave face prior to harrowing descent, as evidenced by Valley view background.
  • Cursed be the absence of a road route between Los Gatos and Lexington. The Los Gatos Creek Trail is a road bike abomination. @bikesiliconvalley, you are our only hope!
  • @ride_bmc  SLR01 TeamMachine with @campagnolosrl SR EPS, ready for action.
  • We stopped by the pool, for water at the pool house sink. Steve Johnson is in thick with the locals. The mysterious stranger Bart, in yellow, gave us key intelligence on the Rivas Ridge, Citation Mt Charlie end gambit.
  • Wounded Saturday Ride Warrior Mike Davis came by, fresh from shoulder surgery, having cooked a sweeping left on Highway 9.
  • Mike showed off his @ziplinemedical surgical closure.
  • At Citation KOM after Mt Charlie climb, the views of Monterey Bay could be seen.
  • The KOM at Four Winds Christmas Tree Farm.  Adds to the Black-Gist-Skyline climb.
  • Rainy Tuesday, Foggy Wednesday.
  • Tule fog!
  • Thankful for the bike path.
  • Fog test. Lezyne Zecto on top, #DiNottelighting 400R on seatpost.
  • Fog test, zoomed from distance.
 Lezyne Zecto on top, #DiNottelighting 400R on seatpost.
  • Sunset looking West over the San Joaquin River with Cateye Volt 1200 shining on bush.
  • Sunset over the San Joaquin River.
  • Photo taken by accident, had no idea.
  • Friant Road awash in #dinottelighting 400R.  Driver, don't you claim you didn't see me!
  • #dinottelighting 400R, protecting my commute since 2009.
  • Oh no, my DiNotteLighting Quad Red came clean off its mount.  I retraced my route but it is *gone.* ???????????? All is darkness.
  • The #dinottelighting Quad Red in the middle. Below a 400R, above a Lezyne.
  • Into the mist.
  • Rob to the rescue, drove up to evacuate Mike. #jamestaylor
  • Mike gets up, shakes himself off.  Note shoulder asymmetry, the left appears dislocated.
  • For each successive rider that came by needed to explain the story again.
  • Setting from @mikes_bikes on first ride with #campagnolo EPS-equipped @ride_bmc SLR01.
  • Kudo's to Sheldon at @mikes_bikes, for getting this tricky #campagnolo SR EPS installed on a recalcitrant @ride_bmc SLR01.
  • @quadlockcase rocking @tandemthings Roberta of Orange stocker's cockpit.
  • The RAAM tandem teams Dixon and Brehmer, after 65 mile training ride.
  • Dramatic footage of LGBRC starting out after regroup on Willow Springs.
  • Willow Springs regroup for LGBRC
  • Moon and Jupiter in the AM
  • The 237 gram @revelatedesigns Ermine Saddlebag. Able to bring more on my commute.
  • The @revelatedesigns Ermine rolls up, to handle a larger or smaller load.
  • The @revelatedesigns Ermine specs have it at 201, not 237 grams.
  • With Two Dinottes, 400R and Quad, as well as Lezyne, no one can say they didn't see me.
  • Tule Fog!
  • Surgical drape material is waterproof, breathable, soft, supple, light, cheap.  Fashion into wind-block tunic layered between base layer and kit.  Doff when warms up, doesn't require removal of jersey.
  • Mark Kraft made his LGBRC Saturday Ride debut.
  • If you're at the top of climb and can take pic of Marty Scott rolling in, you're doing well.
  • Dan Cohen, no arm warmers.  Those British guys laugh at the cold.
  • Mike Bar was delicious, great cycling food, but friable. The gluten-laden Kaiser roll, like the peloton, stayed coherent.
  • The sun shone in the middle of the road, so that was the place to be.
  • Waiting on Willow Springs for @peterscraig, who flatted.
  • Entering the mysterious Swedish enclave of Sveadal.
  • Willow Springs, green at long last!
  • The sun sends a special beam down for Amber.
  • Shahram addressed the assembled host.
  • Good service at Peet's!
  • Thomas regaling the ladies with his adventures.
  • As you can see, perfectly dry in Clovis.
  • Dinnotte Quad and Cateye 1200.  Visible.
  • Scott enjoying his first LG Xmas Parade
  • Lily enjoyed all the attention.
  • Curtis and daughter May (sp?)
  • Waiting to go
  • Riding in the parade
  • Rainbow bodes well
  • Chris Davis got me an ACTC mirror. So apropos!
  • Riding in the parade. Throngs of admirers line the home town street. It's all about *me*! (That's what it feels like).
  • Jeff and Dan confer.
  • Arrived at office, after 20.7 mph 9 mile commute.
  • Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go. 
The relative sizes is an optical illusion. Lynn is 5'10", her mother is 5'5".
  • Stoker mugging.
  • Trees planted 14 years ago finally having desired effect.
  • Happy stoker, beautiful morning, nice place to ride, much to give thanks for.
  • Hanging out après ride.
  • We've got a spoke down!
  • Ride back to my house to switch wheels.
  • New route, Via Sante Theresa avoids Camden rough patch, nice views.
  • Commuting in Amsterdam mode
  • Reading, composing and sending emails while riding. Is that wrong?
  • Hicks Rd, rainbow.
  • Conclave
  • Top of Hicks.
  • Exit from parking to star the Mt Umunhun climb
  • Parking for LKHC.  Exit to Hicks on left, bathrooms at field house to right.
  • Field house with 2 bathrooms.  They'll be a soccer game going on, and the gates open.
  • From Field house. The exit to Hicks on right, parking lot for registration on the left
  • Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon SetBack seatpost on the @calfeedesign Dragonfly tandem.  Smooths out the ride for the stoker. @ergonbike
  • @ergonbike Pro Carbon SetBack seatpost on @calfeedesign Dragonfly tandem, side view. The setback version appears downright graceful.
  • @ergonbike CF3 Pro Carbon SetBack stoker seatpost adorns rather than clutters @calfeedesign Dragonfly tandem.
  • Tandem Things!
  • James Porter coordinating away.
  • Ready to descend
  • Jeanie joins in the fun!
  • Top climbers.
  • Rich and the new baby boy.
  • Leaving Peet's