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Worst Retirement Ever - Win a national championship, don't get the KOM

Ride August 12, 2017
  • 19.1mi
  • 5,423ft
  • 1:40:14
    Moving Time
  • 1,678
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  1. MoPro ~


  2. Clifford R.

    Only 1 minute off of #1😖

  3. Clifford R.

    Sorry; half a minute😖

  4. Timothy R.

    Badass, you are.

  5. Will R.

    Those darn UCI legal bikes!

  6. Mark D.

    Represent Toluca Lake!

  7. Rafael Castillo

    Pikes Peak! Sweet!

  8. Scott Sheehan

    Still damn fast

  9. Andrew Graham

    Nicely done Phil!

  10. Daniel Schmitz Ⓥ

    How does wearing that jersey work? Like the TT champ wears the jersey in TT's, When do you get to wear that?

  11. Marty H.

    How many watts lower was your power compared to perceived effort at that altitude compared to sea level?

  12. Cameron Smith

    Nice effort!! So close considering the length👍🏼🚴🏼💪🏼

  13. Walter P.

    Eating too many cookies?

  14. Lawrence B.

    Average power seems low - was it the elevation?

  15. nick rachko

    You monster

  16. Ellis Pullinger (THRE Datawolves RT)

    "That power isn't that impressive, I could... Oh. He STARTS at 3000m..."

  17. James P.

    Well you certainly blew by me like I was standing still about 5 miles in ;)

    Congrats on the championship, too bad about the KOM :(

  18. Paul Bethel

    You're the Champ! Congrats!

  19. Chris R.

    How you gonna work in the hill climb jersey into the cookie team kit?

  20. Tj K.

    That embro weighed you down

  21. Peter C.

    Nice in 39/25?

  22. Yip Yip

    Superstar! 💫

  23. Craig C.

    Y'all crushed me! I can't believe you used embro... I had arm warmers on for about ten minutes, then had to step them off!

  24. Paul D.


  25. Stanislav Grabchev Ⓥ

    Do you upload all your rides?

  26. Elliot V.

    Phil, as long as you're in CO, might as well KOM Mount Evans.

  27. Shawn H.

    Epic. Good training for mount spokane!

  28. barry lee

    Great ride and congrats on the championship ! Leroy Popowski is a Colorado climbing machine Phil come to Colorado next summer mt Evans pikes peak and guanella hill climb part of three mtn climb series

  29. Matthew Hanlon

    Just watched the episode on your Youtube page. Great stuff!! And Congrats!

  30. Dan Spalding

    Ditch that extra weight and you'll have the KOM fer sure. You only missed it by what, 24s?