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Let Ted Ride!

  • 65.9km
  • 862m
  • 2:14:26
    Moving Time
  • 1,821
  • 55
    Suffer Score


  1. Andrew R.
    Andrew Rose


  2. Rome M.
    Rome M.

    he will be better tomorrow!!!

  3. Kristin N.
    Kristin N.

    This is awesome!!!

  4. Cliff M.
    Cliff Macfarlane

    Best one yet!

  5. Yao S.
  6. Kevin M.
    Kevin Metcalfe

    Let Ted Ride!! Nice job Chris.

  7. Carl N.
    Carl N.

    Very cool. Tomorrow, do it in French.

  8. Molly C.
    Molly Cameron

    nice work.

  9. Juan P.
    Juan Pasalagua


  10. Wheel D.
    Wheel Destroyer

    Gotta love the grid streets ... Let Ted Ride!!

  11. Peter C.
    Peter C.

    Very cool indeed....good job his first name is not Vladamir could of been tricky :)

  12. Alejandro V.
  13. Chris P.
    Chris P.

    Who is Ted?

  14. Matt H.
    Matt Herrmann


  15. Michael R.
    Michael R.


  16. Robert P.
    Robert P.

    Nice job! Couldn''t agree more.

  17. Rich W.
    Rich Wang

    Well done.

  18. Roma B.
    Roma Barba

    You guys rock! BRAVO!!!

  19. Nate ♛ T.
    Nate ♛ T.

    good job

  20. Glenn N.
    Glenn N.

    Nice, I wish they let him ride today....

  21. Utku I.
    Utku I.


  22. Chris P.
    Chris P.

    Still not getting this.......

  23. Chris P.
    Chris Phipps

    To the other Chris Phipps

  24. Joe C.
    joe cafferata


  25. Chris P.
    Chris P.

    Thanks Chris, I'm a day behind on the highlights. Just worked it out.

  26. Patrick M.
    Patrick McBride

    Chapeau Chris!

  27. Kyle Y.
    Kyle Y.


  28. Anna W.
    Anna W.

    Dude, you're getting national exposure with this! Awesome. Too bad they didn't listen.

  29. El U.
    El U.


  30. Timojhen M.
    timojhen mark

    very nicely done!

  31. Marco L.
  32. Wilson T.
    Wilson Tai

    From San Francisco, with Love.

  33. Aimee K.
    Aimee K.

    Wow!! That is awesome!!

  34. Arlin B.
    Arlin Blood

    Nice trick to get the slanted line on the 'R'

  35. Dirk Jan S.
    Dirk Jan S.

    Another nice touch is putting the KING (kom) in ;-). Too bad the jury could not be swayed.

  36. Chris D.
    Chris Danforth

    I can't ride like you, but I can collect tweets. Thought you would enjoy seeing this:

  37. Jéjé 6.
    Jéjé 62 ccct

    Amazing statement :-), you rock !

  38. Batman T.
    BATMAN Thurro

    Go-go Teddy...

  39. Anthony N.
    Anthony Nicholls

    San Francisco streets make art easy. This was in a forest!