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UTMB 2017

Run September 1, 2017
  • 105.5mi
  • 31,181ft
  • 20:11:40
    Moving Time
  • 11:29/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 16,228
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  1. Christopher Fell

    Congratulation, good Job.

  2. Geoffroy Gomet


  3. Emmanuel M.

    Congralutation 💪👍

  4. Antoine Moitrel

    Good job Jim !!

  5. Nigel Robbins

    Great running Jim. Was rooting for you, can't wait to hear how it went.

  6. Colin Cass

    Gutsy performance Jim. Inspiring stuff!....and 67 medals?!!😳

  7. Gus Gibbs | Fatty Loves ☀️

    Perhaps a little too gutsy, Colin Cass. Jim Walmsley was stopped. #StopJim

  8. Mans Breimer

    After seeing you suffering but then coming back and securing 5th place is just fantastic. Great hob and so inspiring seeing all you great runner in the same race. 😀👏

  9. Seanoa Isaac

    Congrats on getting it done!

  10. Kerry Priest

    Amazing race Jim, can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. Julien Auquier ✌️

    💪😴 bonne récupération mec. 👏

  12. Ramon Beleno 🤠

    Congrats Jim and amazing effort!😊👊🏼💪

  13. M B

    You ran magnificently, Jim and regrouped like a hero. Really well done! 🤠

  14. Malika Taverney

    👏🏻🎉🏃🏻magnifique !

  15. Laurent M.


  16. Greg Ory


  17. Colin L.

    Well done jim. what a field of athletes this year. awsome effort.

  18. Ben Bergan

    Bang bang Jim Walmsley well done buddy 👍🏼

  19. Ron S.

    Inspiring. Congratulations!

  20. Vedran Vale


  21. Shelton Newson

    I think you showed a lot people when the shit hits the fan this time round you were never going to walk it in. Big respect 😀

  22. Joshua Binder

    Congratulations!! 💪☺️

  23. Jan O.

    Well done! Congrats

  24. Damien T.

    Bravo et merci d'avoir dynamité la course dès le début !!!! C'est ouffff

  25. Geoff Higgins

    epic following on utmb live, especially picking up places right at end. inspirational to us mere mortals.

  26. Stéphane Fulconis

    Félicitations !!!👏🏻🍾👏🏻

  27. Jesús Alonso

    Enhorabuena Coconinooooo.....congratulations. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  28. KiL Lian

    Good job 👍you are awesome 💪

  29. 〽️ini F.

    Spent all day glued to my laptop. Congrats, you took the race by its horns and turned it upside down.

  30. Thomas David

    Respect Jim! I saw iyou in La Fouly and at this point i could'nt imagine you finish 5th in 20h11. Amazing.
    Home to se you in Cham next year!

  31. roberto campostrini

    great race and great reaction in difficult moments you are the great future of the world's ultratrail great.

  32. Stian Dahl Sommerseth

    Proud of you, dude. Amazing how you got that done. Congratulations!

  33. Lionel B.

    Congratulation t'as rien lâché 👍

  34. Gregory C.

    bravo Jim

  35. Neg Seb

    Well done Champ! You're an inspiration 💪🏽

  36. Mick M.

    Congrats!👏You have animated the race from the beginning ,it was very interesting to follow!Great recovery,hoping to see you next year at the utmb..🏔🏃🏼🧀🍷 Bravo man👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

  37. Fabrice A.

    Énorme ! Bravo tu nous as fait rêver !

  38. Rokas Bucevicius

    Congratulations, Jim, great run!

  39. Adrien Clerc / Team Perce-Roche

    Fabrice, up there, lives nearby. Agree with him, you made us dream. And cry. Keep on doing your thing, this is what trail running is all about.

  40. Yann Rictus

    Huge Kudos Jim !!! You made the race faster than EVER ! 🚀. YOU made the race !

  41. Daniel Burke 🇨🇦

    Amazing work at your first UTMB against the best of the best! Cant wait for your next race!

  42. Barry Sackett

    The way you came back was awesome, the true spirit of ultra!

  43. Budi Santoso

    Congrats Jim..even the winner respect you a lot!

  44. Estevão A.

    Great run!!!! 👏👏👏💪💪💪👊🏆

  45. Christophe L.

    bravo jim. continuez à nous faire rêver et a enflammer les courses. sans vous, cela n'aurais pas été aussi vite

  46. Roel D.

    Nice Jim ! Well done ! Hero !

  47. Nathan L.

    What an entertaining 20hrs! Loved seeing you battle through the low points and finishing so strong.

  48. Guillaume Audette

    Had so much fun folowing you trough the race. Be proud Jim ! Awesome performance.. cant wait to see your next race!

  49. Sean Janssen

    Such an insane race. You are such an inspiration!

  50. David B.

    Awesome job, Jim! Inspirational and gutty performance! Keep it up - #Bangbang!