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United States California

SUFFERvision is a tool for dynamically displaying power, GPS, and other telemetry atop and in sync with first-person cycling videos or race TV coverage found on Youtube.

For an example, see:
For more examples, see:

To participate, (1) visit to connect with SUFFERvision. This permits the application to access your publicly shared ride data via Strava's API (but does not otherwise give special access to your account), (2) join this group so people can find you, and (3) go to to roll your own racing and training videos.

Even if you don't expect to set up your own videos, still please connect with SUFFERvision at This club's administrator is always scavenging the web for pairings of pro cycling video and data that will excite cycling fans, and your data can't be featured if you don't connect!

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