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Bryan McCombs

Spring Creek, NEVADA
  • 152
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,049.2
    miles Run in 2018
  • 82

Ruby crest harrison>lomoille TOTAL TIME (9:20:38)

Run August 11, 2017
  • 32.3mi
  • 10,107ft
  • 7:21:43
    Moving Time
  • 13:38/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,977
  • 603
    Relative Effort
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  1. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    I have been waiting for this post. You killed it! Great job!

  2. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Thanks buddy and thanks so much for the ride and the talk!!

  3. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    Heck yeah! What time did you finish?

  4. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Like 150 i think

  5. Teddy Berg
    Teddy Berg


  6. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Thanks teddy

  7. Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson

    This is amazing. Great job.

  8. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Thank you jordan its been on my bucket list for a while

  9. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    Sub 10 hour total time is moving dude! I am impressed.

  10. eric hobbs
    eric hobbs

    Nice work 👍

  11. Lisa B.
    Lisa B.

    Nice! I've been wanting to do this too. You go solo?

  12. Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson

    A few of us did it years ago but it took us 4 hours longer than you! You killed it.

  13. Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson

    It such an epic run that no one really understands till you do it. Much respect!

  14. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    I did lisa all by my lonsome :/ and thank you jordan that means alot to me and thank you eric

  15. John Gull
    John Gull

    Super impressive time!!! You are a stud.

  16. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Thanks john i appreciate that

  17. Heather Gull
    Heather Gull

    That's impressive! Great accomplishment

  18. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Thank you Heather!

  19. Erik  Schulte
    Erik Schulte

    Hey Man, Ben Tedore and myself are going to head out and try to better you time on the route tomorrow 6/29/18. I thought I would just give you a heads up. I also submitted the route to the FKT website, and it is being reviewed at the moment. I couldn't find anyone else who had a faster time than you, so I figured you are the guy to let know we are gunning for it. Cheers!

  20. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Hello Erik Schulte i am aware of you guys headed out tomorrow its kind of a big deal 😉 Vince Johnson has made me aware of your run Quincy O'Connor does have a better time then myself. Ill attach the link. If you guys need anything let me know ill be here to help.

  21. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs


  22. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    Way cool of you to reach out, Erik, this fella was moving too. Is the official route direct from Harrison pass road or at the turn-around a couple miles to the north? Can't wait to see the result. :)


  23. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    Dan was 7:20.

  24. Vince Johnson
    Vince Johnson

    I think it's sign to parking lot. 2.5 miles in from Harrison road.

  25. Vince Johnson
    Vince Johnson

    Either way, this is sweet.

  26. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Ryan Honea thanks for more feedback on this post. I hate the discrepancy in milage its hard to calculate the exact route. If anybody knows exact start and end for this route please let me know. Quincy O'Connor has the longest milage and quickest time for that distance i think by far

  27. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    Yeah, Dan was 7:20 then. This is so fun .

  28. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Looking at the maos Dan started at trail sign quincy and myself started at the harrison summit but Quincy milage is still above mine

  29. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    I don't think it would have taken Dan over an hour to run 2.5 miles to get to where started, though. So much fun. I'm ready to quit biking and start running to play too! 👍🏻

  30. John Gull
    John Gull

    Running the crest trail sounds like such a fun adventure!

  31. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Hey Ryan Honea whos side are you on 😉 Dan is a stud for sure but im gonna guesstimate 2 hours for him to run 2.5 😉 Vince Johnson where was your starting point? And do you know where they are starting tomorrow?

  32. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    Haha. 😂

  33. Vince Johnson
    Vince Johnson

    My starting point was the sign. About 3 miles from the start of single track trail. I don't know where they will start. It's only a difference of 2.5 miles a 700 gain Either way.

  34. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Ryan Honea John Gull you know you 2 can hang up the bikes for a min id love to run with you guys

  35. Ryan  Honea
    Ryan Honea

    After July 14th. I'll be doing nothing but running for two months. Let's do it.

  36. Erik  Schulte
    Erik Schulte

    I think we'll start at harrison road, since it is the longest, and incorporates both versions. We'll keep track of the time from both Harrison road and the sign, so as to have times for both starting points.

  37. Bryan McCombs
    Bryan McCombs

    Erik Schulte pefect 👌 i look forward to seeing your times and be safe out there!


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