Safer activities for athletes, peace of mind for friends and family.

Rule #1: Make it Back Home

Turn on your Beacon before any activity, and up to three safety contacts are able to see your location on a map in real time.

Strava App Beacon View
Strava Beacon Map

Beacon shares your location via a text message that contains a simple URL. Any athlete with an iPhone, Android or compatible Garmin device can use it, and any safety contact with a mobile phone and an internet connection can watch your back. Loved ones can quickly tell the difference between “running a little late” and “stuck on the side of the road,” and you can go for big adventures with the confidence that someone out there knows where you are.

* If an athlete using Beacon enters an area with poor GPS or mobile coverage, location data could be delayed or inaccurate. This feature won’t work in airplane mode or if you don’t allow Strava to share your phone’s location. Strava does not guarantee Beacon accuracy.

Beacon for Garmin

Premium athletes can use Beacon with compatible Garmin devices. Just enable Garmin LiveTrack, hit record on your device and your real-time location will be sent via text message to your safety contacts.