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Chris Riekert

Chris Riekert

Morgan Hill, CA
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Rider on Mike's Bikes powered by Equator Coffee & Teas and PR for Specialized Bicycles.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 240
  • 480
  • 720
  • 960
  • 1200
Apr 2013
Jan 2014

Current Month

  • 746.4mi
  • 36h 31m
  • 40,782ft

Recent Achievements

  • 7th overall on Big Basin Exit-East Climb
  • 8th overall on China Grade to Skyline (hwy 236/hwy 9)
  • PR on DT downhill cruise
  • PR on China Grade to Skyline (hwy 236/hwy 9)


Distance 3,714.4mi
Time 198h 18m
Elevation Gain 202,034ft
Rides 98


Total Distance 18,616.8mi
Total Time 1079h 17m
Total Elev Gain 1,136,631ft
Total Rides 619

Recent Photos

  • Great teamwork from @tmbequator this weekend at both #LandParkCrit and the #BarianiRR.  With a lot of new team members this year, every time we race together... We get faster. #iamspecialized @sramracing @osmonutrition @tatelabsbarfly
  • You can only train so much with a full time job... At some point you need to start using #sciencebitch. Thanks to @ChrisYuInc and @markbcote for helping dial in the front of my #Specialized #ShivTT.  #iamspecialized @tmbequator @sramracing @osmonutrition @tatelabsbarfly
  • Thanks to @brianszykowny for helping with the decals!  That should match the @tmbequator kit nicely.  Only 2 more weeks till this little thing goes to battle at #ChicoStageRace and #redlandsbikeclassic!! #iamspecialized #specialized #shivTT
  • It will never get old, being able to ride to places like this out of my front door.  #California #rideyobike
  • #TBT -- it's been a wild ride since last year's Madera Stage Race.  I had a ton of fun racing for @musclemilkspecialized last year but really excited to see what is to come this year on @tmbequator!! I  do miss that silver #Sworks #Venge #iamspecialized
  • Saw the new @iamspecialized #Enduro29 ad in @bikemag this month... Holy cow!  @mattyhunter, you are my hero.  #whosays29erscantcorner?
  • Coffee makes everything better.
  • Sadly this is only sprinting for 6th. A tough pill to swallow after @tmbequator executed our race day plan perfectly at the #Snelling RR. We put @coldawg22 and myself in to a 7 man break with one to go.  I made a huge error deciding to take #JamisHagensBerman rider Ben Jacques-Maynes with me back to the chase group to give Colin a better chance. Another big day of learning, realizing that even though I look up to everyone who was in the breakaway with me... On race day we are all equal. @iamspecialized @sramracing @osmonutrition #iamspecialized photo: @acaurora
  • I will admit... 7:30 for 80miles is a lot, but it's all about the company you keep.  The international crew from @iamspecialized was in the town for the week great reason to hit the road. #iamspecialized
  • Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like breaking loose the little 6.5" wide rear tires on the #porsche914.
  • A huge thanks to everyone out in the pissing rain at the #CherryPieCrit! We had fantastic teamwork and I was lucky enough to get my first win of the year for @tmbequator!!! Also, if you're going to race in the rain... Get some of the new #Specialized #Sworks Turbo tires! Holy cow they grip like crazy!!! @iamspecialized @osmonutrition @tatelabsbarfly @sramracing
  • Everytime I get back on the #Roubaix... I remember why it is soooo good. #itsgunnarain
  • Contest: The great guys at @tatelabsbarfly sent over a few of the new Barfly 2.0 Garmin computer mounts.  Right now they only have 289 followers, if you guys go give them a follow, I'll  select 3 of their new followers to get a new Barfly! Happy following! The new mount works great!!!
  • Dropped the #porsche914 off at the detailer...went and climbed up Mt. Hamilton.  Not a bad day. #MandatoryMtHamiltonPano