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Mojo Running VOA Triathlon 40k TT - official time: 01:12:02 (rainy and windy but AWESOME!!)

  • 24.6mi
  • 930ft
  • 1:11:46
    Moving Time
  • 970


  1. Scott Phillips

    Happy Father's Day, Jay!

  2. Jay Soper

    Thanks Scott!! I plan to enjoy some piece and quiet.

  3. Ray Birch

    very solid ride Jay, that third looked tough, I hate those camel back type hills, I'd rather just go straight up

  4. Jay Soper

    Thanks! Had a nice tailwind there.... could have busted it harder there even, but needed to maintain doable pace. the headwind going back south was absolutely demoralizing!

  5. Ray Birch

    How did you place?

  6. Doug T.

    No more pictures of the cute girl?

  7. Jay Soper

    Hopefully more to come Doug. Ray, I was part of a relay team (a last minute fillin of sorts). Most folks do the tri alone so there were only 5 relay teams. We came in 2nd. I felt good and I was able to keep the output up to the end, but weather and no drafting rule (especially with big headwinds) hurt.

  8. Ray Birch

    nice work, and result, Jay

  9. Scott Phillips

    No drafting is the norm in triathlon. Especially with those pokey bits called aerobars, close quarters drafting might be dangerous.

  10. Luke Bobbitt

    Nice work!