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Old La Honda...with an edge

  • 68.4km
  • 1,641m
  • 2:43:48
    Moving Time
  • 1,807
  • 83
    Suffer Score


  1. Tim C.
    Tim C.

    Nice job, Chris !

  2. Clark F.
    Clark Foy

    I see a 14:xx in your future...

  3. Brian S.
    Brian Schuster

    It was awesome riding with you guys today... thanks for having me! I look forward to more rides with you all in the future.

  4. Lisa P.
    Lisa Phillips

    Great job! I rode past OLH today and it looked pretty busy.

  5. Kyle G.
    Kyle G.

    Nice one. Ryan is tough but you were not far off. And, it's only January. Just wait until I come back with my bionic leg! Oh damn, that's right, no bionics.


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