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Desert Foothills to Calico Basin

Ride Segment Las Vegas, NV
  • 4.7km
  • 2%
    Avg Grade
  • 952m
    Lowest Elev
  • 1,044m
    Highest Elev
  • 92m
    Elev Difference
  • 42,541 Attempts By 3,882 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Freddy M. 39.8km/h - 7:05
Samuel Mehr 37.8km/h 367W 7:28
Gregory C. 37.2km/h 317W Powermeter 7:35
Han Solo 36.9km/h 295W Powermeter 7:38
James P. 36.7km/h 377W Powermeter 7:41
Mark D. 36.6km/h 414W 7:42
Johnny M. 36.5km/h - 7:44
Joe Hicks 36.4km/h 319W Powermeter 7:45
Billie S. 36.3km/h - 7:46
Renato L. 36.3km/h 391W 7:46
danny kam 36.3km/h 291W Powermeter 7:46
Aaron Papa 36.1km/h 431W 7:48
Mada Faka 36.1km/h 392W 7:48
Keith S. 35.8km/h 384W 7:52
Marshall Evans 35.7km/h 274W Powermeter 7:54
Aaron H. 35.7km/h 402W 7:54
Angus Y. 35.6km/h 365W 7:55
Kasra Ghaharian 35.5km/h 259W Powermeter 7:56
Andre P. 35.5km/h 229W Powermeter 7:56
chris perlewitz 35.5km/h 374W 7:57

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Julie Cutts 37.4km/h 270W Powermeter 7:32
Erica T. 33.9km/h - 8:19
Megan R. 32.7km/h 252W 8:37
Ashley Elias 32.3km/h 266W 8:44
Keely B. 32.2km/h 193W Powermeter 8:45
Terra Kier 31.9km/h 278W 8:50
julie call 31.9km/h 275W 8:50
Kaelin Westbrook-Prado 31.7km/h 258W 8:53
Charity C. 31.2km/h 166W Powermeter 9:02
Anita R 30.5km/h 249W 9:14
Stephanie Bissonnette 29.6km/h 182W Powermeter 9:32
Diane McGimsey 29.5km/h - 9:33
Pink S. 29.4km/h 214W 9:35
Antigone R 29.4km/h - 9:36
Jamie Webb 29.1km/h 249W 9:41
Jessica Cutler 29.0km/h 243W Powermeter 9:43
Margie M. 28.7km/h 219W 9:49
Rachel Holzer 28.7km/h 168W Powermeter 9:50
Sarah Sisson 28.4km/h 237W 9:56
Cheryl J. 28.3km/h 211W 9:57