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Midsummer's Nightmare Year 2

  • 38.6mi
  • 5:50:45
    Moving Time
  • 9:10/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,689


  1. Nikki G.

    You killed it!! Looked strong all night

  2. Pete Martin

    Awesome race!!!

  3. Angie L.


  4. Carissa Liebowitz

    Thanks Nikki Gasaway and Pete Martin !!! So good to see y'all out there.

  5. Carissa Liebowitz

    😚😚😚 Angie L.

  6. Sam Barnes

    Wow!!! That's a long distance with a Phenominal pace! Great job.

  7. Carissa Liebowitz

    Thanks Sam Barnes !!!

  8. Roger Beutler

    Great job.

  9. Kevin Niksich

    Damn good!

  10. Tim Pierce

    strong from start to finish - awesome!

  11. Carissa Liebowitz

    Thanks Roger Beutler, Kevin Niksich, and Tim Pierce!!

  12. John Lee

    Not worthy!!!! 🙇

  13. Carissa Liebowitz

    Puhlease John Lee.... Mr. Hundo course record.

  14. Michael Emerling

    That was a really impressive performance! That was my goal distance for that race, but it became clear pretty early it wasn't going to happen. Way to push through on a tough night.

  15. Carissa Liebowitz

    Thanks Michael Emerling !!! That humidity was brutal. 🤤