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The Sea Creature of Saanich Peninsula

  • 109.0km
  • 1,096m
  • 3:53:55
    Moving Time
  • 2,604
  • 198
    Suffer Score


  1. Lukáš S.
    Lukáš Svoboda

    Awesome! 👍🚲😂

  2. Fai M.
    Fai M.

    It kind of look like Godzilla. :-D

  3. Cinara R.
    Cinara R.

    Legal o desenho !!

  4. Julián I.
    Julián I.

    Lovely sea creature! I'll be visiting my in-laws in Victoria in July, hope we can organise a ride :)

  5. Ric L.
    Ric Liang

    StravArt and trophies at the same time. Very nice

  6. Jannik T.
    Jannik Trunk

    Scott McClymont Hendrik Münstermann

  7. [Mtb] Melquiades A.
    [MTB] Melquiades Arcoverde

    Muito legal!!! Parabéns!

  8. Lewis M.
    Lewis Mercer

    Scared now. Grats on the critter

  9. Eric P.
    Eric P.

    Or Roz from Monsters Inc. Love the art work!

  10. Knitgrrl *.
    Knitgrrl *

    Sooo cool!

  11. Jamie R.
    Jamie Robinson

    Wow! I'm in awe!

  12. David S.
    David Sundheim

    Cat 1 art man!

  13. Dean W.
    Dean Wingerter

    Almost looks like a Simpson's character.

  14. Mathew B.
    Mathew Bittleston


  15. Stephen L.
    Stephen Lund

    Thanks, all. I did a brief blog write-up about this sea-beastie: http://wp.me/p5L8PW-xd

    @Julián I – drop me a line when you're in town. @David Sundheim – Cat 1 in my dreams

  16. Jan V.
    Jan V

    We like it!

  17. Vivian W.
    Vivian Wong

    Amazing! Ahahaha.