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Some Flanders Recon, Baby.

  • 168.5km
  • 1,543m
  • 4:52:06
    Moving Time


  1. Hello, N.
    Hello, N.

    Flanders game plan.  Single-speed, 56x11, 28mm tires, 10 psi, spider-man jumpsuit.  oh, it's GO time!!  

  2. Michael Johnson

    Show 'em how it's done Taylor!

  3. Dave S.
    Dave S.

    Good luck on Sunday!

  4. Jake J.
    Jake J.

    Smack em down on Sunday!

  5. michael kelly

    Go for it Taylor

  6. Dave Galli

    Get that money

  7. Dev  .
    Dev .

    Follow Spartacus' wheel if at all possible.

  8. Sam ..
    Sam ..

    With some team car drafting on the way home

  9.  Ltc Alan C.
    Ltc Alan C.

    Flanders or Roubaix? 

  10. Chad C.
    Chad C.

    smash it!

  11. Derek Lowe

    Crushed those strava segments. Brutal!

  12. David Guimarães

    That was fast for a recon! Good luck!

  13. Charles I.
    Charles I.

    'Do it!'

  14. Geert D.
    Geert D.

    Hello Taylor , i saw you sunday in deinze , I am a friend of Christ Lefevre . He knows you well . Good luck for Sunday

  15. Marcus Robinson; Knight Of Sufferlandria(KoS)

    Yo T we're shouting out from Denver and Boulder!

  16. Moodie Blues

    CO is screamin loud for you!!

  17. Koen H.
    Koen H.

    Go tiger go

  18. eric diamond

    USA! USA!

  19. Rick M

    Quite the rout, looks like a puzzle. Good luck, kick some asphalt!

  20. Heather O.
    Heather O.

    Yeah Baby!!

  21. Rick Pepper

    The secret of course is to spin the really big gears. That's all you gotta focus on.

  22. S B.
    S B.

    ...stupid, sexy Flanders.

  23. Matthew Kutilek

    104 mile recon...three days before the race. Yikes!

  24. . P.
    . P.

    Looking forward to the action :D

  25. Gary Symes

    Enjoy, it's snowing here in Boulder. flagstaff tomorrow if it clears!

  26. Victor H.
    Victor H.

    thanks for putting this ride on strava taylor. great to look at the classic flanders course and the climbs.

  27. Seth F.
    Seth F.

    Cheering early in the morning from Longmont. Kill it Taylor!

  28. Nev Smyth

    All the best for Paris roubaix today...

  29. Wheelio 6.
    Wheelio 6.

    What a pace it was Well done Taylor