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Tour of Cambridgeshire

  • 127.4km
  • 440m
  • 3:18:26
    Moving Time
  • 3,795
  • 182
    Suffer Score


  1. Jules Hernadez-sanchez

    Terry...did you notice the guy behind u in the last photo? Hehehe

  2. Terry Jones

    Yes :-)

  3. Tim P.
    Tim P.

    Great ride Terry you nutter, thought today would be rest day! Have you joined a new team? :)

  4. Terry Jones

    Hey Tim. Not a new team, the friends I rode with made a surprise team jersey. On the back are the logos of all my failed start-up companies.

  5. Mike C.
    Mike C.

    Nice ride 'Doctor Jones'

  6. Tim P.
    Tim P.

    Aha ok nice! I think :)

  7. Terry Jones

    @Tim - it's a bit of a joke. Derek once had a Chinese girlfriend. In Chinese there are no plurals. So we joked that my last name would be Jone not Jones.

  8. Stephen Ryner Jr. 🌞

    I'd wondered at the uniforms!

  9. Richard Neil

    Good to catch up with you Tel - I mean in a chatting sense, not literally catching you which I could never do 😀😀😀

  10. Tim P.
    Tim P.

    @Terry I did wonder about the 'Jone' :)