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Haleakala Hoedown

  • 93.5mi
  • 11,360ft
  • 6:35:44
    Moving Time
  • 4,746


  1. Rob B.
    Rob Bogin/Pedalers Fork

    Damn!!!! Wow that's a whole lot of trophies and elevation. Smoking Neil!!!!!!

  2. Neil S.
    Neil Shirley

    That is a big damn mountain!

  3. Raf D.
    Raf Domíng Leon

    Hell in deed! Awesome Neil.

  4. Peter N.
    Peter Nicholson

    Nice job, Neil! I was there last month during the gov't shutdown - couldn't ride past the ranger gate :(

  5. Mark Studnicki B.
    Mark Studnicki Bici Italia Cycling Tours

    that's a lot of climbing all in one bike shot. Bummer it's paved :-)

  6. Kevin S.
    Kevin Summers

    Dayumn! Awesome!

  7. Scott G. P.
    Scott G. P.

    Bucket list, for sure!

  8. Mark Studnicki B.
    Mark Studnicki Bici Italia Cycling Tours

    Hit me up later for our Stevio/Gavia trip.

  9. Ryan C.
    Ryan C.

    Nice work Neil!

  10. Oleg S.
    Oleg Shalygin

    lol wow nice dude

  11. "Big B.
    "Big B.

    Neil marking his territory!

  12. William L.
    William Lowe

    Nice Job Neil!! It's a lot of work getting up that thing.

  13. Burke S.
    Burke Swindlehurst

    Nice work Niles! that one is definitely on my bucket list... color me jealous.

  14. Scott E.
    Scott Evans

    Great job Neil!

  15. Nicky B.
    Nicky Backbone

    So who's Dean Murdock? He's a KBPC guy right?

  16. Neil S.
    Neil Shirley

    Dean Murdock aka Ryder Hesjedal

  17. John S.
    John S.

    Isn't that a wild ride, 70's to 80's at the start, and with wind, 40's at the top... Incredible time man!

  18. Tom R.
    Tom R.

    The real KOM!

  19. Brad H.
    Brad Hayes

    Great ride! It was nice to meet you at the top. Not that it would have made a difference in my case, but how'd you get by the ranger gate so fast?

  20. Neil S.
    Neil Shirley

    Nice meeting you too Brad! Luckily, there weren't any cars in front of me at the gate, and I had my money ready to go. I wasn't sure what I wanted more, to get through the gate quickly, or have a couple cars in front of me so I could rest for a minute!

  21. Thorfinn  S.
    Thorfinn- Sassquatch

    Nice job! Cool ride to look at on Strava. Did you get destroyed by winds at the top? I remember leaning into wind with full body weight at the top...

  22. Thomas H.
    Thomas Haas

    Dean Murdoch is Geoff Kabush , Canadian mtn bike pro racing for Scott.

  23. Cory D.
    Cory Davis

    This was another great ride for Neil!


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