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Jamie Junker

Banff, Alberta, Canada
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    Activities in 2018
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Ha Ling via NE Face

Run August 24, 2017
  • 6.4km
  • 823m
  • 1:00:18
    Moving Time
  • 9:23/km
    Avg Pace
  • 966
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  1. Phil Richards
    Phil Richards


  2. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Phil Richards don't tell my mom! ;) ;)

  3. Phil Richards
    Phil Richards

    Hahaha. Look like you got down in time too. Wind is picking up, feels like some weather is arriving.

  4. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Phil Richards yeah buddy, that slab would have been interesting wet!! Started raining as soon as I got to the van. Lucky!!!

  5. Miles Tindal
    Miles Tindal


  6. Jamie Junker
  7. Miles Tindal
    Miles Tindal

    You crazy man!!! Nicely done :) Soloing this is way above my confidence level! My best time was just under 3 hours for the climbing pitches, placing gear and swinging leads. Not sure about car to car.

  8. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Thanks Miles Tindal!! :) It was a unique challenge for sure. Just under 3 hours is an excellent time for climbing with all the gear, it's waaaay more time consuming! It didn't feel like I was moving very quickly but still reasonably happy with the round trip time. Surely it could be done in under two hours without too much additional effort. I was intentionally slow on the Hike approach to save all the energy for the climb, wasn't sure what that many pitches would do to the psyche. Luckily it was easy to remain calm and focused.


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