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2013 Ed Sander Ponds Segment

Ride Segment Adamstown, MD
  • 1.3km
  • -0%
    Avg Grade
  • 22m
    Lowest Elev
  • 31m
    Highest Elev
  • 9m
    Elev Difference
  • 1,555 Attempts By 232 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Christopher Beck 28.1km/h 130W 2:45
Timothy Rugg 27.7km/h 0W Powermeter 2:47
Patrick Blair 27.6km/h 187W 2:48
Nick Waite 27.6km/h 0W Powermeter 2:48
Justin Mauch 27.4km/h - 2:49
Jeff Dickey 27.2km/h 191W 2:50
Kimani N. 27.1km/h 342W Powermeter 2:51
Dan Wolf 26.8km/h 246W Powermeter 2:53
Mike Esmonde 26.5km/h 173W 2:55
Dave Weaver 26.0km/h 196W 2:58
Julian Kennedy 26.0km/h 211W 2:58
Josh Doorly 25.9km/h 187W 2:59
Richard Serton 25.7km/h 208W 3:00
Danny Gibney 25.7km/h 317W Powermeter 3:00
Larry Miller 25.4km/h 338W Powermeter 3:02
Tony "The Rhino" 25.3km/h 179W 3:03
Luther S. 25.2km/h 170W 3:04
Brandon B. 25.2km/h 115W 3:04
Dave K. 25.2km/h 129W 3:04
Adam Williams 25.2km/h 170W 3:04

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Cheryl Sornson 24.1km/h 188W 3:12
Jen T. 23.6km/h 154W 3:16
Rebecca F. 22.1km/h 112W 3:30
Adrienne A. 21.8km/h 135W 3:32
greta daniels 21.1km/h 74W 3:39
Tammi Stauffer 20.9km/h 112W 3:42
Madi W. 20.1km/h 66W 3:50
The German 20.0km/h 113W 3:51
Simona V. 20.0km/h 82W 3:51
Erin Conner 20.0km/h 156W 3:51
Michelle N. 20.0km/h 131W 3:52
Sophie M. 20.0km/h 64W 3:52
Stacie T. 19.9km/h - 3:53
Heather H. 19.8km/h 92W 3:54
kj janiszewski 19.1km/h 124W 4:03
Roz Patterson 18.4km/h 54W 4:11
Elise Rowe 18.4km/h 132W 4:12
Katherine Sarkisov 16.5km/h - 4:40
Jennifer Wheeler 16.2km/h 77W 4:45
Tiffany Wise 11.1km/h 40W 6:56