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Tour of Cambridgeshire

  • 127.4km
  • 440m
  • 3:18:26
    Moving Time
  • 3,795
  • 246
    Relative Effort


  1. Jules Hernadez-sanchez

    Terry...did you notice the guy behind u in the last photo? Hehehe

  2. Terry Jones

    Yes :-)

  3. Tim P.

    Great ride Terry you nutter, thought today would be rest day! Have you joined a new team? :)

  4. Terry Jones

    Hey Tim. Not a new team, the friends I rode with made a surprise team jersey. On the back are the logos of all my failed start-up companies.

  5. Mike C.

    Nice ride 'Doctor Jones'

  6. Tim P.

    Aha ok nice! I think :)

  7. Terry Jones

    @Tim - it's a bit of a joke. Derek once had a Chinese girlfriend. In Chinese there are no plurals. So we joked that my last name would be Jone not Jones.

  8. Stephen Ryner Jr.

    I'd wondered at the uniforms!

  9. Richard N.

    Good to catch up with you Tel - I mean in a chatting sense, not literally catching you which I could never do 😀😀😀

  10. Tim P.

    @Terry I did wonder about the 'Jone' :)