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Top Speed

Ride Segment Park City, UT
  • 0.8km
  • -10%
    Avg Grade
  • 2,228m
    Lowest Elev
  • 2,310m
    Highest Elev
  • 82m
    Elev Difference
  • 2,932 Attempts By 1,458 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Jason B. 114.3km/h 0W Powermeter 26s
1 Matt Cooke 114.3km/h 784W 26s
3 Brett Denney 110.1km/h 934W 27s
3 Lang Reynolds 110.1km/h 894W 27s
3 Alex L. 110.1km/h 553W 27s
3 Jasper Stuyven 110.1km/h 0W Powermeter 27s
3 Nicholas Miller 110.1km/h 901W 27s
8 Tommy Nankervis 106.1km/h 0W Powermeter 28s
8 chance regina 106.1km/h 0W Powermeter 28s
8 Ted King 106.1km/h 0W Powermeter 28s
8 Jeff Louder 106.1km/h 0W Powermeter 28s
8 Serge T. 106.1km/h 0W Powermeter 28s
8 Ben Jacques-Maynes 106.1km/h 1,054W 28s
8 Daniel Eaton 106.1km/h 0W Powermeter 28s
8 Greg Daniel 106.1km/h - 28s
17 Chad VanSolkema 102.5km/h 700W 29s
17 Todd Hageman 102.5km/h 338W 29s
17 Antonio Garnero 102.5km/h 0W Powermeter 29s
17 David King 102.5km/h 96W 29s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 H unger 99.1km/h 232W 30s
2 Clara Hughes 87.4km/h 0W Powermeter 34s
2 Lauren D. 87.4km/h 444W 34s
2 Camee Pollard 87.4km/h 182W 34s
2 Kellie O. 87.4km/h - 34s
6 Andrea B. 84.9km/h 697W 35s
6 Quinn Graves 84.9km/h 436W 35s
8 Ericah Winzeler 82.6km/h 367W 36s
8 Jen Hudak 82.6km/h 344W 36s
10 Heidi Maestas 80.3km/h 377W 37s
11 Monika G. 78.2km/h - 38s
11 Cherell J. 78.2km/h 500W 38s
13 Mindy McCutcheon 76.2km/h 634W 39s
13 Ali Knutson 76.2km/h 718W 39s
13 Andrea Guthrie 76.2km/h 172W 39s
16 Erin Swenson 74.3km/h 278W 40s
16 Coby R. 74.3km/h 767W 40s
16 Ariel Z. 74.3km/h 497W 40s
16 G O. 74.3km/h 670W 40s
20 J E. 72.5km/h - 41s