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CO Classic st2. Hit em hard and often on the climbs but couldn't pull off the W

  • 111.5km
  • 2,253m
  • 3:17:59
    Moving Time


  1. Matt R.
    Matt R.

    Impressive last climb and finish sir

  2. Scott S.
    Scott Siebers

    Way to go Pete

  3. Aria K.
    Aria Kiani

    Go Pete!

  4. Jacob K.
    Jacob Krumm

    Impressive stage. Was up in Tahoe with you and saw the climbing you did, you prepared well and very impressive ride! Cheering you on! Good air time today !

  5. Paco L.
    Paco Lindsay

    Great work today! Go get it Saturday.

  6. Ben D.
    Ben D.

    Duuuude!! Nice to see my homie on the podium today!

  7. Amelia B.
  8. Robert B.
    Robert Bowman

    Great ride! Inspiring!

  9. Jody M.
    Jody McComas

    Solid ride and ready to take it all. You can do this. Riding Tahoe/Mt. Rose today. Race well.

  10. Tony E.
    Tony Eterno

    Nice race! Rock and roll again today...

  11. Terry S.
    Terry Struthers

    Look for us in coal Creek canyon today. Go Pete!

  12. Don K.
    Don Kennedy

    Very NICE...your "Power Place" is serving you well.

  13. Doug B.
    Doug B.

    Nice work. Tricky final descent.