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Ross Malpass

Lytham Saint Annes, England, United Kingdom
  • 19
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I think I was close to tears when it started snowing sideways. Miserable solo slog in the wind, snow and sleet

Ride December 24, 2013
  • 70.0mi
  • 2,717ft
  • 4:02:41
    Moving Time
  • 3,486
  • 176
    Relative Effort
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  1. Andy W.
    Andy W.

    It was definitely "character building" out there today. Even though the sun came out after it was to late for me, my little pinkies were blocks of ice. Great Kom you got today as well :-)

  2. Ross Malpass
    Ross Malpass

    Yupp! My hands and feet both went just after Longridge when the rain started, by the time I was at the foot of Waddington fell I could barely see it was snowing so hard. I actually genuinely wondered if I was going to make it back at that point it was so miserable! haha. It's funny in hindsight but man was it cold. Between Dunsop and Beacon fell I pretty much lost all interest in cycling! But when the sun came out I perked up a little. Like you say though the damage was well and truly done. I couldn't really get going again after that. Didn't even realise that KOM was there but I did have a dig up easington road which must've helped :-)

  3. Frank B.
    Frank B.

    Got caught in a sleet storm mid-way in my ride. Got very cold & fled for home. Managed to complete 2/3 scheduled sets. Finger tips still sore hours later from getting frozen numb.

  4. Ross Malpass
    Ross Malpass

    That's good going. As soon as I got cold I just gave up and slowed to a crawl until I warmed up a bit again. No way would I have been up for doing intervals in that!

  5. Gerard Deehan
    Gerard Deehan

    Lunatic :-)


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