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Irish National Champs - Silver Medal - What?!!!

  • 104.4mi
  • 4,416ft
  • 4:00:38
    Moving Time
  • 5,353
  • 328
    Suffer Score


  1. Philip M.
    Philip M.

    Congratulations. Super effort

  2. Gearoid Q.
    Gearoid Q.

    Class! Well done Christopher McGlinchey

  3. Caolan S.
    Caolan Smyth

    Congrats great going Christopher McGlinchey 😎

  4. Pat F.
    Pat F.

    Well done !

  5. Tony K.
    Tony K.

    Congratulations. Great result.

  6. Brendan M.
    Brendan M.

    Unreal fella super riding congratulations

  7. Matthew D.
    Matthew D.

    Some ride !

  8. Ben M.
    Ben McCourt Lenehan

    Fair play!

  9. Paul S.
    Paul S.

    Incredible result. Chapeau Chris

  10. Adam C.
    Adam C.

    Amazing stuff Christopher McGlinchey !! Unreal 🍻🍻

  11. John B.
    John B.

    Chapeau! Well done fella 👍👍👍

  12. Trevor C.
    Trevor C.

    Brilliant result Chris

  13. Gary M.
    Gary M.

    Chapeau Chris !!

  14. Gavin B.
    Gavin Browne

    Phenomenal Christopher McGlinchey

  15. Christy H.
    Christy H.

    Well done. Unreal ride.

  16. Gareth M.
    Gareth M.

    Well done lad

  17. Ryan S.
    Ryan Sherlock

    Great ride!

  18. David R.
    David Ronan (Team X)

    Brilliant Ride Chris!!

  19. Ian B.
    Ian Butler

    Well done Christopher McGlinchey some result!

  20. Trevor N.
    Trevor N.

    Class Chris !!!!

  21. Gary M.
    Gary M.

    Awesome ride!

  22. Joann L.
    Joann L.

    Awesome well done 💪💪

  23. Kilian D.
    Kilian Doyle

    Brilliant stuff, delighted for you fella.

  24. Michael L.
    michael lynch

    Well Chris!! Fair play

  25. Olaf D.
    Olaf D.

    Great days riding, well done

  26. Chris R.
    Chris Ross

    Well done Kipper!

  27. Cormac "Cormy" M.
    Cormac "Cormy" Mcgeough

    well deserved kudos chris

  28. Garrett F.
    Garrett F.

    Hard work pays off lad!! Some day for ya.. massive congrats

  29. Nathan M.
    Nathan M.

    Epic. Well done mate

  30. David C.
    david casserly

    Well done Chris great results. .

  31. Daniel B.
    Daniel B.

    Epic! Gold next year!

  32. Ray M.
    Ray M.

    Congrats. Richly deserved

  33. Christopher M.
    Christopher M.

    Thanks everyone, still buzzing!

  34. Andy M.
    Andy M.

    Fantastic ride yesterday Chris, would be great to have you race at the Tommy Givan RR in Hillsborough on 8th July if you're about! https://www.entrycentral.com/festival/209

  35. Timmy B.
    Timmy Burns

    Inspirational stuff Chris. 💪💪💪

  36. Alan L.
    Alan L.

    Hi christopher, u where very impressive,was on ferry carrig hill watching and shouting u on, u put some hurt on them each time up that...no one could howd ur wheel B-) congratulation super ride id a long u to win it..but on the plus size u made some of them pros look like amatures ;-) well done iv enjoyed following ur training..respect.. Regards alan.

  37. Christopher M.
    Christopher M.

    @Andy Morrison, I am about :) Count me there!