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Queens - first 10k race of my life #MyMile

  • 6.3mi
  • 52:22
    Moving Time
  • 8:20/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 818


  1. Rebecca M.
    Rebecca M

    Amazing!! Congrats!!!

  2. Peter S.
    Peter Staack

    That is a great pace for you Vipul. I bet you can do a 10K in under 50!

  3. Vipul S.
    Vipul Singh

    Thank you Rebecca Mandel

  4. Vipul S.
    Vipul Singh

    Peter Staack well, we were running all around Arthur Ashe - the court where Roger won 5 US Open titles. Enough motivation for me to push. The flat course helped too. Congratulations to you too! See you at a GTS sometime?

  5. Eddie V.
    Eddie Valen

    Nice. I hope to do the half there someday for my first half. How was the course...challenging or flatish?

  6. Vipul S.
    Vipul Singh

    Eddie Valen It's a very flat course. Some little bridges, but they must be hardly 10-20 feet.

  7. Eddie V.
    Eddie Valen

    Nice. I think the only difference in courses is it heads out booth memorial and back up Kissena into the park again.

  8. Sreeni N.
    Sreeni Nair


  9. Vipul S.
    Vipul Singh

    Thanks Sreeni Nair