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Road, TT & MTB in one

Ride January 2, 2018
  • 199.8km
  • 2,631m
  • 6:21:59
    Moving Time
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  1. Laurent B.


  2. Aadil Kajee

    Well come back to s.a

  3. Will B.

    Only knock 5 minutes off the KOM? Must try harder..

  4. Nikita Howarth

    Jussie! 😲 That's intense 💪💪

  5. Andries P.

    Nice to see you riding in Joburg!

  6. george watson

    Pushing now Chris , riding on your own ??, keep up the good work, regards, George

  7. Dane froeh

    Big day

  8. Sarah Gontijo 🇧🇷


  9. Mandisa M.

    Awesome 👏🏽 ride 🚴🏼‍♀️

  10. Ushiguchi Hironori


  11. Marina Howarth

    Nice riding!

  12. Robert G.

    Love you to bits you inspire me!!!

  13. fabio brozzi

    Sei il più tosto💪

  14. Massimiliano Sicari

    👍 thanks for the cap with the dédicace to Eléonore 😉

  15. Ian Roe

    3 days running over 300 mile very impressed

  16. John Hatton

    KOM BOOM go go go....

  17. Conrad D.

    Piling on the miles! Nothing less from a grand tour champion.

  18. 범준 김

    What is your best speed in sprinting?

  19. Rikus Botha

    I'll die if i have to miss a double century by 200m :(

  20. Reinhardt G.

    how are your legs