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Fiesole recon. Florence is busyyyy these days...

  • 85.8km
  • 563m
  • 2:56:20
    Moving Time


  1. Zlatko D.
    Zlatko D.

    This is gonna be one brutal race... Good luck!

  2. Lee S.
    Lee S.

    Reading the book about 7-11 now. It's great reading about that era and how it compares to this. Best of luck!

  3. Gabriele T.
    gabriele tonarelli

    i have maked me too!!

  4. Chris M.
    Chris Mason

    great views (and even better food) in Fiesole! Family run place above the lone bar at center of town.

  5. Lorenzo N.
    Lorenzo Nigi

    Close my home!

  6. Peter K.
    Peter Kemp

    Bravo Taylor. Good luck at the Worlds!

  7. Eddie T.
    Eddie Taxell Lamptey

    KUDOS KUDOS, they really need to extend your limit!

  8. Michael H.
    Michael Harper

    Saw you and a couple of other BMC's on my visit to Firenze :)


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