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Won the Angel island trail 5 miler today, because Data #hrv4training 📱🏃🏻🏝🌁🌳🌲⛰☀️🇺🇸 🥇

  • 8.0km
  • 35:42
    Moving Time
  • 4:26/km
    Avg Pace
  • 734


  1. Marco Casadio


  2. Denis Z.

    Nice !!

  3. Mila Kaller

    Congrats! 🎉

  4. Juan Aranda


  5. Andrea P.

    Ma non eri mica stanchissimissimissimo!? Grande! Complimenti!

  6. Joep V.

    And how Did it go?

  7. Stefan Gustafsson


  8. Lorenzo Amato

    Complimenti! 👏🏻👏🏻

  9. Carlo M.

    Bravo Marco. E grazie aggiornamento app!! In questi giorni ero stanchissimo come te, tu hai fatto grande performance, io passeggiattone tra le colline piacentine.... 😊😋🙄😟😟😟😟😟

  10. Hans van Gurp

    Well Done 😄👍🏻💪🏻

  11. Francalberto B.

    Grande Marco!!

  12. Marco Iozzolino

    Complimenti! Alla facciazza della stanchezza...😀

  13. Mauro Ginelli

    Grande! Complimenti!

  14. Paolo P.

    Good job, Marco 👏👏👏

  15. Amilcare S.

    On fire!! Grande

  16. Marco Altini

    Thanks a lot everyone! Going easy all week got me some extra energy for yesterday, glad I downgraded to the 5 miler though as I would have not been able to race a half marathon. Obviously I got lucky as no fast runners were there :) Now back to recovery mode......

  17. Alessandro Castelli

    Congrats Marco! 💪🏻🔥