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First ride on the new bike!

  • 18.4km
  • 218m
  • 1:16:18
    Moving Time
  • 754


  1. yellow jack

    Nice. :¬{D

  2. Lewis Craik

    Short travel full suspension is so much better than a hardtail, even for a blast around the local woods. Thanks for the Sunset link on PH - I saved a fair chunk of money and got a better bike!

  3. Daren I.

    I love full suspension I have 140 , dong know if that's big or small but it goes everywhere with composure and control.

  4. yellow jack

    I've got 100mm each end on my Giant Anthem, and no longer feel like I need a hard tail. I still want one, but can acept that I don't actually need one...

  5. Lewis Craik

    I'll still use mine for riding into town, or with my son on the back etc.

  6. yellow jack

    I made mine more "road focused" and gave it to my son for his commute at University. He needed it more than I did!