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02/03/2014 Waikoloa Village, HI

  • 125.4km
  • 1,758m
  • 4:02:30
    Moving Time
  • 3,618
  • 112
    Suffer Score


  1. Dan Gronross

    I gave you kudos withe strict understanding that I almost didn't give it to you based on the fact that where you rode was way warmer than Vancouver. (Jealousy is a terrible thing!)

  2. Jeffrey Werner

    Does it help it was pouring rain?

  3. Colin D.

    awesome! how'd you like the old mamalahoa climb? Looks like the wind might've been the reverse of when i did it.. i was holding like 40 up these climbs just thinking "man this road is perfect!"

  4. Jeffrey Werner

    Best road yet. Like Old Saddle but then descends into rain forest (I rode it both ways). Wind erratic but yeah when I came out of the trees going up I started hitting 40kph. I figure the intense rain accounts for missing your time by 5 seconds!

  5. Colin D.

    glad to hear it :) i never went down (just stayed on main highway going North-East). didn't even look at that segment / realize you were that close.. nice!!